100 thoughts on “I try acupuncture”

  1. When he started drinking his mountain dew idk why I thought it was like a bottle of laundry detergent or smth n I was like omg he’s rlly lost it then I saw the label but still when it splashed on his face couldn’t help laughin omg this vid was a mental journey …

  2. Oh my god going too deep in some areas of your face couldn’ve really messed up your whole face I’m so glad you’re ok after this 😦😦

  3. I promised myself id be productive and draw but instead im watching a guy stab himself in the face.

    I regret nothing.

  4. *I just checked my account turns out I’m poor I’m poor I’m poor. I don’t vine now I get YouTube views.*😂😂

  5. the first one was right and then you put them in like a cm, a mm is just slightly pricing your skin thats too deep man

  6. Are you sure there werent any drugs here? Your as high as mount everest

    Wait you look like you've been crying mate

  7. don't worry you didn't feel it against our skull, the epidermis is to thick for such a thin needle to get through.

  8. I remember the first time I watched this I couldn't stop laughing and it's been like nearly 2 years and this is still one of the funniest vids I've watched AHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. 9:01

    I started laughing so hard then stopped cause I realized I'm supposed to be getting up because my friend is coming over but here I am under my duvet laughing at Tom stick needles in his face.

  10. When he started counting the needles I started singing the counting bit from Vegas Lights, I need help OK bye

  11. this video was THE MOST STRESSFUL experience of my life I was so grossed out but couldn't stop laughing then all the comments made me laugh even more

  12. The thought that maybe Tom forgot one kneedle in his face and now It's just hanging there is making me anxious as fuck

  13. Im watching your pain to distract myself from murderous period cramps. Tbh needles in my face seem pleasurable compared to the feeling of my uterus giving me a demo version of birthing a child


  15. I love how he lowkey starts crying while talking about putting the deep heat on his face like its not even on his face yet and he's already stressed

  16. Watching this the day after I poured wax on myself… because it seemed like a good idea. I swear we are the same person sometimes

  17. I got acupuncture, thought it would help with my hyperhidrosis. He used those needles and giant ones in my neck, sounded like he had to use an ear piercing gun to get it in and when he did and started twisting it, not a pleasant feeling. He told me to relax for 30 minutes…most uncomfortable experience ever.

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