“Without protective clothing, ice cold waters
can knock a person unconscious within minutes.” …Unless you’re Wim Hof. Wim Hof has become very popular recently and
his method has gathered many devoted followers quite quickly. The fame comes from Wim’s impressive feats-
he holds 26 world records for things like staying submerged in ice for an hour and 58
minutes, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in shorts, he ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert
without water, and ran a marathon in temperatures 20 degrees below freezing. This is all very impressive, but the reason
why the Wim Hof Method has so many followers is probably because if you do the method,
you will get results. With something like meditation, it takes a
lot of practice and patience to be able to say “I’ve been feeling good lately, I
think I’m doing this right.” With the Wim Hof method, however, if you do
the breathing properly you will feel noticeably different in a couple of minutes. You’ll feel quite good. You’ll even find you can do things like
tolerate a cold shower or even sit in an ice bath for a few minutes without too much discomfort. Given its popularity, many people are already
doing the method or are eager to try it, so I figure it would be good to first talk about
what is happening in your body when you practice the breathing method. By clearly understanding what is going on,
you’ll have more confidence that you are doing it in a way that gives you the most
benefit. The breathing method goes like this:
Sit or lie in a comfortable place and begin taking deep breaths at roughly this pace. Drie. Twee. You want to breathe in fully but let the air
come out gently. It should feel like more air is coming in
than out. Repeat this for about 30 breaths. When you begin to feel things like tingling
in the legs or fingers or light headedness, gently exhale and hold your breath, don’t
breathe in. Keep the breath held until you develop a strong
urge to breathe – as strong as you are comfortable with. You want to try and hold this for at least
1 minute.-Then, breathe in fully and hold in that breath for about 15 or 20 seconds. -Then let it out and breathe normally after
that. This is one cycle. Typically you are to do 3 cycles first thing
in the morning, totalling about 15 minutes of conscious breathing. The explanation Wim has given in different
interviews and podcasts about what is happening here is usually something like the following:
The heavy breathing Depletes Carbon Dioxide. This lets more Oxygen fill up your system. That Oxygen fills up all your cells and because
you are “charged up” with oxygen, you feel quite good. “What, what does happen Physiologically? You become fully charged – carbon dioxide
goes out and O2 begins to roam freely throughout the body and fills up every cell” My intention is not to criticize the Wim Hof
method, as many people including myself have gotten a lot of benefit from it. However this explanation is a bit misleading. And, it doesn’t address how important that
first breath hold is. So let’s look deeper into what is happening. Here I have a pulse oximeter attached to my
finger. It measures the oxygen saturation of the blood. Just breathing normally, my Oxygen saturation
is 99%. This is normal; a healthy person’s moment
to moment Oxygen saturation will be between 95 and 99% Now here I am doing the first part of the
Wim Hof breathing method. Even though my blood oxygen saturation stays
at 99% and doesn’t change, I do start to feel a bit of pressure in my head and tingling
in my legs and fingers. I’m putting up my thumb and fingers to indicate
how strongly I’m feeling these sensations. At this point I could feel the tingling reach
all the way up to my thighs. In the Vice documentary on Wim Hof, after
a session of this kind of breathing, Matt shea says “Yeah, you get eventually, these
white hallucinations, but it might just be depriving your brain of oxygen. I don’t know if that’s good.” and actually
that’s pretty accurate. If I were to continuously breathe like this
for a while longer, I would most likely pass out from hypoxia, a state of reduced oxygen
availability. But, while breathing heavily like this, my
Oxygen saturation stays at 99% So how could I eventually pass out from reduced oxygen
availability? Well, it has to do with where the oxygen is. The first two points in Wim’s explanation
are accurate. As he said, when you take all those big breaths,
you do end up depleting Carbon Dioxide. And, Oxygen levels in the blood can technically
increase at some point. My pulse oximeter hasn’t gone past 99%,
but people doing the Wim Hof method have increased their blood oxygen saturation to 100%. However, because oxygen is continuously diffusing
from the blood into the cells, it’s unusual for oxygen levels in the blood to reach 100
percent in a healthy person. Higher than normal saturation of Oxygen
in the blood is actually an indication that your cells and organs are not using Oxygen
efficiently. As Patrick McKeown, author of Oxygen Advantage
says: “ An oxygen saturation of 100 percent would
suggest that the bond between red blood cells and oxygen molecules is too strong, reducing
the blood cells’ ability to deliver oxygen to muscles, organs, and tissues. We need the blood to release oxygen, not hold
on to it. … Increasing oxygen saturation to 100 percent
has no added benefits.” A physiological phenomenon called the Bohr
effect explains this. It says that an increase in carbon dioxide
results in hemoglobin proteins releasing oxygen into the tissues. However, a decrease in carbon dioxide results
in hemoglobin holding onto the oxygen and it’s less available for the brain, muscles
and other tissues to use. And this is how you can lose consciousness
from hyperventilation. Carbon Dioxide is not just a waste product,
it is actually very important to your body being able to use Oxygen – it’s like a doorway
that lets oxygen into the tissues. The tingling in the hands and the legs and
the lightheadedness you feel when doing the Wim Hof breathing is not a result of super
oxygenating or “charging up” your body but actually the opposite- Reduced oxygen
availability from depleted carbon dioxide. This is why the breath hold at the end of
the deep breaths is very important- It replenishes the lost carbon dioxide. As a result of normal metabolism, the cells
in your body are constantly producing carbon dioxide. So, the way to restore depleted carbon dioxide
levels is to simply let it build up by holding your breath. Wim encourages people to hold the breath after
exhaling for at least a minute or until they feel a particularly strong urge to breathe
in. Practitioners of Yogic Breathing or Pranayama,
should be familiar with the importance of this breath hold. In fact, there are pranayama breathing exercises
that are quite similar to the Wim Hof breathing method where you breathe in and out strongly
and then hold the breath. In fact, in the extensive yoga manual Asana
Pranayama Mudra Bandha it says that the “The most important part of pranayama is actually
kumbhaka or breath retention.” You may wonder why you can hold your breath
so long after the deep breaths. Well, the signal to the brain to breathe doesn’t
come from a lack of oxygen. It comes from a buildup of carbon dioxide. The deep breaths deplete carbon dioxide, so
when you hold your breath, it takes longer to build up enough carbon dioxide to create
the signal to gasp for air. This is why it’s important not to do this
breathing technique underwater or while standing up. Depending on how much you hyperventilated,
you can unexpectedly pass out from hypoxia before you get a strong signal to breathe. So, when doing the Wim Hof method, after the
quick breaths, make sure to hold the breath on the exhale for as long as you are comfortable
with, or until you feel tightness or contractions in the throat or chest. This discomfort is an indication that you
have replenished most of the carbon dioxide you lost. My last video was all about the importance
of breathing through the nose. The nose regulates airflow in a way that preserves
carbon dioxide. When you breathe through the mouth, it’s
easy to exhale too much Carbon Dioxide and your tissues get less oxygen. There are even studies showing a link between
mouth breathing in adolescence and decreased IQ. Understandably, some commenters questioned
whether the Wim Hof breathing could be decreasing intelligence because it involves hyperventilation. However, I wouldn’t worry about that for two
reasons. One: As mentioned, the breath hold should
restore most of your carbon dioxide. Two: In the last video I was talking about
how chronic over breathing during the day or sleeping with your mouth open at night
is what you need to be careful for. If you spend thirty minutes doing the Wim
Hof breathing exercise in the morning but are breathing properly through the nose the
remaining 23 hours of the day, you should be fine. But, to make sure the breathing exercises
don’t affect your default breathing negatively, you can keep track of your BOLT score. BOLT stands for Body Oxygen Level Test and
it’s an easy way to understand if your natural breathing is efficient or not. Here’s how to test the BOLT score, as described
by Patrick McKeown:Take a normal breath in through your nose and let it out through your
nose. Hold your nostrils with your fingers and stop
breathing. Time the number of seconds until you feel
the first clear desire to breathe.You might feel the need to swallow or your abdomen or
throat may lightly contract. When you feel something like this, stop the
timer. BOLT is not checking how long you can hold
your breath, but how quickly your body reacts to a lack of air. So, the very first clear signal that you  need
to breathe is when you should stop the timer. It’s best to do this test first thing in
the morning as how you breathe during the night best reflects your natural breathing
pattern. A score of 20 seconds is average and a score
of 40 is particularly good. If your score is under 20, then that’s a
sign that you have a poor breathing rhythm and may be overbreathing through the mouth
during the day or while you sleep. Keeping track of this score over the days
you do the Wim Hof method is a good way to understand if the breathing technique is affecting
your normal breathing rhythm. Hopefully this information helps with your
approach to the breathing method. The Wim Hof method seems to be safe for most
anyone as long as you are not overdoing it or have a pulmonary issue or other health
complications. The method has a lot of very interesting health
benefits and I’ll talk in depth about other aspects of it in the future so be sure to
stick around. This video was brought to you by Squarespace. If you need to make a website for whatever
purpose, make sure to check them out. They make the process really simple with very
beautiful award winning templates you can choose from , and easy domain setup. There’s no upgrades, nothing to install
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100 thoughts on “Ice Man Breathing: What to Know when doing The Wim Hof Method”

  1. ★3:20 – My breathing is a bit too fast here. See Wim's demonstration at 1:28 for the proper pace. Just to be clear: when I do the breathing at the proper pace the Pulse Oximeter shows the same results, the same tingling patterns arise and the same phenomenon I describe will occur (increased breathing volume leading to hypocapnia and decreased oxygen availability as per the bohr effect.)

  2. You are breathing far to fast in your description of the Wim Hoff method, each breath should take around 3 second not 3 breaths per second haha. ..

  3. That´s Dr. Buteyko approach, sounds very sense to me. I mix the two methods in my life. Thanks a lot!

  4. It is the difference in pH in your lungs and your capillaries that make the difference that causes O2 to bind to the hemoglobin in the lungs and release in the capillaries following the LeChatelier principle.

  5. Doing the Wim Hof breathing makes it quite clear that your stated mechanism is correct, because I feel light headed during the breathing and feel more than average cognitive sharpness during the breath holding.

    Is Wim Hof not correct in stating that his method "charges the body with oxygen", as the breathing saturates the blood, the breath holding increases CO2 so more than average amounts of oxygen can go into the cells?

  6. I had a panick attack twice when I was younger and when I do the wim hof method I feel the same exact symptoms I did when I had my panick attack. Except I'm more calm and relaxed.

  7. Hey I had a question, so he survives freezing ice and water but does he do the wim hof before or during? Or both?

  8. You didn't seem to breathing correctly, you were breathing into your chest… Not your stomach which means your not using your diaphragm, also the pace you were doing it at looked like someone purposely Hyperventilating… However you also said you had gotten benefit from using this method? The way you did that demonstrated to me that you have never even done it before? Hmmm….?

  9. I am here to say that the WHM does NOT work for everyone and although there have been a number of scientific experimentations and studies, there are many things about his methods that are skewed. Also, if you listen to a number of WH interviews, you can hear him contradict himself many times, and as he gets older, he gets more goofy and eccentric. I have a feeling that him being drawn to cold water is more of a story to take away from the fact that when he really got interested in taking his life in his hands. It wasn't as much a search for "science" as much as it was a way to cope with the loss of his wife due to suicide, the trauma that ensued, and the fact that he no longer cared to live either… he was so extremely traumatized that he jumped in ice water… and survived. In some interviews he gets lost on the topic of his wife… and then he comes back to reality and talks about his Girlfriend instead. I'm sure she's very understanding about that. Not. I think Wim was at a point in his life where he could no longer cope with the loss, the stress, the sorrow, the shame, the negativity, the hopelessness (that comes with extreme loss) and in return, he just LOST himself. This is NOT to say that there are not benefits to some of his methodology of "mindfulness" but I think that some of his science is skewed and, well, he is Wim Hof, and we are who we are. We all have different paths. Not all humans need to climb Everest naked to get well. It's great that he can do it and that he can teach others to do it, but it does not mean that in order for you to live a fruitful and happy life, you have to buy a seminar or go live with him for a month. Wim gets lost in conversation often. If you know people, you can see when he looks away from the camera every time certain issues are brought up is to confer with the "present" children of his that he takes with him on his Podcast tours understand that he has a fib or two that they are to keep silent about. His twin brother 'Cant' do what I do"….. that seems odd. Maybe his brother has no need or desire. Wim is eccentric. He gets extremely excited, which leads me to believe he also gets extremely low. I think this is when he does something drastic just to take his mind off of things. Things SO drastic that you cannot possibly think of anything else. I don't think he set out to become an entrepreneur, (he admits not graduating highschool) … I think his "thing" just went viral kind of by accident and now he is a very, very rich man. I also think that Wim is an anomaly…. just like a movie star, rock star or whatever. Not everyone can stand out in a crowd because of their insanity or their extreme choices. I think running across the desert without water to see how far one can go is just plain fool-hardy. We all know what happens when we get dehydrated. You can only go without water for so long. There is no "mind over matter" at some point. At some point, you are only going to need ONE thing: water. When Wim got lost under his 3 foot ice swim, he could have easily died. His retinas froze which in turn temporarily blinded him. Sure, he had a "will to survive" and he is very familiar with this feeling because he ALWAYS pushes himself into survival mode.. the "primordial being" the "reptilian mind" … whatever he wants to name it. If it weren't for observation during that ice dive, he would have certainly died. He had to be rescued. I truly believe, (regardless of what the numbers may think) that Wim has a few secrets he is NOT sharing and that his constant push is almost like someone saying "I'm not afraid to die, so what can I do today that defies death?"… If he were such a threat to Big Pharma, I don't think we would be hearing as much from or about him. I still think that his breathing method is awesome. It gives me energy (many times TOO MUCH to have a nice day) … I also think that revisiting all of the past he has had with Tibetan Monks, Chi and all of the Eastern Culture-type understandings just might bring him something a little different than what he has been teaching. The "Shamans" and all those that have visited and trained him… what do THEY have to say about him and his methods? I'm almost more interested in that than what science has observed at this point. In summary: Wim Hof does things that distract you. They distract you to the point of being able to (temporarily) forget your problems. For him, he needs to defy death or push life itself to its limits. For the rest of the world, there are other very effective ways of coping with stress… like "cognitive therapy"….. just take what he say's with a grain of salt. Give it a try, but don't push too hard. For me? I've been a competitive swimmer and a fitness trainer specializing in breathing, anatomy and physiology. I picked up on his "methods" very, very quickly. Some of it is positive, some of it is very uncomfortable. When he say's "Practice makes perfect' I would reply, "everything in moderation" … this is just my two cents, but if you dig deep enough, you will find that there were a number of FATALITIES due to his methodology. It has been documented. Just Google it if you do not believe me. Be safe, be happy, be healthy. Mindfulness is great. 100 lbs of cold ice for an hour may not be such a great idea…….ever…. unless you are Wim Hof, who seems to be the viral trend right now.

  10. Can someone please tell me the name of the movie featured here. That one that showed Bradley Cooper meditating. Thanks already.

  11. no dude you wouldnt pass out from hypoxia, you would pass out from hyperventilation , if you pass out from "hypoxia" you are dead. You can get hypoxia only if you have some kind of disease or at high altitude where air molecules are further apart from each other.
    Im a pilot i know this stuff

  12. Why you judging him can you do better parformance than him ? Super human ability than him ? If you couldnt whats the point of this video ?

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  14. In 2017 I was able to spend a week with Wim Hof, it changed my life, met amazing people that are now friends, I still practice cold dips in frozen lakes in the winter, and I started my own Wim Hof Breathing Youtube channel, please take a look, it was originally just to help me breathe on the go but now ive had more than 1 million views

  15. Agreed with everything you said regarding the importance of carbon dioxide and breathing thru the nose. You just described the whole Buteyko method…..best breathing exercises ever and it literally cure asthma

  16. It is not the oxygen that gives you the tingling sensation . Its is the CHi or the PRANA that increase in the body and gives you the tingling sensation . If you thru breathing increase the chi/prana your body will start feeling warm and energised . Thats why he is able to withstand the cold . You need lots of practice . And of course there will be other health benefits too . The lamas in Tibet do this regularly
    with a variation . In Indian yoga is called Kriya Yoga and in Taosim is Qigong . Science do not know anything about this energy.

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    I been doing cold showers and breathing for 5 wks now and feel much better in my self, my lower back pain has just gone away and I’m much more flexible !
    You can talk about it all day long but the proof is there, it makes you feel great !!!

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  22. Hyperventilating and the Wim Hof method to me are oposite. When I hyperventilate during a physical activity I get panic attacks but with Wims method I don't get any panic attacks. Shallow breathing hyperventilating must produce too much oxegen and Wims method must give you more carbon dioxide. The only issue is Wims method gives me an anxious stomache all day but lots off energy and intellect. It may be a reaction to ADHD drugs I am also taking. I hate to give it up so please comment.

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    You've so thoroughly explained the techniques and you made the science accessible enough for non-scientists like me to understand

  26. If I've decreased CO2 in blood serum, then the body must balance the blood Ph during the breath hold without assistance of breathing….wouldn't that pull the carbonic acids from the cells and thereby leave the cells more highly alkaline? Seems that "charge" with O2 is accurate term no?

  27. you're doing it to fast.use visualization to imagine pushing O2 into the middle of the scull where pineal gland is located.also breath in fully,full belly and than chest,than push it up.100% in.50%-70% out..this way i get better results.also check up dr dispenza breathing and combine.

  28. oxygen is heakthy and known to kill most viruses, including cancer. so it doesnt hurt to try. besides, it must benefit us all.

  29. Light and candle and set a timer for five minuteS, just stare at the flame and breathe profoundly for those five minutes non stop. Trust me it’ll definitely brighten your day

  30. Is that 100% of oxygen in the body that we know of today…. Maybe wim hofs method is more than that device…. That device can only calculate what we know is 100% today from science… But as we know wim is re writing these science books.

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  34. The Wim Hof Method uses hyperbaric stacking not hyper ventilation. The extra pressure allows more water to be transferred to the red blood cells via bubbles. The lung sounds are generated by bubbles. Look at Tim Leighton’s book The Acoustic Bubble. The RBC’s carry water to the tissues. Look at Gerald Pollack’s book The Fourth Phase of water. Infra red light powers the 4th phase of water inside cells and this generates the power to do work inside the cells.
    Water is an element not H2O. Look at 100 reasons water is not H2O by Peter Peterson a free eBook on Smashbooks. Water cycles because it never binds with anything else. It accommodates and accompanies instead. It carries via bubbles. A full bubble is called a drop. Bubbles can even carry sand.
    Water and air are the same element in different states. Bubbles are the transition.

  35. NO. the WHBREATHING TECHNIQUE was patterned after the PRANAYAMA BREATHING,..
    not the other way around. The PRANAYAMA was the old technique to awaken your immortal body of light. It initially awakens the Kundalini and then unifies your energy centers (chakras)
    and you become a battery storage of power and light. and if you continue this WH breathing…. You might start emitting light and become superhuman .

    WH have repurposed it to suit his needs , which is excellent,….but all the physical changes that you are experiencing ..is the result of your immortal body of light waking up in the physical plane.

    Most of you will not understand this now, but if you continue this breathing, and stop asking too many questions, just make up your minds to just play, play, play… play morning noon and night …… you'll get this miraculous result.

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  42. Thank you for a lot of great videos. At approx 5:45 you mention the Bohr effect but what you describe is actually the haldane effect which is quite similar. I could not see other comments on this so I thought i might add it.

  43. Isn't it dangerous to breath pure oxygen for too long? Exceeding 21% Oxygen can cause Oxygen toxicity. Whilst it can help in times of need when crossing icy terrains but it's risky if hold fails.

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  45. Most of us take breathing for granted and don't make any effort, but like everything in life it requires some through and effort, together to maximize benefits, this is food for thought, our body sometimes needs a bit of extra effort and help

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