in Kauai hey we are live and see it Lisa
do you want to be on the live video she’s about to get a patient what about
Christina Christina wants to so Christine okay I have to sign a consent
form that’s the first thing I will show you the consent form and if you’re
watching this after the fact this ant actually went out alive and people were
able to comment so that’s who I’m talking to you when I say things like hi
Lara Lara Yosef who’s already commenting on our live video as I get ready to here
hold that for a moment why this horrible lighting sign a sign a consent form for
getting the we’re doing the quadrivalent in our office this year the it actually
has four different strains of the flu it does actually have a flu in it it has
proteins from it so your body will recognize it if you get it suppose today
is the fifth yeah see that’s me and then Christina are you gonna get my
temperature I go sit in the chair okay I’ve take my temperature you go okay oh
wait Lisa’s putting somebody in the chair the other one okay so she’s
getting another one so that she can take my temperature first I get caught up
with your comments well I have some lighting Oh doctor our boo boo kitty is
out there boo boo kitty is referring to the big shot video that we made where I
get shot in the behind oh okay so here we go we’re gonna put me
in the chair all right let’s see what we’re doing we’re in an exam room or yes can we
watch you draw it up okay whoa watch your draw it up title
dr. Vaughn goes to the chair Thank You fine gets the chair all right hey that
that might stay up like that is it gonna fall really really that’s a
multi a message that said the orientation of
the video changed our video is no longer straight sorry guys are you okay like
that your account just plummeted when I happened all right do you have to get
the flu shot do you have to that’s an interesting question how would we answer
that we actually do have a rule that if somebody working in the doctor’s office
and doesn’t get the flu shot they have to wear a face mask the entire flu
season from November 1st til is it till after Easter yeah sometimes April so and
that is for protection of the patients that we have that rule and we actually
got it we didn’t make it up it was from our independent physician Association
that we are a part of where is doctor eye candy today let’s boo-boo kitty
hiding from the camera we’ll try to get him if we can’t where we going in the
smallest exam room oh the freaky we get the procedure okay
so in the procedure room my non-dominant hand arm I’m just
looking for a place for put to put all of our friends here without having you
fall down there we go I don’t know tell me if it’s adequate usually yes okay so
getting my shot Laura asks can you please go a life more often Angela says
I never get a flu shot I’ve been the medical field for 25 years not bragging
may eventually give him a pole Oh cute music and something in Russian I’m not
getting mine this year where’s doctor I can’t yes boo-boo we need to find him
for you I have to look away I have to watch
myself get a shot dozens of viewers the Med heads yes the man heads are watching
you know rker says your medical assistants really yes she is it’s
correct Raven says no that was me and you were putting an IV on the floor Lal
Angela she’s in the wit home did you guys not see it
yikes I did all that you didn’t even flinch thank you alright
if you can’t watch you can get you can’t watch you get a shot can you watch your
blood being taken no I can’t I’m sorry I can’t watch that either okay headline
last week we get a free coffee and Danish mmm do a shot in slow-mo you hit
on our record where’s my tie let me take my time back off of you guys here
okay everyone wants us to do it again you’ll have to play it back after we’re
done with the life and sticker time you see yeah I do have a band-aid that’s
kind of like a sticker actually I have to get back to work I’m on the stretcher
for blood being taken well you guys oh I do get a sticker should I put that on
the outside though so people can see yeah
you’re so cool to do it for me oh are you able to document so many assignment
yeah I don’t know if I’m allowed to sign it maybe dr. Greene will have to say how
much does a flu shot cost doc I think you don’t know yeah it’s covered by insurance because
insurance kind of pays pays well for the shot you’re getting both the actual shot
I mean the the vaccine and the administration of they’re two different
charges and I think it’s around $30 for both through our office which is which
is high so people are paying cash for it they do much better just to go to a
drugstore to get it compared to here but we we’re not really a place to get
walk-in flu shots unless it’s for our patients and most of our patients have
insurance if they don’t have insurance we’ll we’ll tell them it’s gonna cost
you less to go to the drugstore that’s just an issue of volume
there’s my sticker I got my flu shot today alright and booboo says getting
mine next Wednesday good for you flu shots make me sick they used to to me to
Chad I have to watch when I get shots I can’t look away
oh I can’t imagine doing that Raymond here in Canada it depends on what you
know it’s treatment for free do you speak Russian
sorry I don’t thank you yet I guess that’s what how I should answer yeah I
don’t speak Russian we’re gonna wrap up here pretty soon
10 pounds in England is a bad day the flu shot that I store the reason I don’t
like people getting flu shot the toy stores because we don’t get it
documented in our computer and I’d like to have it tracked and marry my mod says
I don’t remember the last time ok so that’s a good place to wrap up thank you
guys for being a part of doctor injection well don’t remember the title
I think it was inject the doctor so be sure to watch our videos
and tomorrow we have one coming out of four it’s actually the going live of the
previously recorded live video that we did yesterday of a shape biopsy on Gil’s
temple and it was up live for a little bit and then I took it down because I
needed something for tomorrow at 4 o’clock so thank you for all your
comments thank you for all your support those of you on patreon thank you that
would be Lindsey Antoine who’s no no Lindsey’s not here but boo boo
kitty is and Petra Rosenberg and Meg light bone thank you especially to you
guys anybody interested in looking at that can find it at slash
Harbor Medical Group see some of the extra stuff they get to watch like so
you won’t be able to see you November but if you’ve become a member you can
see it until next time doctor microphone telling all of you to
stay in good health

19 thoughts on “Inject the Doctor”

  1. I'm 32 yrs old and I've never had a flu shot. For the longest time, I didn't get it because I was told if you have an egg allergy you shouldn't get one. I know they make them for people with such an allergy but I've just never gotten one. I don't remember the last time I had the flu.

  2. I'm in my third year of nursing school (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). The third year has 40 weeks of internship. Do i need the flu shot? Here in the Netherlands you only get an indication when you're a child, 60 years and older or (somebody in your family) with special medical conditions and a higher risk/impact.

  3. I used to get them every year as an asthmatic and a diabetic. Then, in 2013, I was hospitalized with the flu. I haven't had one since and I haven't had the flu either.

  4. Sorry, will never get flu shot again. Don't believe in all of that or the vaccinations. Wish you would do more research on the ingredients! When I use to get the flu shot, they put it in my dominate arm, reason being, it would circulate it faster. That is what they told me.

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