Being sick is the pits. I should know. [Captions by CN_Glitches] Because I’m sick right now. You can probably hear it in my disgusting, nasally voice, and I probably shouldn’t be recording a YouTube video right now, but you know what? Life stops for no one and I’m not gonna get left behin- *coughing* But for real. I was like I need to get started on the next video, but my voice sounds like I drowned in cheese graters. Whatever, let’s talk about being sick. It’s relevant enough. I’m fortunate to have a really good immune system, I never get sick. *coughs* Believe it or not. From elementary school through high school, guess how many days I’ve missed from being sick. Don’t guess. I’m gonna tell you anyway. It’s two. And they were back-to-back, so I was just really dying that one time. I mean sure, I’ve gotten sick here and there and my mum was just like: “Oh, you’re fine. Pack your bag, you’re going to school.” Missing arm? pffftt. If the lizards can regrow their limbs, so can you.” So that number doesn’t tell everything. But I think two is a pretty good score to have over 12 years. I’m not like a crazy germaphobe thought. I don’t go out of my way to avoid being exposed to sickness or actively try to kill and bacteria that may give me some sniffles. Sometimes, I forget to wash my hands. I heard that kids who are more exposed to germs and stuff when they were young were able to more efficiently build immunities to them. So maybe as a kid, I just ate a lot of dirt. But even though being sick makes you want to just give up on everything because your eyes are red and your head hurts and you’re tired all the time. But can’t sleep, because you’re nose is plugged and you can’t breathe and everything is agony and life is pain. And nothing is worth it in the end, there’s some pros that can come from it. …Like you don’t have to share anything. Because on one wants to share anything with your disgusting diseased self. “Do you have a pencil I can borrow?” “I’ve got a cold.” “Never mind.” “Can I have some of your food?” “I have the flu.” “Keep it.” “Do you want to hang out?” “I’m sick.” “Oh, no, it’s okay!” We can just-” “Sick of your bullcrap!” OOOOOOOOHHH Being sick is the best excuse to be a bad member of society and get sympathy for it. Any other time if you were to sleep in till 12 and then stay in bed all day on the computer, people would just think you’re really lazy and have no motivation but if you just say: “Oh, I was sick.” All of a sudden; “Oh you poor thing, get better soon! Can I get you anything? Oh you’re such a trooper!” It’s great. Also, you have the power to claim anything you touch. *Cough and sneeze* To each their own. But I also use being sick as an excuse to not talk to anyone because I’m a pathetic shy blob. Good job immune system. You have failed me. Once as a kid, my brother got pinkeye and my family pretty much barricaded him in his room and didn’t let him touch anything. It’s funny how as soon as someone gets sick, everyone is empathetic towards them… but also kinda treats them like an unpredictable rabid animal. “Alright. You just stay right there. Don’t go anywhere. I got you some soup- AH stay over there! I’ll push the bowl to you with this stick! Feel better soon.” I think the worst thing I had growing up was a few migraines here and there. The first time I had migraine was in 6th grade. I was sitting in class and all of a sudden, my eyes started not working. Like I would look in one direction and I couldn’t see anything in my peripheral vision. It was all gray and foggy, and at first, I was like “Whoa this is weird, so this is what blind people see!” and I was kind of fascinated by it. Then all of a sudden, it felt like my brain exploded. I got to go home early. But I don’t count that as a sick day because I was at school for the majority of it. If you’ve never had a migraine, take a moment to just appreciate that. Because they’re one of the worst things ever. I mean there’s worse. But they’re up there. I haven’t even had any really bad injuries either. The only serious injury I’ve had was when I was 9. I’m saying serious because I had to go to the ER. But it’s really not that bad. For my birthday one year, my parents got me Heelys. Do you remember those? The shoes with the wheel in them? I didn’t specifically ask for them, but after a few months, I decided to start trying them out. I’d roll around in the house up and down the halls and it was pretty fun. Then one time, I decided to take them out on the streets. Our neighborhood was on a slant, so there was a bit of a steep angle to the cul-de-sac and I was like: “This is a good idea!” Foreshadowing, it very wasn’t. I started going down the road and picking up speed and like two-thirds of the way, down the tiniest little pebble was like: “Hey there friend!” And clogged the wheel and threw me forward. I hit my head on the road And opened a huge gash in my chin. My mum was outside talking to our neighbor so she saw the whole thing and was like “Okay, well I’ll talk to you later Wendy, we’re gonna waltz on over to the hospital now.” My adrenaline was still pumping super hard. So I didn’t feel a thing and I was like: “No mum I’m fine. It’s not that bad! I’m okay.” But she was like: “No, we’re going to the hospital. I had to hold the towel over my chin to keep from bleeding all over the car. She didn’t let me see the damage at the time, but I asked her about it a bit ago, and she said she didn’t want me to see the cut because even she was freaked out about it. This description isn’t for the squeamish, *skip to 5:00, there won’t be much missed* but she described it as like another mouth I gashed out of my head. Jaiden’s ‘Second Mouth’: “Hey FRIENDS sorry about all this.” Okay, yeah, that’s probably for the best. You didn’t let me see that. So I went to hospital and ended up getting three stitches in my chin. When I was waiting for the doctor, and doctor from another room walked in, to get some water and was like: “What are you in for?” “She hit her chin on the road.” “Oh. *chuckle* Yeah, I’ve been there before!” And he showed us a scar on his chin and then another doctor overheard from the other room and was like “Yep, same story!” and he had a scar on his chin. So that was a nice human bonding experience. I didn’t know so many doctors had Heelys! When I went to school the next day, I had a bandage on my stitches and all of my two friends were like “Whoa, what happened?!?” *sigh* I hit my chin on the road. “Whoa!” And I felt really cool, and it made me want to like break my arm or something to be even cooler. *don’t do that please* So this video took a lot longer to get done because I’ve bee super busy and time is flying by and now it’s pretty much Christmas. I’m not sick anymore, but I am whispering because it’s 5:45am and I don’t want to wake up anyone else in the house. It’s weird how it takes being sick to forget how nice it feels to just be. …normal. Take a big breath through your nose right now. *long inhale* Doesn’t that feel nice? Unless you’re sick right now. Then do it later. When you’re not all gross. But if you can breathe, then enjoy it right now because one day you’ll get sick again, and wish you could be that. So it’s been a while… The Sceptile Doll got the contest winner all safe and sound. You can see who won on my Twitter. Um, there’s probably something else I need to quickly say, but I can’t think of anything right now. Why does time go by so quickly? I feel like not a lot of people stay for these end cards so I’m just gonna start rambling. Back when I was in school, it felt like every week dragged along and now it feels like I have no time to do anything probably because school is boring and making YouTube videos isn’t. And I’ve got so much to do all the time well either way. I hope you have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah! Or whichever holiday you celebrate. Ari says Hi. Also one of my friends showed me this cool thing he found on Reddit about how to unclog your nose when you’re sick and congested. I’ll put a link in the description if you’re interested I tried it when I was sick, and it actually worked for a bit! Pretty cool stuff. Anyway. Talk to you in 2018. You’re never gonna hear from 2017 Jaiden ever again, bye. Cya.

100 thoughts on “Injuries & Being Sick”

  1. A week ago my sister was sick a while ago and she coughed in my water and tried to get me sick I never did my dad got a slight cold and…..I got it so I feel like dirt rn.

  2. Me when I first saw this:”hey I’m sick! I can give everyone my disease >:3

    Me now! I think when I was little I just played in the mud EW,

  3. "Being sick makes you tired and your eyes red and u can't sleep because your nose is plugged and you can't breathe and life is agony and life is pain and nothing is worth it in the end!" That part killed me 😂🤣🤗 you're the BEST Jaiden!!🤩😋🤗

  4. I have chronic migraines, so I get VERY bad migraines. The migraines I get last a day or two, if they last a week I go to the doctor to get a shot.
    But I get migraines all the time so you can imagine how many school days I went through. I'd throw up and when my teacher would offer to call my parents I say-"NO I can make it through this"
    Having constant migraines sucks, I've went to the hospital and stayed in there for a week. Yeah my migraines can get VERY bad.

  5. That thing about falling and opening a gash in your chin and not feeling anything…honestly I can relate to that. Different circumstances, of course.

    Much more relatable than I thought at first

  6. Jaiden: I hit my chin on the road
    Jaidens friends: WOAAAAAAH!!!!

    Me: I hit my chin on the road

  7. My worst injury was breaking my elbow. Went to the ER and had a nurse yank the arm because the cheap sling I had was too small. Still can't straighten that arm.

  8. When i was in ER because i broke my arm cause i fell off a tall climbing frame, i saw three nurses skating around on heelies.
    Three. Three nurses wearing heelies skating around the room asking people why they are in the emergency room.

  9. I practically missed a whole year of school because of sickness, first I got Dengue fever and then got infection because I didn’t tell anyone I got a 1 cm deep cut by a rusty pen knife…screw my immune system

  10. I had Lyme disease in first grade then after a few years I have a great immune system. I have also broken my arm twice.

  11. Me~* Gets sick after school*
    Also me~ Shoot I’m sick … ATLEAST I CAN SkIP SCHOOL
    In the morning
    Me~*not sick anymore*

    Why immune system
    Can’t you wait 10 hours to fail me

  12. I have migraines a lot and I hate it probebly because I have stared at the sun more that once but ya I have had them a lot and I hate it👍

  13. When I was a baby I had 5 ear infections in one ear and my dad said think of your worst headache and it’s worst o and also I’ve broken my arm

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