Hi. Hi. Welcome to New Body. Thank you. Can I help you? Yeah, I just started
working out this morning, so I need a little revamp
on my wardrobe for the new body
I’m about to have. Oh, my God, fabulous.
What’s your fitness plan? Well, I switched
to Diet Snapple and I bought
a tiny house trampoline. Mm-hmm. So, you know, a change
a-gonna come. What size are you now? I’m a 4 at Old Navy. Okay, so an 8. Yeah. And what size are you thinking
your new body’s gonna be? Uh, I’m definitely
gonna be a size 2. Congratulations.
That’s such a great size. Thanks. And is there any special
occasion you’re preparing for? Yeah, I’ve been catfishing
a guy in Michigan and sending him
pictures of Kate Bosworth and saying that they’re me, and we’re supposed
to meet up in two weeks. I love everything
about that plan. Same. Why don’t we walk over
here to the “five months
from now” section? Okay. Come on. Oh, my God,
I love this. But it’s a size 0. That’s a size smaller
than I was thinking my new body would be. But it’s so cute. Isn’t it so cute? Doesn’t it make you
want to kill yourself? Yes! All right, listen to me. If I were you, I would just
make my delusional diet a little more unachievable. Then it will
hang on you. Okay, why not? Why not? Do you have a place where I can
sit and eat this muffin? Oh, sure,
right over there. How’s it going in there? Be honest. Honestly, I love this
for future you. You need to wear this when all your lies
are exposed in Michigan. That’s what
I was thinking. The best part about it
is it’s so easy. So easy. Also, is there
a place I can sit and eat this
other muffin? It’s my cheat day. Oh, yeah, right where
you had the first one. Thanks. Amazing. Um, this was

100 thoughts on “Inside Amy Schumer – New Body”

  1. I get it, "INSIDE Amy Schumer" 🙂

    If you want to watch a comedic news show with female hosts about the Democratic Presidential candidates, click on my name.
    2 minute & 21 seconds of joy.
    (if you laugh, please share)
    (laughter not guaranteed)

  2. Ok. So I've watched several of her videos.

    Never even smiled once.

    Why is everybody crazy about her? Is this an American thing? What do Brits think about her? I'm French and can't find anything funny about her and her videos. Worse, her videos annoy me. There is a lot of white western feminism bullshit in them (and for the record I'm a woman).

  3. So great. I have a pair of "new body" jeans that still don't fit after three years of seriously working out and dieting. Talk about unrealistic

  4. Wow Amy's actually not bad looking in this! It's a shame she's making so much money from being a slightly larger body type (which honestly looks fine in this video) because now she legit is like a cow lol

  5. "I wanna be a size two"

    Two minutes later….

    "Omg it's so cute. It's a zero that's ONE size smaller than I want my dream body to be"

  6. I don't care how much flack Amy gets, I am excited that her new movie is basically a more fleshed out version of this same premise.

  7. I guess this would be a funny skit if you are a woman. Guys have trouble relating to this type of humor since we aren't as good at lying to ourselves and others while having unrealistic expectations out of life.

  8. I love the way this girl can make fun of herself for "comedy " but makes a scene when some one jokes about her.

  9. This is my favourite sketch. I like the way the assistant talks. Especially when she says “Congratulations, that’s such a great size!”

  10. Bruh, the message she was trying to send was that clothing sizes are unrealistic. Completely untrue, guessing Amy is just fat. Companies wouldn’t make clothes that people couldn’t fit.. all anyone cares about is money, not to make you feel bad about being a fat ass

  11. S T O P. RA P E I N G. B a B I E S
    Yeah ill look into it / …all out / // you and the other you …too //he like to fry catfish too / haa/later

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