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  1. thanks, feel better now. Biology annoyed me because in every other science in my report I got a 5.5 (Switzerland it's on a scale of 1 – , need a 4 to pass) except for biology, I only got a 5. Ilike ordered things, and I like symmetry, and it broke it!

  2. I just used an A&P program through college and i never failed a class. passingmedschool.blogspot.c0m this blog is a good overview of it.

  3. I've stumbled upon the holy grail of education! thank you UCBerkley, you never fail to impress, this instructor is definitely one of my favorites, partially because she looks/reminds me of the grandmother from That's My Boy! but then again my cerebrum might be suffering from some sort of blunt trauma. Really enjoyed this lecture ty UCB!!!

  4. Every being properly using their brain mass KNOWS evolution – it's a proven fact, you don't have to believe it, just know it. Go watch some brainwashing stuff.

  5. This is awesome. I once randomly burrowed Enriching Heredity from a library and I finally get to hear a lecture of the writer. And, yes, I quote her a lot.

  6. i would really love someones input on this, i think referring to the etemology of uterus as "hysteria" is inaccurate, the word hystera (note the lack of i) was the greek for uterus and a condition of excessive anxiety in women came to be called hysteria because it was thought to originate from troubles of the uterus, what do you think? 

  7. I am looking forward to learn and study anatomy next semester when i watched this lady leached on anatomy. If all teachers are like this, FUN! 

  8. She is fun and all but I have always hated writing notes out.  I can never absorb what the person is saying I enjoy just listening to the lecture and thinking.  If I have to write I am frantically scribbling but not retaining a thing.

  9. Love your class Dr Diamond. I lost my anatomy notes. Now I understand that they are a great possession. So people plz don't lose your notes

  10. Here is the text on the black board with corresponding video time:
    I Introduction 00:00–09:17
    II Format of Course/Class 09:18–13:22
    III Books for Course/Exams/Grades 13:23–18:39
    IV Terminology of Study 18:40–26:42
    V Technique of Study 26:43–34:36
    VI Structural Planes/Directions 34:37–40:12

    Then she reviews the class from 40:13–45:01
    Books she uses: 
    1. Human Anatomy by Marieb, et. al. 4th Ed.
    2. Wheter's Functional Histology, 4th Ed. 
    3. Human Anatomy Coloring Book, 3rd Ed. 

    Terminology of Study: 
    1. Artery
    2. Genitals
    3. Carotid
    4. Uterus
    5. Femur
    6. Penis

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  13. If the audio is horribly out of sync and you're watching via the iPad YouTube app, switch to a web browser.  You really need to see her as she writes and speaks to get the most out of her teaching style.  I'm really enjoying this thus far.

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  18. I so wish YT was about when I did my exams, I would have aced them. I loved the lecture. PS Sadly I can't find the first 2 books on the readers list. Note to Berkeley, I'd love to see a note at the bottom with the book references, and anything on the board she doesn't talk about. Thanks

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  23. I love her. I wish I would live closer just so I can be in her class. I love her style of teaching. Not many professors left like her.

  24. I came here because i was reminiscing about this class! If i recall correctly my class was the last one she taught. She was so great. Everyone loved her. I miss my Berkeley days. Wheeler Hall!

  25. TEXTBOOKS (from the video):
    [ REQUIRED ]
    Human Anatomy and Physiology 4th Edition (1998)
    by Marieb
    ISBN-10: 080534196X

    Wheater's Functional Histology 4th Edition (2003)
    by Young
    ISBN-10: B0034AHOKW

    The Human Brain Coloring Book 3rd Edition (1985)
    by Diamond, Scheibel
    ISBN-10: 0064603067

    *: The instructor in this video said that the authors were Kapit and Elson, but she mixed up the title of that book with the coloring book she wrote herself, "The Human Brain Coloring Book". Not sure if this was intentional on her part. The correct coloring book, and most up-to-date edition, will be listed in the latest editions list below.

    LATEST EDITIONS (as of this post):
    [ REQUIRED ]
    Human Anatomy and Physiology 8th Edition (2016)
    by Marieb, Wilhelm, Mallatt
    ISBN-10: 080534196X

    Wheater's Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas 6th Edition (2013)
    by Young, Woodford, O'Dowd
    ISBN-10: 0702047465

    The Anatomy Coloring Book 4th Edition (2013)
    by Kapit, Elson
    ISBN-10: 0321832019

  26. This is truly amazing. I took Anatomy at a local community college and was sick of it because it was jam packed with a bunch of unmeaningful Greek or Latin words. I was not interested any more until I found this on Youtube. Now I look forward to studying Anatomy. Thanks.

  27. I love this lady. She is an incredible and inspiring teacher. I always want to be a nurse but unfortunately, I could not accomplish my dream, but I love her teaching method. She looks like she is an all fashion professor, however, she is very knowledgeable about the brain and she knows what method is good for learning. I love Anatomy and I love to hear her

  28. I came here because I'm an idiot.My cousin is sending me selfies from the damn Eiffel Tower and I can't afford a set of tires.

  29. According to my grays anatomy page 33 Gray's Anatomy unabridged 20th Ed teeth are par of the "tegumentary system" i can find no other reference to the tegumentary system, and teeth are not part of the integumentary system.. what is the deal with teeth?

  30. Whoever she is, an angel, she helped a lot the past 19 years…. May you R.I.P.
    Ms. Bryant

  31. Hemos compartido en una FB-page, la nota acerca de Marian Diamond que se publicó el blog "Cuaderno de Cultura Científica" (https://culturacientifica.com/2018/05/25/marian-diamond-la-cientifica-que-descubrio-la-plasticidad-cerebral/#comment-163845), integrando el siguiente comentario (en Facebook):

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    Magnífica nota una instantánea de un importante compromiso personal (con el conocimiento científico).

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    Muy agradecible el esfuerzo de ira "al grano" e ilustrar lo propuesto.

  32. I am Jai Kumar,70 years,Bangalore,engineer by qualification and was in business for 45 years.
    learning Ms.Mariam Diamond's Anatomy for the last 12 years. Covered her 40+ lectures more than 3 times.
    She is a Goddess in teaching Anatomy to non medicos like me. I am ever in debited to her.

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