100 thoughts on “Intense Bikini Body Workout For Summer”

  1. Great workout!!! Thank you so much for uploading, it was hard but fun, I enjoyed it and definitely come back to this one later.

  2. question directed to Magga… hope she would see this and help me…

    dear, how do you manage to do high knees (and burpees) consistently w/out chest pains? 🙁 I always fail the rep count or end up pausing cause of that, and not because I''m tired. I can do everything here consistently except exercises like that

  3. You must have breast implants cause theres no way in hell those knee taps aint gonna make the breasts sag.

  4. I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

  5. Hi Thenx

    Will i get a muscular looking body if i do the (beginner abs workout 2x) and (The The BEST HOME CHEST WORKOUT (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED 1x) 3 times a week? I do the workouts seriously and with good form.

    If not what exercises should i add and what parts of my body should i target more? It would mean a lot if you guys would reply. 🙂

    Best regards Mathew

  6. Come on, ya all know she's beautiful, you can freely say it, How do you think she feels with these, eh? (No white knight) 😂

  7. I donť get why so many guys are like: this is not work out for me bla bla etc… It is work out for everyone! just cause it is mainly glute focused doesn´t mean it´s only for girls, everyone who wants to have good technique in compounds movement needs to have strong glutes, also girls also like guys with good butt, that goes both ways!

  8. You did the burpees wrong your supposed to go all the way to the ground its not a push up.

    But I loved the workout😍😊

  9. I don't know about bikinis, but this video sure gets my testosterone levels high, so it's helpful for guys too.

  10. Wow these comments you BOYS are posting about her are so disappointing. Your all pigs. She’s a person not an object for you to beat your nasty meat on. Your all disgusting losers.

  11. Is this even serious? She looks like a regular girl next door who happened to be passing by. Her fat thighs and bum alike have nothing to do with workouts, and her arms have no muscle shape… There's a looong way to go for her to lose some weight and then maybe she might be legit to show people how to exersize. C'mon there, you must be kidding.

  12. When will I acquire a bikini body doing this workout… within how many days? I'm not really fat with 51 kgs for a 152 cm of body, but I do have a bit of fat around my abs, I mean, mine is not a perfect toned body while I really need one… so when will I get that doing this workout daily? @ThenX

  13. timestamps:

    0:45 – High knee taps (45s)
    1:38 – Burpees (15x)
    2:43 – Side squats (10x each side)
    3:38 – Low to high plank (45s)
    4:40 – Squat lunges (12x)
    5:27 – Mountain climbers (45s)
    6:35 – Bulgarian split squat (12x each side)
    7:26 – Tip toe wall sit (60s)

    rest and repeat twice…

  14. welcome to the 21st century where we can watch an intense bikini body workout with Ricky Ricardo's great grandaughter

  15. You may find the tip toe wall sit easier if you focusing on breathing through your nose, this will allow you to keep your core steady all the way through.

  16. Lmao fakest abs i have ever seen sorry but she cant do pushups correctly she isnt getting her chin even close to the ground. I am not saying i can do pushups either lol

  17. She is very handome and nice girl and makes the routine light
    , congartulation I liked that's a great workout session

  18. Mi piace il tuo modo di eseguire gli esercizi perché è normale e non super perfetto come gl'altri youtubers. Rendi l'idea della difficoltà dell'esercizio e questo è un bene, e per finire sei davvero una bella ragazza! Love for you!

  19. This sure is for guys too. Not only you get to see Megga babe Megga Bracco work that Megga body, but you get to work on your Hawaiian Shorts body too. I needs mah tight summer booty, mang! :-/

  20. Gracias por los vídeos. Cada día nos ponemos mas fuerte juntos. Hay una comunidad de gente que están llegando a una salud mas fuerte por sus consejos.

  21. Gracias por los vídeos. Cada día nos ponemos mas fuerte juntos. Hay una comunidad de gente que están llegando a una salud mas fuerte por sus consejos.

  22. It’s so referring seeing women in this channel, makes it easier for me cuz sometimes I can’t do you’re bulky arm workouts and stuff! ♥️

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