Hi my name is Hanadi. I’m the office manager
here at Glenn Kazmierski’s acupuncture clinic in Santa Cruz, California. And I wanted to
answer a few questions regarding insurance verification for our clinic. I get a lot of
calls – people ask me whether health insurance covers acupuncture. And it depends on their
insurer, and we take down that information and send that over to our insurance biller,
and hear back from her within about 24 hours. The great thing about Covered California is
that someone with an injury or a condition can come in for about 2-3 weeks of acupuncture
treatment, and that’s a typical dosage of treatment to manage common injuries. Our
clinic is located here at the cross street of Water Street and Ocean Street in Santa
Cruz, California. Glenn Kazmierski’s acupuncture clinic in Santa Cruz, CA, can quickly answer your questions about health insurance coverage. Thanks for watching and feel free to give us a call.

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