(upbeat instrumental music) – Hey you guys, it’s
Irene Lyon here and I’m answering another question
from my Facebook group, my Healthy Nervous System
Revolution Facebook group. If you are not on that
group, be sure to join. I will link up the link
somewhere below this video. But, got some good questions
and I’m answering them piece-by-piece through a video apiece. Nia writes, since I started to get a bit better at Christmas,
doing a bit of orienting, so Nia’s in one of my
programs so we do a lot of activities and neuro-sensory exercises and one of which is orienting,
being able to tune in and be more self aware but
also aware of our environment. Again, I will post some links so you can experience some of these tools. But, I’ve been doing a bit of orienting, my food allergies are so much worse, even though I began sleeping well. Recently there are even more ramped up as I build more body
awareness with your program. I have gotten cold sores and
my mucus membranes, mouth burn. My body resists relaxation,
so is this part of it too? So you might be wondering, what the heck? She’s in your program and she’s having all these signs and symptoms. Now, do not be scared by
this because as you listened when I read, her sleep is improving. Sleep is a much deeper, important piece of nervous system health than
having sensations like burning mouth, cold sores, allergies, priming up a little bit. Now you might be thinking,
why would I want those things? Now one of my senior teachers that I’ve learned from, her name is Kathy Kain, she practices something
called Somatic Practice. I’ll link that up as well. She said once to us, she
said, when someone comes in and they have visible symptoms,
like cold sores and a rash, she’s like, “goody,
goody, goody, so good”. And I remember hearing
this from her because I actually have had some really
significant skin problems over my years, obviously I’m fine now, and I’ll tell you about that in a second, but she said the reason
why I’m happy when someone comes in and they say that
they’ve been now getting rashes or cold sores, or they get these pains now that they’ve never felt is because it shows that
the system is changing. It shows the physiology is changing and the thing that we don’t
want when we’re healing is we don’t want things
to stay exactly the same. If they stay exactly
the same that means that the system is like literally
in a hold down mode and it’s not shifting. So know that when these things come up, when you’re doing some
really good healing work, it’s of course important to monitor them and maybe get outside
help, whether it’s herbal or osteopathy or Chinese
medicine, or sometimes even general allopathic
medicine is important, to help soothe the things
but also not suppress them. What occurred to me is, I
was in my final years of my trauma training in
somatic experiencing, I was loving the work, I was coming out of what would be called a functional freeze, so I was highly functional
in my 20’s and early 30’s. I went to university, my brain worked. I had never had any trouble with any anxieties or depressions,
no chronic fatigue. I’d had a lot of physical
injuries, lots of surgeries, lots of anesthesia, lots
of situations where my body had to go into a shut down response. I also had just come out
of a pretty, I’m gonna say emotionally abusive and
verbally abusive marriage. Bless the heart of my
ex-partner, he just didn’t know. We were both caught in
our own trauma cycles. I didn’t know how to put up boundaries. He didn’t know how to take them. Or when I did it just, it exploded. But I had to keep a lot of stuff
inside when I was with him. I also had some interesting interactions and situations in school where we had some teachers in elementary
school that were pretty awful and so as a little kid,
you internalize this stuff. So as I started to heal,
as I started to get more in contact with my physiology,
my body, my emotions, my sensations, my environment,
my skin started to break out in some really bad rashes and they were horrible. I might share some of the
pictures, I have some of them, but it was horrific, it was painful. And towards the end, I could hardly sleep. There was about six months
where I actually couldn’t sleep because I was in so much physical pain. It felt like my skin was burning to death. Luckily I had an amazing,
supportive partner, Seth, who allowed me to scream and cry and he helped me keep my skin
as healthy as it could be. I had to work with some other people, some Chinese medicine that
actually didn’t do any good. I did, the bulk of my work was doing pendulum frequency work. I’ll a post a link to
someone who does that work. That kind of saved me and towards the end, when I knew that my emotions
were finally more settled, that I had unfrozen my freeze response, I actually then did dabble in and went back to a normal dermatologist. I used some cortisone cream to get the heat and the down a little bit and slowly, over the years, my skin has healed and I no longer have problems with it. Not all to say, in that
moment, when this stuff was coming out, was it scary? Absolutely. Was it frustrating? Yes it was. I couldn’t exercise the way I loved to do and I loved to exercise, because I couldn’t sweat, it hurt. And it was painful, it was really painful. It was hard for my husband to hear me and see me in so much pain,
but it had to happen. I always feel blessed that
my stuff came out on the skin just as my instructor Kathy loves it when someone comes in and has a rash, because at least the problem isn’t inside. I often talk about one of my
favorite authors, Gabor Maté. This book I’ve quoted in many vlogs. And if you have reactions
and you know that you’re suffering from chronic stress, whether it’s from abuse,
early childhood trauma, or just burnout due to
living in this world of ours, I highly recommend this
book because in this book he talks about autoimmune conditions and conditions where, and
cancers where we might actually not see the rash, right? Often people have stuff festering inside before they know and
then when it comes out in the form of something
that’s incredibly painful often it can’t be reversed. So why am I talking about this? I’m talking about this
because Nia’s question was this stuff is coming out,
you’re getting cold sores, your allergies are increasing,
but you’re sleeping well. So that’s a good thing that
you’re sleeping better. My advice is you need to go forward. You have to keep moving forward and when these things pop up, to
try to not fear them. Feel the fear if it comes up, but try not to attach a story to it. Try not to think, oh my
God, I’m gonna have this forever and it’s never gonna change. That mindset is very potent. One of the things I
learned from my husband when I was going through
my skin problems is, and it was really hard when it’s all over your body and you feel like hell, but to try not to think
of what this is gonna look like in the future,
not to awfulize it. You want to feel the pain,
you wanna feel the hell, you wanna feel the anger,
the sadness, the loss of time that’s happening in that
moment, that’s fine. But as soon as we start to project, this is never gonna go away,
I’m gonna be like this forever, what if, what if, then we get
into tricky, sticky territory. So as much as you can, as
much as any of you can, if you’re watching this
and you have symptom-ology that’s coming up, signs and symptoms, try to be with those
symptoms, whether it’s physical pain, actual things like rashes, headaches, et. Cetera,
try to be with them. Feel them and express
what needs to be expressed so if that pain could
speak, if can make a sound, if it could make a
movement, what would it be? I talked about anger in previous vlog. Is there anger? Is there some emotion
that’s being stored inside that isn’t allowing this
symptom to fully do it’s thing? Because we are all so
different and we all have different trauma histories,
different genetics, right? The skin thing happened for me because I’m genetically pre-disposed. I had eczema a bit when I was a kid. I did have asthma but
that completely went away. I had seasonal allergies,
totally went away. I no longer have seasonal allergies. That shifted after I
did my Feldenkrais work, when I got more in tune with my body, something shifted, something healed. But my father had, or has, also a pre-disposition to skin problems. So it’s in the blood, it’s in the genetics but it does not mean that it has to be your sentence, your life sentence. We can shift these things. There’s something called epigenetics which I will talk about in another video, probably down the road,
but our epigenetics is basically the capacity for us to shift our genetic expression based
on our lifestyle choices, based on our environmental influences and really how we connect
with our body, our mind and our physiology, and help our system not always be in a
chronic stress response. I hope this was helpful to you, Nia, and to those watching
and listening to this. Like I said, get this
book, I’m not asked ever to promote it, it’s just like the Bible. I believe of really learning
about chronic illness and the expression of these
diseases that so many of us get. And then of course some really good tools on what to do to help heal. So if you are watching this, if you’re not on my YouTube channel or on my website, head over to one of those,
sign up for my channel, subscribe, sign up for my email updates and check out what’s
going on in this world of mind, body, nervous system
healing and neuroplasticity and all the stuff that
we can do to help move our physical symptoms out in a way that’s intelligent, smart, and safe. Take very good care and
we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

5 thoughts on “Is it a healing crisis, or is it just healing? || Q&A 001”

  1. @Irene Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making this video. I was just having a conversation with a client about this the other day. This video so eloquently, and powerfully, explains the process.

  2. Wow. Thank you. this is exactly what I needed to hear!
    I've been challenged with the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia syndrome for 4-7 years. ( possible longer but I didn't pay attention until symptoms got bad enough I couldn't work anymore). I've been doing a lot of work to heal my nervous system and deal with buried emotions and a rash throughout my toro appeared a month ago and it's still there. It's so strange.

  3. Hi Irene As you know I am a client in your Inner Game program I am currently feeling lots of sensations and feelings that I long denied I really found that watching this video has helped me be with the pain and I am learning how to let go of the past. Thanks for your commitment to helping others. Also thanks for revealing   bits of your past that helps me to understand myself better XXX

  4. After a 15 day water fast I had a severe rash, didn't know it was from detox.The Doctor said a water fast had nothing to do with it and gave me Prednisone,that poison almost killed me.

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