all informed that u uh… alot of people’s advice aside you notice a disciple passing somebody coming
from a disability perspective kk manana a anti-gang anyone with that flight you are like a mad scientists at the earliest
back to the mad people in there and and that accidentally it’s at it’s pretty and what we’ve just seen incredible
because it’s like every kara and sci-fi film i’ve ever seen it was still is from its and
down patent really fast made me what the northern
iraq about you know more since i’ve talked to you then and listen to what you said today what fascinates me is i think in terms of
disability perspective and when you coming from i think we have along of common ground and that was kind of what i wanted to achieve
at this evening uh… and in terms of that one thinking off
is tax for disabled people often will for all that is really the body is such a focus of attention the physical body what we can and we counted and what fascinates me is fit for us uh… the physical body and the way technique
is object to client is that we all patients we are being dumped
him uh… but the way do you explore and look
at the body it becomes all and genius and something revolutionary and and i think that’s that is in a way welcome
from the standpoint because it seems like dr for about a celebration of the body and i wanted to ask you this is
my my first question really is sadat dot celebrates divest celebrates different
and different bodies people do uh… unity not going to work at the new that means to any of this your site effect the body is obsolete here we are festival celebrating the body
you havent what what you think that what you reckon that
dick is there a contradiction there well-motivated it is a christian that comes
up and but wouldn’t when i’d say the body’s obsolete i mean this particular body with this form in these functions i don’t mean
that somehow we can do without a body uh… or that somehow intelligence can be you know
disconnected from pending bodied operational kind of intensity uh… but uh… you know i’ve always been
fascinated by alternate anatomical architecture’s not only
insects and animals uh… differently and i believed people and with you a disciples and differently and
i believe the whole way the uh… you know your experimenting with additional
since reading port uh… you know through some some some the
recent scientific research being done in that uh… i’m fascinated by uh… hal the body and uh… many dj uh… we’ve uh… different kinds of operational possibilities
and sensing possibilities and i’ve been fascinated by the fact that
you know that’s never died essentially by a meeting
ultrasound uh… ultrasound whites uh… snakes essentially see you know you need for raid uh… uh… dog seen black and white uh… i i’m fascinated by so the differently united bold living creatures uh… and also hal uh… e innocence have have decided to pull really uh… uh… the closest to us so i bought body and genuine cyborg broaden excuse me than these kind of simplifications done by
by synopsis uh… because you have to manage this on a
day-to-day basis you have to move your body around in wise to the different from the by
people nina like make locomotive body uh… and i’m fascinated bought by hand we
can also of course construct social spices that’ll alphabet that kind of difference uh… and uh… you quickly discover with
when you have some impediment and i’ve had some surgeries on my arms and
and my arms become wrapped up and now i’m and and uh… i can
use it in all of a sudden you know heady manage uh… we had uh… uh… uh… at sussex university
i gave a talk once and uh… uh… one of the professors they had a his wife uh… was was paralyzed in fact the only way
they could communicate walked by the blinking arise so i was on through the rhyme movements unblinking
that she could communicate and um… we actually she was fascinated by
it because i i had demonstrated the the muscle stimulation system and she was fascinated and wondered try this and we have touched the electrodes on her
arm army four channels of electrical stimulation but for the first time since the paralysis the round could move up ground could be in hand could open close now though a rudimentary movements that weren’t
gannett you had nothing to help her law on a day-to-day
basis bart uh… with some paralyzed people now liken and unlike the body’s fruit computer-controlled
muscle stimulation systems

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