Whether it’s the the first day of school,
a big interview or your wedding day – pimples find a way of cropping up at the most inconvenient
times. But why do they occur and how do we get rid of them? The term “pore”, it is just another way
of saying “hair follicle”, and your body is covered in them. Within the follicle is
a gland that produces an oily substance called sebum, which empties onto the skin to keep
your hair and body moisturized. But if the hair follicle becomes clogged with dead skin
cells and oils, a blockage is created. Sebum continues to be produced but it is trapped
within the follicle making it become enlarged. And this is where bacteria come into play,
feeding on the dead skin and sebum which can unfortunately lead to infection. Your immune
system responds by sending blood to the area, giving the appearance of redness and inflammation,
and white blood cells come to the site too, to clear up the infection. When the white
blood cells die, they, combined with the dead skin and sebum, create the pus filled pimple. If the blockage occurs under the skin it creates
a white bump known as a “whitehead” and if the blockage is above the skin and black
discolouration occurs it’s known as a “blackhead”. This is a result of melanin in the dead skin
cells reacting with oxygen creating a black colour – it’s not dirt. We get the most pimples when we are teens
due to the increased amount of androgen hormones like testosterone in our bodies at the onset
of puberty. Testosterone sends the production of sebum into overdrive, increasing the incidence
of blockages. But zits can occur at any time – often brought on by stressful events. Cortisol,
the stress hormone, increases the amount of inflammation in your body (aka more red bumps
on your face) and can also suppress your immune system, meaning your body can’t fight the
bacteria that is causing the acne. So how do we fight the war on pimples? For
normal breakouts, cleaning your face to remove excess oil which prevents pore blockage and
occasionally exfoliating to remove dead skin will help, although acne often cannot be solved
this way. And it’s important to remember that cleanliness and diet do not play a major
role in acne, but rather your genetics and hormones. Many drugs exist like benzoyl peroxide
which kills specific acne causing bacteria, salicylic acid which helps to remove dead
skin blockages, retinoids which reduce sebum production and a variety of others; though
some drugs can have severe side effects. In women, some success has been seen with oral
contraceptives, which decrease the ovaries production of androgen hormones, ultimately
decreases sebum. Of course, consulting with a doctor over which regimen is best suited
to you is always best. But new therapies and cures may be on the
horizon with the help of science! By studying individuals who do not get acne, scientists
noticed something: the bacteria that typically causes acne still exists on their skin, but
it’s a different strain. It turns out that this same bacteria with slightly different
genes causes healthier skin. Knowing this, future therapies may include a deeper look
at the bacterial level, and whether or not altering your skin microbiota could cure pimples. We’re really glad to be working in collaboration
with Bill and Melinda Gates in supporting their Annual Letter this year called “Two
superpowers we wish we had”! Every year they release a letter looking at global issues,
and this year the question is: what would your superpower for good be? Would it be to
have more clean energy like Bill or more time like Melinda, which means one thing in rich
countries and something else to the world’s poorest families. It’s a chance to enact
positive change in the world – so find something you’re passionate about and learn more about
it. Check out the letter with the link in the description, and we’ll be posting our
superpower ideas on instagram with #superpowerforgood.

78 thoughts on “Is There A Pimple Cure?”

  1. Aye let the whitehead dry out first, then once it hardens use a pair of tweezers, as it gets rid of the root and leaves a tiny scab and doesn’t get infected in the future

  2. There're some things dermatologist told me.

    1. Another reason for pimples is that after you wash your skin, you don't moisturise it – that is you washed moisturising hydro-lipid barrier off and body increases the amount of natural moisture from pores in order to make skin less dry. That leads to higher risks of pimples. So, please, use some creme or oil to make skin moisturised back.

    2. You need to clean this. Well, with something antibacterial/disinfectant or so and very accurately with clean hands or instruments. All in order to get rid of inflammation, so place can heal.

  3. I have acne but they are so small you have to come so close to see it the only thing you can see clearly is that FRIKIN MOSQUITO BITE… ok sorry for that.
    edit: for some reason in our country, mosquitos come in winter, not in summer

  4. I watched this video for 2-to-3 times but still I'm not getting what (where) the step to cure pimples on face is not mentioned, didn't found about what actually he named the video.

  5. I have the worst of acne. It's so big that if my chin (theres alot there) hits a desk mildly hard it will bleed. I use treatment but never really cared

  6. You said diet doesn't play an important role, but hormones do. A fat rich diet contributes to the production of more androgen hormones, since they are "fatty" hormones, which leads to more acne.

  7. So acne can come based on genes passed by your parents?

    That's some bad news for me.
    Oh no my dad got hella pimples😱😱😰😰

  8. you stooopid. what you eat is a big diffrence because you maybe get more or less of a hormone. or thats what i Think tho im 14

  9. I'm one of the lucky few that doesn't get many pimples. At most, I've had only fifteen pimples in the last seven years.

  10. Try using warm water to open the pores, then use soap to clean them, use warm water too wash it off. Lastly use cold water to close the pores

  11. I used to suffer from a bad level of acne and I think the only thing that will heal is masturbation and I am so legit serious about it

  12. Just pop them 😍 I have popped almost all of my pimples I don't have one scar on my face. I have loads of pimples and every single one has probably been popped.

  13. lol. wash your face day n night 3 keep oil n dirt away.
    moisturizer on face
    n keep dirty hands away from face! 🤓🤓😁😁 n if u do get pimples or acne wash your face overnight n cover it up with toothpaste it keeps pimples away n scars at bay.

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