Yes, there is a quick screening process. One is a symptom pattern and that would be that Let’s say on the days that you don’t wake up with a terrible headache or migraine, that you’ll most likely notice that your symptoms are are better in the morning progressively worsening as the day goes on. So, around 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon You would notice that your symptoms would be cascading and your head and face would be becoming worse That implies a mechanical, like head-on-your-neck kind of compressing-the-nerve kind of Pattern than something in your brain or some blood vessel problem or some other cryptic problem And also on the days that maybe you wake up with terrible Symptom intensity or a migraine be thinking neck position and mechanics instead of something mysterious You’ll probably also notice even on those days that your symptoms once there are super intense that they will start to decrease in intensity Kind of throughout the morning and then start to ramp up again in the afternoon and evening There’s also something called a “Jam Test” I’m, just . . . I made these up some time ago but they seem to be effective, kind of like the symptom pattern that I just mentioned and that is that you can slide your chin in- kind of like a double chin and hold that and start to move your head back and Bam, you’ll most likely hit the problem in your lower neck that this system goes after. It’s kind of a pulling tightness Stress sensation- an obstruction to extension there going backward that is not supposed to be there. Again, it looks like this and That is not normal to feel an obstruction when you do that that should move fluidly, and you shouldn’t have any symptoms whatsoever When you do your chin tuck, and head all the way back, because that’s- your neck is normally designed to be able to do that And the third thing is actually to to shut your symptoms off. It usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds to as long as a minute and a half or two minutes. It’s called a “Slump test” or the “Fast Test”- either one And I don’t have time to go into that on this video, but just to let you know that third test is to experience rapid reduction and/or abolishment of head and facial symptoms, so you’ll see for yourself If you’re a candidate or not for this kind of system

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