13 thoughts on “Is This Alternative Treatment for Muscle Pain the New Cupping?”

  1. I grew up with this in my Cambodian culture. We just call it “coining”. I had it done once but my parents parents had me do it on them when they felt sick.

  2. I've been having this "treatment" since I was a little kid. My parents almost got into trouble for it since they thought it was abuse. Luckily the principal knew asian tradition but this needs to be known. This and "cupping" are not new, they're old eastern remedies that people believe in and it should be made aware.

  3. In my country we only do it when you're sick. But normally normally bruise that much and you have to apply oil, usually coconut virgin oil to avoid (air getting into the skin : a belief). The westerners are taking it to the extreme.

  4. In Cambodia we do that all the time. It kills some blood cells but doing this will help our body to produce new blood cells that will help fight the disease. Sometimes we do that instead of going to the hospital it cures cold and fever etc.

  5. Wonderful Doctors show! My hat's off to you for airing this modality treatment. Decades ago China televised that they desire for all China people to learn & practice the art of Gua Sha to reduce so many people coming into Hospitals for care. Pain is in part do to stagnant blood that is trapped in muscle. If you have pain in neck & shoulders then stagnant acidic blood that has no oxygen in it is causing that chronic pain when you scrap the skin with Gua Sha tool that is traditionally made of 2 materials Green Jade Stone or the Horn of a Ox. I have both. It is my passion to awaken America to 3 forms for Massage therapy 1. Gua Sha for detox, 2.Physical muscle massage for body, & 3. Lomi Lomi from 2 practitioners so the client doesn't focus on one set of hands & there for truly relaxes ,Lomi Lomi is the Massage artist highly focuses on the person in a deep spiritual loving condition so that deep emotion can be released and feel it is in a safe loving zone to do so. It IS my desire to scream this to America we need & must have Massage in ALL institutions of America. Please invite me on the Doctors show to scream this out. Please!!!!!

  6. This is nothing new to Asians. It may be to westerners. I do this to my hubby when he's sick. It helps. There are other treatments beside popping pills or chugging cough medicine.

  7. That is nothing new, we do it when we get sick,that shit hurt so much your cold for whatever you got go away. My theory is that it hurts so much neater you or whatever sickness to got don't wanna deal with the slow pain that is coining.

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