Welcome. Come on in. Grab your tea…coffee.
Make yourself comfy. I’m Bonnie Yost. I’m a physical therapist, speaker, and author
who helps people transform physical limitation and deep internal and
relational pain into profound potential so that they can live in joy and vibrant
health! Today I’d like to share with you the foundation of your function. You
wouldn’t build a house without a strong foundation and you wouldn’t repair that
house if it had a faulty foundation. Well same goes for our bodies. There is no
sense in correcting shoulder pain or back pain or even your dental occlusion
the way your teeth come together if your posture is faulty. You’ll find out today
that poor posture leads to pain and problems of your joints and internal
organs. We’re gonna look at what proper posture
is and we’re gonna find out the benefits of good posture through the years and
that I can attest to. We will then apply and then I’ll show you tell you
about my experience with posture and a couple of patients as well as I will
give you some tools that you can use to start building a strong healthy
foundation now for your… for your function as well as your athletics and
your daily life. We will then end with encouragement which today is Psalm 139: 2-3 and Luke 6:47-48. I will then end with prayer. So thank you
for joining me. Harvard Health states that if you spend
most of the day looking down at your devices and your cell phone…
working at a desk on your computer or lounging on the couch…poor posture is
going to cause you pain and problems. So what can postural faults lead to?
Headaches, neck pain, shoulder, back, and sciatic pain that goes down your leg…
occlusion which is your dental your your teeth the way your teeth come
together. Dental occlusion, malalignment or the way that your teeth align can be
seriously affected by your posture, your head position. Disc degeneration in your
spine can be a result of postural faults and poor posture can compromise your
internal organ function. So think about it. How do you spend your day?
Think about how you sit at work. How you drive your car. How you stand. How you…what’s your position when you relax? Most people sit at their computer like
that [slumped over] or they watch TV… pretend I’m raising my legs because I will…okay
there’s my leg, like that either forward or lounging back. I’m gonna test my
balance today. If you have those kinds of postural habits you can count on
headache pain because a proud chin and a heart to hell causes you to have neck
pain and head pain. However, if I can correct that posture by pulling up
through the top and back of my head…here I go… then I have a humble chin and a
heart to heaven. And that makes me feel much better
because my alignment is good. My shoulder alignment, my spine alignment.
I’m not straining and stressing myself. If your chin comes out you’re
compromising these tiny little muscles in the back of your head and base of
your skull and those can cause headaches. So most people when they have a tight
neck they’ll scrunch their neck and they’ll
lift their shoulders. Think about it…is that making the problem better or worse?
If you said “worse” you’re right. It’s making it worse. So what am I gonna do if
I want to correct this shortness and this compromise this pinching that is
giving me headaches? I’m going to again raise myself up pull from the top
and back of my head… Lift myself up. Tuck my chin. Drop my
shoulders and it doesn’t come instantly you’re going to have to give yourself
some time. But an example of sternocleidomastoid this muscle right
here if I’m if I live in poor posture that muscle is this long. If I allow some
time to push my chin back and give me a humble chin and send my heart to heaven
this muscle with time will get longer. See how that works? It takes a little
while but eventually it works very well. So I’m going to show you a little show
you a little picture here of what we’re trying to do. We’re gonna try to pull our
chin back, send our heart to heaven. We’re gonna have a triangle of stability here
that I’ll show you and since you can’t see my feet proper posture goes from
your ear right over your shoulder down just past your knee to the right in
front of your ankle. So there’s a picture of proper posture. Now look in the mirror
and see what you can do. So let’s go again. If I’m gonna be in good posture I’m gonna push my chin back a little bit,
drop my shoulders out of my ears, pull my belly button up to my bra strap. Okay? So
that there’s a triangle of stability to hold my low back between my tightened
bottom, my belly button, and my bra strap. That stability is what I showed you here.
Belly button tight to bra strap or middle oh you’re back if you’re a man. To
tighten your bottom and if you have a nice good muscle tone in your bottom and
your belly and your shoulders are down like a ballet dancer you have protected
your low back which is very good. Okay? So benefits…people who have good posture
feel better. Absolutely! Because internal organ compromise can include inability to breathe, shortness of breath,
because I’m collapsing myself, digestive problems, reflux, and other kinds of
digestive problems are gonna occur from poor posture. So you want to give space
to your digestive system. Also bladder compromise you could end up incontinence
is affected by poor posture. So a lot of benefits can happen when you have good
posture and so good posture allows you to look confident, feel confident, and
function well. For…for me I was a gymnast and so I have kind of a loose
low back and if I don’t maintain good posture my back can start hurting a lot.
And over the years–at almost seventy now– I’m needing to make sure that I
don’t fall into poor posture but I’ll tell you this I’ve practiced what I
preach and I have worked on my posture. It’ll take you about three weeks to
three months maybe a little longer depending on how poor your posture is
and how consistent you can be but if you can be consistent and we’re going to use
this red dot again every time you see red check your posture…pull your head up.
Tuck your chin. Send your heart to heaven. Pull your belly button in a little bit
tight and keep good tone in your bottom and don’t forget to breathe everybody
forgets to breathe. If you can do that and I’ll give
I have a little reminder here for you if you can do that it’ll probably take
three weeks to three months or maybe a little longer but right now if I slouch
it feels terrible. So I have built into myself a preference for a good posture.
My body will tell me when I’m starting to slouch and I’ll correct it because it
doesn’t feel good. Okay? So that’s for me. I worked with a lot of pregnant moms and
older people who are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain. This pregnant mom had
trouble breathing and did have digestive problems. She had reflux and just was
feeling really uncomfortable due to the pregnancy but also to poor posture. And
she found when she sat up straight she could breathe well and her digestion was
fine she didn’t have any problems with that. I’ve worked with many patients
who’ve had low back pain and sciatic which goes down your leg.
This man was a an executive and had a disc bulge and so sitting was really hard
on him. He ended up sitting on a ball as I had instructed him and his back pain
and sciatica were resolved completely with good posture and sitting on a ball
at his desk. So let’s review what you can do. We’ve covered this information today
and so I have it here for you. We’re going to use the red dot so every
place that you put a red dot, every time you see red, stop light ,stop signs,
flowers that bloom in the spring, lipstick, anything that is red (orange and
pink will count as well) I want you to check your posture. Lift from the top and
back of your head. Tuck your chin gently. Drop your shoulders out of your ears.
Okay tighten your belly. Pull your bellybutton up to the middle of your
back. And don’t forget to breathe. I hope this helps you. I hope you can practice
well because without a strong foundation everything falls apart. So we’ll talk
more about posture in future episodes and now I want to go through the
encouragement for you for the day. Our encouragement is Psalm 139 I have it
here: Oh Lord you have examined my heart and know everything about me you know
when I sit down or when I stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.
You see me when I travel then when I rest at home. You know everything I do.
Luke 6:47 and 48 “I will show you what it’s like when someone comes to me”
Jesus says this is Jesus’s words “when someone comes to me listens to my
teaching and then follows it. It is like a person building a house who digs deep
and lays a foundation on solid rock. When the floodwaters rise and break against
the house it stands firm because it is well built.” Father in heaven,
Creator and King, God Almighty, I thank you for my friend who has joined me I
thank you that you have given us what we need to function well. And you do know us!
I ask for my friend and for me that you remind us when we start not caring
for our our bodies well and we fall into poor posture. I ask that you gently
remind us in our minds or by discomfort to to check our posture and to correct
it so that we can be strong physically as well as attending to you
spiritually and mentally. I thank you, Father, that you know the plans that you
have for my friend for me and if we can take care of ourselves better you are
giving us your wisdom. So I thank you for that and I thank you for my friend
joining me and this day that you have made. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Thank you again for joining me I look forward to seeing you next time.

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