Welcome to our four-part series on the stages of adrenal fatigue. Today we’re going to talk about stage two. Stage two is called “resistance response,” and this part of adrenal fatigue is what happens after you have the alarm reaction which we talked about last week. So make sure you check out that video if you haven’t. So kind of tell us what happens after stage one
and we go into stage two which is the resistance. Well as the body rings the alarm bell, then this is often followed by a set of physiological symptoms that the body’s whispering to you to take action, and this is what is defined in this particular stage. The symptoms start to come up okay. The symptoms start to come up
and they kind of become more prevalent and will not go away. That’s why you have the resistance. At this point,
some people feel more tired especially towards the end of the day. They go through their whole day of work
and they just kind of crash in bed. They might feel hungry a little more often than normal. Their hormonal symptoms are popping up left and right,
not only during their periods but kind of throughout the month. They might actually go see their doctor for the first time because they feel more off than normal, and the doctor might actually order a bunch of lab tests and kind of work them up, but everything comes back normal,
within normal range and they tell them, “Go home.
Sleep a little better.” Their sleep actually is also getting a little more affected
where they are having a hard time falling asleep or they wake up multiple times in the middle of the night
and so when they don’t sleep well they wake up tired. They’re going to drink more coffee,
not only in the morning now but throughout the day. And then also,
exercise capacity becomes reduced. If you do workout, it becomes straining
and you can have slumps for a few hours after exercise. These are all part of the body starting to decompensate now. The body’s physiological construct
in terms of putting out more cortisol to cushion the body is now reaching kind of a maximum that it can put out. When it gets there—
and this can take years. This stage two can go on for years
or it could go on very acutely. Let’s say you have an accident for example,
or surgery that can trigger these types of stage two symptoms. Right, so being in stage two means that your body’s still able to get up and work and be functional and that differentiates from stage three people
where their adrenals are actually more exhausted, but that will be next week’s topic. But if you really take a step back… and most people don’t realize that they go through the stages until they look back. Stage one you’re okay.
You don’t feel much. You still feel like you’re Hercules.
You can plow through. Stage two the warning signs are there now.
The body’s trying to tell you. If you really pay attention,
the body’s whispers are getting stronger and stronger. It’s starting to punish you now okay, but even though you can still go through it,
it’s just becoming very stressful to go through these things. That is a hallmark. So what can you do when you’re in stage two
and your doctor tells you that everything is normal? Well obviously,
you should continue your medical workup, but oftentimes when a workup is normal then you have to start empowering yourself with the knowledge. You know something is wrong,
but you just don’t know what’s wrong, and until you figure out what’s wrong,
it’s very hard to fix something you don’t know. So a lot of people just do nothing
and that’s the worst you can do because if you don’t do anything, then you just allow the body to progress and keep weakening. A lot of people try to start looking online. They start looking for supplements,
and that is also a very common mistake because if you don’t know what’s wrong,
you can be taking the wrong stuff. A lot of people start embarking on a self-navigation journey because rightfully so, you know their doctors aren’t helping them
so they try to take it on themselves. What they don’t realize is by the time they start with the supplementation or hormones or glandulars or herbs, they feel a little bit better, but they are actually mislead
because when you use stimulants especially glandulars and herbs to stimulate the body for more energy, it’s like whipping a horse that is tired
instead of nurturing the horse back to its health. So this is problematic because most people go through stage two and they think they have it covered. They think that they are recovered,
but actually on the surface their energy is improved, but underlying,
they continue to deteriorate and this is not very good
because it can go on and lead to stage three. That kind of puts us back to our series of four stages. Watch our videos and stay tuned for next week’s video which will be on stage three, adrenal exhaustion. We hope that you liked this video. Make sure you like it and comment down below. We’re here to empower you to take control of your health.

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