67 thoughts on “Is Your S.I Causing Your Back Pain? A Simple Finger Test (Sacro-Iliac)”

  1. Hmmmm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can't very tight hip flexors cause SI pain as well? I am sore there and I also have tight hip flexors, stacked lower lumbar discs and "spondy" at L5-S1. I've seen my MRI's, so a finger would be too "gross" a test for me to do. But it is ONE clue. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. All and L5 I got trouble with now no fat around it exposed nerve MRI showed it … I just started meds today if that donโ€™t help said they would give injections ouch ๐Ÿ˜“โ˜ฎ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธโœŒ๏ธ

  3. My SI Joint Disorder was felt in my right center buttock and the top of my, Uh, rump cleavage. IT Band stretch was prescribed.

  4. I have had SI pain occasionally for about eight years. Dr prescribed muscle relaxers, NSAIDS, and PT. Nothing worked. Finally got a massage with concentration on SI and glutes. I've been pain free for two months.

  5. I wish there were more studies. I have had tons of missed mark injections that made me worse. I even ended up on the surgery room floor after a Dr let my hand touch metal on the surgery table after an experiment to find the exact nerve using electrical circuit method to locate where to put anaesthetic . It was insane.

  6. Ah, that takes me back to the labor for my first son. Back labor. I don't recommend it. Had to have my doula press on my back for each contraction. Walking to the OR for the C-section was torture. Getting the spinal was bliss.

  7. Can you do a show about a sore bum all the time? Happens to me more and more.. not enough muscle back there, getting older.

  8. Something that I found out recently that was causing my herniated disc to feel way worse after 5 years, I had a short thigh muscle on my pain side because of short stepping. Apparently if you don't fully extend a muscle for a long period of time then it becomes "short" and you need to stretch a lot to loosen it back up. I couldn't physically extend my leg past a 35 degree angle because the muscle was locked so tightly and after getting it to 30 degrees my daily pain went back to how it was years ago. I used to have pain when I stepped forward too far and it "went away" after a few years but now I realize that it wasn't because it healed but because I was just physically incapable of extending my leg that far.

  9. Oh my goodness!! Everytime I have a health issue that I'm dealing with…..BAM….you guys pop out the exact video that I need to see. Kinda spooky ๐Ÿค”

  10. This was very helpful. There are times I have pain in the back in a way I couldn't describe but when trying to pinpoint where it is, I'd always put my fists to either side in exactly the location you use for the finger test. That's why I appreciate your videos. I think sometimes when you go to a PT (or even other healthcare provider) they assume you don't want to hear an explanation–and maybe some people don't, I don't know. All I do know is that I WANT to understand how my body works (or isn't working, as the case may be) because while having access to physical therapy is wonderful, they can't be there all the time & I need to know how to help myself. So thank you for all these videos. I sincerely do appreciate them.

  11. I thought i had SI but, it turned out I have grade 2 anterolisthesis. Ortho wont give me steroid inj. because its "proven" it wont work for this. Any great excercises to strengthen my core? I miss hiking!

  12. Y'all, please look in to sacrow wedgy. Com. Invented by a sweet old football coach, it has worked for me!!

    I came across the sacrow wedgy in a mercola comments section. I ordered one and have been using the heck out of this $40 wedge for the sacrum, I love it! You lay on this small triangle (wish I had ordered the men's, I'm 5'7") for 20 minutes a day for a few days….then you WANT to lay on this thing! Sooo relaxing for the whole body. Look into it, children run the co these days, but if you order one today, it ships immediately. I do not work for the company, just love the product!!!

  13. Without a doubt this is what I deal with on a daily basis. It pops several times a day. When I move from sitting to standing I have to readjust. Thanks for giving me a name to attach to the problem because I previously told my doctor it a was a hip problem so when I went for testing I was told my hips were fine & the problem wasn't treated.

  14. Every day I like your videos even more! The comment section is also interesting and full of good vibes.. you guys have a great community here. Thanks for the video! As always it's like you know exactly what I am goign through. Love you guys โคโคโคโค Hi Liz! ๐Ÿค—

  15. You two are wonderful, seems I've been suffering from what I thought was sacrum pain lately. It could very well be SI joint pain. I thank you two for all these wonderful video's explaining everything so clearly, so that the lay person can understand what is going on with their bodies. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  16. I was just watching the two SI videos you made two years ago (2017) last night. It hurts walking and sitting/driving, going up stairs, and some other times. Iโ€™m trying to take notes to look for patterns. My PT recently said this could be the issue or my QL. This is the same area Iโ€™ve been pointing to for weeks. I hope it can get better because itโ€™s very uncomfortable (sleeping sometimes too). Iโ€™m sending this to my PT. An injection sounds scary and expensive. Are the injections temporary relief? That cross over stretch hurts too. It burns when I do yoga. The other side is just tight.

    My PT also thinks my spine might not be aligned which makes me nervous too. Thanks again for the timing for this video.

    Hope everyoneโ€™s pain goes away ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I wish you had done this 2 1/2 years ago before my spinal surgeon made me have SIJ injections and it turns out i have lumbar scoliosis/spondy/stenosis etc because he poked me in the SIJ as you demonstrated and i shot across the room. If he'd had done the other diagnostics you demonstrated he'd have known it was not my SIJ alone and saved me from the injection, which let me tell anyone who is planning on having it, it is TERRIBLE. ASK FOR SEDATION!!

  18. I had an injection into my si joint and the sciatic nerve. The injection in my si joint helped alot more. But i still have been suffering from the pain for 2 years. Im 22 years old and weigh 175 lbs. Ive changed my diet, started strengthening my glutes and core and ive had some improvement.

  19. Thanks – after years of thinking I had sciatica it looks like it may actually be an SI problem. Happens about twice a year normally when bending & feels like a bang followed by intense pain. I can easily feel the lump exactly where you indicated. Do you provide online consultation (I suspect not but it would be terrific if you did)?

  20. I though I had a problem with a disk but the more and more I read and look at pictures and prod myself, I think SI is my problem as well. I dont know why but when I lay on my back and relax and let my feet and legs just rest sorta, my right foot over rotates to the right while my left foots almost sticks straight up vertical. I was guessing tight hit flexor since I weed eat all day, maybe I just over working some muscle groups while less used muscles are picking up the extra slack. I know nothing though, just youtube and google image certified haha

  21. I recently seen Dr for lower back pain. Long story short the X Ray showed issues with l5 and Si. I got a hard lump to the right of the very bottom of spine, in the top of buttock area. It hurts like heck I i push on it and my pain goes down the right buttock and at times the front of my right thigh. I been to chiropractor 5 times now and he puts a device directly on that lump and it's like a mini jackhammer, hurts like heck when he does it. Should I continue with this treatment?, or stop. Thanks for the video, it couldn't have come out at a better time for me.

  22. The SI joints and all the ligaments around it down to my tailbone hurt. It's focused on that bump and I have to massage all around it. I think it's a result of years of weak abdomen muscles.

  23. Hey Bob and Brad! Greetings from Sweden! You've been a huge help to me I'm so glad I found you guys. Since I moved to a new town I've yet to find a good physical therapist but your videos have been a huge help and motivation in finding good exercises for my fibromyalgia and joint pain. It means a lot. Thank you!

  24. What exercises for core/abdominal areas would be safe? believe had a lumbar block for this issue, best ever! but after doing even gentle exercising for only a week,,,the SI areas gets inflamed

  25. When I was pregnant and miserable with SI pain my OB did not believe me and she and my PT both said NO belt. I bought a $50 Serola SI belt anyway and was able to cope far better. Good video

  26. i do have pain frequently near my sacrum but it happens when i have fevers, tiredness, and hunger. it feels like the sacrum โ€˜give outโ€™ first whenever i donโ€™t feel well

  27. 24 with L5/S1 spinal fusion. I tripped and caught myself by jamming my SI joint with my legs locked out. Lord help me. Iโ€™m in immense and chronic pain:(

  28. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do video on releasing QL muscle release. Iโ€™ve had chronic back pain for 2 years and I had an epiphany yesterday in realising that the QL is my problem.
    I get a constant niggle, gnaw feeling in the rhs of my lower back between my spine and right pelvic bone and it feels good to press my thumb really are into the area. Also if I lie down and raise my left leg or if I bend over I get a punching/tug feeling just above my right pelvic bone.

  29. I had movement of the SI, I would feel it adjusting after a few hours of activity. I would like on my bed, raise the feet part and it would adjust my back right in that spot, on my left. Most of my joints are double jointed, though I've never dislocated anything. So I eventually got an SI joint pain shot and it helped me a lot, I was able to start being able to sit again.

  30. What happens if you get pain in the area from having pressure along the belt area. I hurt in that spot but the pain seems to radiate up the same side of my back. Can SI pain radiate upward as well?

  31. All those ligaments soften up and stretch when some women are pregnant because their pelvis gets wider to accommodate the baby.

  32. I'm a 69 year old male. Had bilateral hip replacement about 10 years back. I cannot do the figure 4, but there have been times, twice in fact, where I get excruciating pain in that particular pointed area. Those times the pain has been so intense that it's unbearable, and I get to the point of blacking out (faint) since the pain is so strong. When I get those episodes, I can't put any pressure on that leg (left) that area hurts so much. I don't know if it's S.I. or Sciatica. It takes days to go away. During the episode I need a walker or a cane. Thank you for all your great videos. I heard you mention Liz. I hope she's doing better. Jose

  33. Love you guys! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜thank you for another useful vid! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸปFrom a fan in Scotland ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

  34. Like a nail, just off center. Oy! Your exercises helped. Occasional muscle relaxants help. Swimming, yoga, inversion all help. Most relief came from a new mattress! Whether it is because the foam does not transfer husband's Jimmy Leg and I am sleeping, better pillow arrangement, etc, SI is slowly but surely better. But… now I can tell how tight my hamstrings to arches are. Work it! Never give up!

  35. I have frequent low back pain in the low spine joints, just at the hip area or right above the hip area. I will have intence, sharp, lightning strikes in these low joints in my spine & i will also have these strikes shooting upwards once in awhile. I will have these strikes in my hips & hip joints (S.I. joints) as well & sometimes these strikes will shoot down my legs.

    2 yrs ago i had injection shots in both S.I. joints. & low back joints & i did not know any back pain or joint pain of any kind for 3 months. I till suffer from these pains & strikes frequently from a pain scale of 1 to 15! Sometimes when im hurting real bad, i walk really slow like an 80 somithing yr old old man. each step & movement is very painful. These strikes have a mind of their own & can & do hit anytime day or night, sitting, laying down, walking, & sometikes they'll hit me when i am driving. i am on gabupentin neve pain pills twice a day & other pain killers to.Sometimes these pains will bring me down to my knees!!!

  36. I been having lower back pain on the left side for roughly 2/3 years beginning at 17. Some days i dont feel anything, some days it's subtle, other it's worse. Thought it was a herniated disc, but i think this is the cause

  37. Gosh, I went to an orthopedic doctor with pain in that area and he didnโ€™t do any of these tests. He just took an X-ray, said I had a little arthritis in my lower back.

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