I’m feeling brain dead, I’m in a different dimension It’s like my brain cells have no connection With no control over mind or matter, the mind warps and becomes fractured this migraine floods my brain I feel it burning like I’m smothered in butane it’s like gravity drifts away, followed by feelings fleeing from their hiding place anger, sadness and sorrow confusion runs through my bone marrow the mind tricks, words mix and emotions flip it’s unpredictable what my brain summons next I feel my brain cells disconnect, I’m a fucking wreck, don’t even try to speak the brain burns and weeps and emotions peak I’ve got bright lights in a dark room and slurred speech the mind repeats, the mind repeats, the mind repeats no wonder so many fucks think that I’m off-beat tortured and tormented, head’s demented and thoughts fly-by at a million miles a second I put my nose to the grind stone, in different time zones, I’m flying blind and fucked as Vincent Van Gogh with not the slightest bit of quid-pro-quo, although I’m thankful I’m a freak show migraine this migraine is brain damage, it’s a brain haemorrhage a mental miscarriage, it’s worse than marriage now I don’t know if I can manage this lack of oxygen flow to my head that’s manic and savage my brain turns to cabbage ringa ringa roses, a pocket full of pussy Mr Mistofelees, don’t make me break your knees, while I recite my ABC’s A B C D E F… L M N O P It hurts to breathe, your brains chattin’ shit and just won’t sleep and you can’t fuckin’ eat I’m thinking of random shit, like little Bo-Peep rounding up sheep while I’m down in a well with Adele in the deep Come on Adele let’s roll deeper, and down the rabbit hole we go at high speed like heat seekers I think I see the grim reaper, he’s a top bloke, a true creeper alright lad let’s share a beer, we left and we went to the docks and we hung out like chandeliers It’s like Ow, Ow, my head hurts and every time I think of something different my mind jerks It’s like me brain don’t work, or I’ve severed my spine trying to twerk migraine This migraine is brain damage, it’s a brain haemorrhage, a mental… I’ve already done this fucking verse I fell down some stairs as a baby, lately my minds processing words quite sedately migraine, this shit is stronger than cocaine, if you don’t get them don’t complain it makes my spine jerk, my minds crawling out of the woodwork and I can’t figure out why I have a quirk It’s like okie dokey lemon smokey, let’s all do the hokey cokey Do you like your whiskey oaky, your cigarettes smokey and your egg whites yolky? Ha, it’s a sick joke, it’s like my minds trying to provoke a stroke and it revokes so I’m left like an artichoke all in a vegetative state, no wonder so many fucks think that I’m irate sorry, really I’m so sorry I never meant to run you and your boyfriend over with that lorry sometimes I make myself say golly and god damn it Nathan, bring back the mother fuckin’ beat I’m just bones and meat, how the fuck am I so ill where I can’t even speak I feel a pain coming to my eye, excuse me Jimi while I kiss the sky It’s like migraine Charles! hee hee, shamone Yeah shut that fucking shit off before you give me migraine

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