Introducing the Needle Driver from Jagwire. Delicate brass fittings shouldn’d be installed using a hammer. This
simple-to-use tool that cleanly, gently installs the hose fitting. A magnetically secured, double ended driver can
be switched to work with either standard or torx needles. Insert the hose and close the clamp securing the hose. Then turn the handle gently driving the fitting in to the hose. A clean, flush installation means optimal brake performance. If the hose clamp tension needs to be adjusted,
just tighten or losen the adjustment bold with a 3mm hex wrench.

2 thoughts on “Jagwire Needle Driver”

  1. You would have thought the company that makes the product would have put a bit more thought in to this video on how to use the tool:

    there are two marks on the side of the tool, a 4 and a 0 – what do they mean?

    What approx clamping tension is correct?

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