Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist in
this video I’m going to be talking to you about the jaw and I’m gonna be
showing you ways of mobilizing it and massaging it yourself so if you’re
getting any of these TMJ type pains like jaw pain or your you’ve got neck and
shoulder issues that seem to be really persistent then treating the jaw is a
really good way of of releasing a lot of these pains now the jaw is quite
intricately connected with what goes on in your neck and shoulders so it’s it’s
a part of the puzzle with neck and shoulder pain that is missed by some
practitioners so to work on this jaw were actually just going to use our
fingers we won’t be using any tools at all for this so begin by placing your
fingers just on the joint of your jaw here so where where you feel the
movement is so that’s where I want you to find those sort of meaty muscles that
are around that area so you if you poke around a little bit you’ll feel the most
intense parts and the most areas that give you the most intense sensation is
where you want to hold so you’re just pressing into those points and just
exploring through the jaw so I’ll turn slightly to the side here so you can see
more easily now you don’t need a lot of pressure for this just needs to be
gentle pressure and then what I want you to do is explore just around the the
back of the jaw here now if you poked in just under the ear you’ll find some
quite intense sensations there so just want you to hold a finger in there you
might feel pain referring into your head into your face that means that you’ve
got some good spots there okay so once you’ve spent a good couple
of minutes exploring through all those areas that I just explained we can start
to do some stretches and some some a meaty muscle energy technique work on
the jaw so to begin with let’s um let’s stretch the jaw sideways so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna move that door to the side and then we’re going to
resist with a counter force against our hand so pushing the jaw to the side and
then pushing it back against our hands gently and then for about three to five
seconds and then just relaxing and allowing the jaw to migrate further to
that side so pushing the jaw to the side and we resist and relax now you want to
do that for a couple of a couple two to three times each side so we do it on the
other side as well so pushing the jaw to the side resist and relax and the jaw will already start
to feel a little bit looser now the next thing we’re gonna do is opening up the
mouth as wide as we can and then placing the hand on the chin you can put it in
your mouth if you really want to get a good grip placing the hands on the chin
and now resist against the force of the hand and then relax allow the tool to
open up and again you can do this for two to two three times and at the end of
this sequence you’ll really start to feel like your jaw has loosened up and
that will affect your whole neck and shoulders

81 thoughts on “Jaw Pain Relief (TMJ Treatment) – Melbourne Myotherapist”

  1. Another great video! Quick question, sometimes I pull a muscle under my jaw when yawning or simply opening my mouth and it's extremely painful. Will this help?

  2. I have RA,OA & Fybromalgia,& wear full set of dentures. When my Jaw has inflammation. & I can't open my mouth to even get finger in to take teeth out. These excersise has helped me tremdously. Thanks!!

  3. The right side of my jaw pops in and put of place slightly, but after following along with this videos it didn't pop as much. If that makes any sense. Some muscle pain in the left side is relieved as well!

  4. I went to physical therapy and I was told to not open my mouth very wide not even to yawn….because that will Make my pain worse

  5. I fell off my stupid bike and fell onto another bike’s handle bar. I was like owww! I’m dying! And now when I lift my head up and turn it to my right a little it hurts, to make it worse, I got a cut plz help me.

  6. Hi.. i have a popping jaw. Like while yawning, eating, my jaw joint of only right side makes a loud sound or gets locked that I can't open my mouth properly… will this help…

  7. My pain frim the left side goes to my head , i am quite stressed coz its quite painful , i have been suffering from it since more than 4 years i really need help …. this happened to me when i chewed a lot of chewing gum while lying down and chewing on that side of my face which was down or i can say the side touching the bed …. i hope you get what i am saying

  8. I never realised that my endless neck and shoulder pain is related to tmj. Going to practise these exercises. Thanks a lot!

  9. I had much more pain in my jaw after doing this exercise. Not sure if I will try them again since my pain in neck and jaw is constant. MRI for my jaw came back normal but have stenosis in my neck. I was punched twice in my jaw more than one year ago.

  10. I had found this TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it), after applied it for couple days. The outcome was remarkable since then I was able to sleep soundly, the swelling in my face has lessened to undetectable levels and the discomfort was vanished. I`m very grateful. My entire life has not been this full of pleasure..

  11. Opening your mouth as far as you can is the last thing you're supposed to do you moron.


  13. It’s went a bit better I can tell. But not fully, I’ll try do it lots to see if it’s improving it’s recover.

  14. My doctor made a diagnosis based on my symptoms naming it TMJ and that he explained to read TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it). I follow his recommendation and started to read the manual for 11 days and it has been effective. I experienced comfort of pain due to its distinct methods. I`m now pain free from the face and jaw..

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  21. I highly recommend this TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it) to all of my patients who`ve got TMJ . I must inform you that almost all my own patients come back astonished with how much greater they feel by following the instructions in this program. I have found this program to be way more valuable than all the material I`ve gathered..

  22. I really wasn't expecting g this to work but I gave it a try and I'm really glad I did, it works and now my jaw feels better, thank you Dom McKay

  23. I unintentionally stumbled upon TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it) when I was battling with facial pain and TMJ. Since then I have been using this TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” for more than 12 days now and it also gave great results. It made sleeping really comfortable since the pain in my face and jaw has been relieved..

  24. thanks.. i have jaw pain and hard to eat so pain.. and i saw this.. and it really helps and get rid of pain,, thank you

  25. This isn’t the first time this jaw pain has happened. It’s more of like, my mouth wont open wide type thing. It feels like something is pushing it down when I open it. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the wisdom tooth growing back in there, but it’s super annoying.

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