Jennifer: On a day-to-day basis I was experiencing
chronic pain, chronic migraine, all day, 24/7. I’d wake up with one. I’d go to bed with one,
and it would never go away. I tried everything from acupuncture, a chiropractor, nerve blocks,
spinal tap, and there was no relief with anything. Speaker 2: When Jennifer first came in she
was 17 years old, had been totally debilitated by her headaches, had been basically house
bound with house school, hadn’t been able to all the normal stuff teenage girls do surrounding
high school just with chronic daily pain. We talked, decided she was a good candidate
for the trial. Then when we did the trial, when she came back several days later she
had been almost essentially pain free from the time we put the trial in to when she came
in to take the trial out. Jennifer: The five years I experienced chronic
daily migraines I was completely limited. I couldn’t do anything, stuck at home, dark
bedroom, cold room, the typical I’ve got a migraine don’t talk to me, irritability, everything.
Speaker 2: We’ve been using the stimulators for chronic back pain for 30 years or so,
and Dr. Reed decided one day somebody with headaches to try and putting the stimulator
over the peripheral nerves that supply, around that scalp. The patient had really good relief
and that’s how it got started. Now to have a procedure that gives people either complete
relief or 80% to 90% relief, that was real dramatic. Just the stories you get back from
patients was what makes it worthwhile. Jennifer: I can do anything. I feel like I
can experience anything. My pain isn’t hold me back. I’m
going to school, experiencing life to the fullest as where I wasn’t before. The neuro
stimulator completely gave me my life back. My life has completely changed. I’ve done
a 180, and I feel that I can experience anything because I’m pain free.

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  1. Wow!!! I have had migraines for 28 years and right above my eyebrows and back of head. Nothing has worled. Is this still a trial program?

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