100 thoughts on “Jon Pardi – “Heartache Medication” (Official Music Video)”

  1. Country is not a sound but a Feeling! So if you ain't Feeling it you ain't got it. This guy has it soul deep cant hide the truth it's in our blood. Keep stompin Jon you show em what Country's all about keep shining.🤩🤩🤩👌🍻🙌🤠😍

  2. Concert in Phoenix AZ, my sister is lucky to go. I asked her if shes gonna dress up since its Halloween. She says I'm going as Jon Pardi 😂

  3. I LOVE THIS SONG…..but why not here I go again I’m drinkin one I’m drinkin ten….. again and ten kinda rhyme….again and two sounds a little off but AMAZING SONG!


  5. Hey 2019 21 and under new country listeners..this is real country we had up until this decade..Stop trying to screw it up wanting hip hop beats and singers looking like they doing a GAP commercial wearing skinny jeans & spiked up moussed hair & bedazzled shirts🙄 If most modern country sounded like this no one would be complaining. Cowboy boots cowboy hats steel guitar voilins and a guy that actually can play a guitar.

  6. I love you my name is maya i live in ronoke but pop music SUCKS i know you dont have much time butt please read this it is almost my 11 birthday thank you for saving country music i love you…..

  7. I am not a huge country fan, but I can relate to this guy in sooo many ways. I could out drink him with the sorrows I've caused. Let's leave it at that.

  8. Hi again! Me the bartender ok. I hope that everytime I play you you don't say damn woman why are you obsessed with my wino song!!!! Its a bit frivolous but Mexican Marilyn Monroe loves this bob!!!!!

  9. Can't stop listening to this song!!!!! Remember when we first saw Jon, at our local Berlin Fair, and to see him become so successful , is just so great !!!! LOVE his music!!!!

  10. He’s one of the few that puts out real country. Really enjoy his music. Also, it’s very refreshing and it puts me in a time warp back to 90s.

  11. Pros and cons about this song:
    Cons: When the song ends.
    I can ONLY hit the like button once.
    For every time I watch it, it only counts as one view(I think)

    Pros: Damn good song.
    Great beat and lyrics.
    He's restored my faith in GOOD country music.
    On that note, it's a damn good retreat from this "country" crap of today.
    I can hit the replay button when it ends.
    I can REPEATEDLY hit the replay button when it ends.

  12. Good song! Probably one of the best and most country-sounding Country songs in the past couple years. I’d say Jon Pardi is my favorite of country singers that were new to mainstream country music in the 2010s.

  13. I just heard this on the radio and thought it was an older country song! I would say they dont make them like this anymore, but Jon Pardi does!

  14. I'm currently enrolled in high school.
    The summer of 2019 I spent trying to get to know a girl who u fell for. She in the end didn't love me back and that killed me. I went to the movies went to her BD party and various other things and despite how sweet and caring I was for her,I just wasn't enough for her.
    To top it all off when the homecoming dance came up I asked if she wanted to go with me and she said no and said that she wanted to go alone cause she wasn't ready for that. She then asks a guy who I knew to the slightest bit to go to the dance with her. To sum this up she was someone I shouldn't have given the time of day for.

  15. Its do true im trying to get over the best thing that ever happened to me one drink after another and women at the bar don’t understand why i am always down for a good time

  16. Jon has done it again, it's taken a few years but we know a break through artist when we hear it, keep it up Jon we have your back all the way !

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