Hi I I am Julie Silver and I am a nutritional
therapist and natural health consultant, and I am 50 years old and I had my first cosmetic
acupuncture treatment from Jacina today. I didnÕt know what to expect. I have had acupuncture
in the past and it is great that she only does the face, or around the face, so you
donÕt have to take your clothes off. I know the benefits of acupuncture. The face which
has got all the points on it I could really feel the energy and I could even see colours
which I canÕt do with any other treatment. So I know there was something going on and
a lot of great energy moving around the body, you think that on your face is just for your
face but actually it benefits your whole body and makes you look good too. So anything that
can make you look better, younger is an absolute bonus. I would definitely recommend it to
anybody that wants to improve their health and look better too. Jacina: so if you are ok we will just try
and do some breathing together because it is just a bit easier I just try and do them all as quickly as possible,
they are a bit intense when they first go in but then it just eases off after a couple
of minutes. You have great skin I canÕt believe you are 50!

1 thought on “Julie Silver Testimonial for first time treatment facial acupuncture”

  1. I really felt amazing after this treatment and a friend noticed an improvement in how I looked afterwards. I would recommend this to others who want to improve their health and look more youthful at the same time 👌😁🧚‍♀️💖✨

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