Come here Look This is just a baby, why would you put a rope around his neck If I or anyone else didn’t find him, he would grow with this rope around his neck he would become just like “DELAVAR” This rope is too tight for his neck and when he grows, his neck will grow bigger. And this rope will go into his flesh Don’t do this please Why would you do this to there poor animals? Unfortunately most the villagers do this. All the misery you are in is because of your deeds toward animals. This is Karma You kill these animals, torture them, and then something bad happens to you. And you have no idea where did that come from. You will get what you deserve upon your deeds, because our actions has consequences. Don’t abuse animals, Be kind to them. They are God’s creatures as well as us. You have to change yourself in a good way so good things happen to you.

100 thoughts on “Karma! No doubt inflicting harm and pain on others will not stay unanswered”

  1. I would like to know what happened to the brown dog that a man kept on beating can you tell me if that evil man went to prison ??

  2. I would like to know did u save any of the puppies in video mum and the 7 ones or the 3 on end as I know u couldn't saved the one killed by shovel why does people are not in prison why are allowed do that of the most terrifying videos I had to watch same as the ones in China but I know it's only 3 procent the poorest who are still using dog cat as food and I also know mentalities are changing and the new middle generation reject this same as south hsi for updates and Soi dog see how many farms are beeing closen..people are rejecting the iddea based on cruelty can anybody watch this not help ..what kind of people are living in there ..I love animals with all my heart I will never understand why would anybody in hell wants hurt them..I had a disagreement with an idiot doing fox hunting trying get convince me are vermin after I explained him it's just a term invented by people like them he kinda run away ..some people feel brave when they inflict pain in other beeings I think those people are dangerous should be locked out

  3. How stuped there people who beat cruly dogs shame on such human and govarnament go to hell . leave live thiese poor street dogs.

  4. Usually, I don't like dogs. However, I love all animals and their right to exist in the world. There's much we can learn from them as well. It really sickens me when I see the harm a human inflicts upon harmless animals by neglect. It is better to let the animal face it's chances in life by setting it free. I commend this gentleman for giving aid to these creatures. He is very kind. In America, I see many people having dogs as family members, taking them to spas for Peticures and massages, paying for expensive surgeries for them, etc. Police have used dogs to intimidate and inflict harm on my people during the 1960's. That is mainly why I don't fancy dogs as pets. Yet, I don't enjoy seeing people harming and slaughtering them. I don't enjoy seeing people pampering them with costly extravagance. Diamond encrusted dog collars, etc.

  5. I started to shake and cry when I saw how he trew the dog and hit it againt's the truck these people are so dumb aghhhh.

  6. It was Soo hard to watch that video of a man in the blue truck beating that poor dog … I was filled with anger and saddnes ….I'm so hurt ….. I can't believe what I saw ….. I'm just so hurt by that wow

  7. Frick those people who wanna beat up those poor animals 1 like = the people who abused those poor dogs to get punched in the throat

  8. You r soo right. Karma will get us if we don't care for our nature and it's beings. You have recorded some scenes which are such serious consequences and yet we never see them happening when it comes to them. I am soo angry with these kind of people. They don't deserve mercy from God

  9. Sorry your Latz people are sick and cruel.No wuder that there is no peace in you. You are just hope.
    God bless you

  10. Flatter thyself much?!? You are NOT God dude. I certainly can understand and appreciate helping animals but this this dude is a bit too FULL of HIMSELF and sounds like a complete swindler.

  11. look at that dirty ass holes behind hurting animals. Idiots sick people, Why are they hurting them, what have they done. khoda laanatetan kone ahrimanha

  12. Thank you for being kind and not cruel like those other mean hateful people life will give them what they deserve for being so cruel to animals one day!

  13. Absolutely heart wrenching. The abuse clips at the end had me shaking and tearing up. Disgusting that we as humans can do this.

  14. Thank you for saving these poor animals. God bless you MrSezar. Sure when you abuse animals God will not let injustice to them. You will reap Wat you sow

  15. das hat mit bestimte dorf, oder staat nicht zutun das ist Armut mentalitätet islamismus und good gelaube zwingen nicht andre menschen was nicht gut getan, versuchen sie Selbs verbesern wenn millionen getan haben sagen sie auch nicht andre, das ist iohre aufgaben fröhe verstand haben gezwingen poblikum, verschämen andre menschen, was sie getan haben bedutet auch nicht danke eine lebende leben gerätet haben!Karma! No doubt inflicting harm and pain on others will not stay unanswered

  16. Good man! I didn't know who Delavar is… I just found out. FUCK! I can't see people doing that to dogs. My dog is my daughter- we only have each other, and she is going blind. I would literally kill someone if they did that to my dog.

  17. I know this is extremely sad and disgusting, but you gotta remember other animals are treated this way as well, especially at slaughter houses and rodeos.

  18. Why do they video tape this carp if u are video taping you are more stupid and mentally ill than the people doing it if I saw an animal abuser I I would go beat his ass and torture him like he tortures the animals you guys are rubbish

  19. Aww, that was so hard to watch I lost my breath several times while watching, These people shouldn't have pets if their like that.Tempers r a bad thing n can make some people do things they regret n then there r just cruel people, like these men. I wish that dog would have just ran away but he went in the truck twice, I was no no just run away! I wouldn't be able to control myself if I walked into a scene like that, I couldn't believe those 2 men just watching SO i figured they were just as cruel! Can I ask what Country u r from?

  20. حسبي الله منكم يا ايرانين عمي بري منك ال محمد وفاطمة الزهراء وامرالمؤمنين وبا الفضل هو هيجي شيعت علي ع

  21. Thank you for helping. I figured there would be laws there by now against animal abuse!!! We have to get together and talk, no scream for these animals! If we don't, this will continue and never end. Just like babies. They can't speak and we don't know what happens in those houses. But like they say here in New York, if you see something ( neglect or abuse on any animal) say something, PLEASE!!!

  22. I’ll pause the video when the footage show sick evil torture and kill the dog.this is so cruel and sicks.i agreed with you,to the all animal abuser out there,karma will find will die in horrible condition.i can’t keep playing this video until end ???

  23. I sm completely in tears and my heart is full of hate towards all those inhumane ignorant bastards that lack of humanity there is no justification of this cruel treatment towards animals specially dogs this is pure evil!! Karma will get those monsters but if you see an animal in this circumstances please help them from this cruel treatment

  24. Какие страшные и жёсткие кадры вы показали!!!!… спасибо вам за ваше доброе сердце и ваши действия к улучшению ситуации в спасении животных в вашей стране !… пусть ваш мир будет счастливым!!!! С уважением к вам!!!

  25. γαμω τα σπιτια σας εσεις που κακοποιειτε τα ζωντανα ,θα σας σκοτωνα ευχαριστως!

  26. You're a good man Sezar! Saving these poor defenceless creatures but I am enraged by the insane inhumane actions by these mother fuckin idiots, would love to struck these fuckin idiots cranium with a sledge hammer ?, my gut feeling is like telling me if these fuckers didn't even have any compassion so why would I be treating them the same. Damn it I am so Fuckin Pissed!

  27. Fucking EVIL Bastards, I wish all those people in this video a very painful and slow death. and KARMA Does its worst to them…. Scum they are.

  28. خدایا خدایا زمین پر از انسانهای شیطان صفت است . خدایا خدایا ای عادل ای رحمان ، آنها را پاداشی جز افتادن در آتش جاودانی خود مده .

  29. I call forth all the perfect Power of my LIVING GOD to convict them in ur video… May every bit of pain they inflict on GOD given animals, they will feel it & their children & on thru the generations!!! So be it…

  30. If any of you Love these animal's than start to fast for them. Fasting is another way of Paying back, or help in the spiritual world. Get in deep, operate behind the scenes. It does wonders… with prayer. Especially for a specific situation.

  31. Stop treating some people like murderers, they did NOT put the rope intentionally, if they did they wud abuse the dog by killing it or taking it to do bad things, they were naive and misinformed, even uneducated, but not murderers, stop sucking up to Western white people. Fact is not everybody in the world likes dogss as they deem the dirty, having sex with siblings, sister, brothers, fathers, mothers etc, they lick backside of their mating partners etc so not everybody sees dogs as clean dignified animals, but it does not meann they abuse them.

  32. Where is that hanging dogs/mother/puppies from? did that happen in Iran? thats sick! hope the culprits were caught!

  33. واااای خدا اون یارو نیسانیه چکار داره میکنه با اون سگ،مگه داریم اینقد بی وجدان ،مگه داریم اینقد بی شرف،من ندیده بودم اون فیلمو تا حالا،با اینکه تصویرش کوچیک بود و بدون صدا من بسختی نگاه میکردم،وای خدایا خودت به اینا رحم کن،جان مادراتون،تورو به هر خدا و هر دینی که دارید با اینا خوب باشید،لااقل بذارید زندگیشونو بکنن،

  34. Terrible, shocking pictures! All these sadistic pigs are paying dearly for these horrors they do to animals when they least expect it….and SO BE IT! ???
    Beautiful man Hosein, thank you soooo much with all my heart for saving these gorgeous dogs. You are an angel walking amongst us. God bless you all over and over again. Love your honest, sincere dedication, the passion and your anger in your beautiful heart. ???✨⭐️?✨❤️?❤️?

  35. لعنت به ادم هایی که حیوون های بی گناه و پاک رو اذیت میکنند به خصوص سگ که انقدر فهم و شعور داره. اقای محمدی درود خدا به شرف و ذاتت،دستت رو میبوسم،

  36. Tof be ghabre har chi heyvanazare. Ensanhayee ke az heyvan heyvantaran, Ashghal on posht dare ba bil mizane be sag, engar sage erse pedare pofiuzesho khorde. Lanat be in melate bi farhang


  38. 殺す動物した人間は、まったくお金が入らないから地獄ばかりで、貧乏人で、すぐに病気になる人間になります長生きしない人間になります、残酷した人間は、地獄になるでしょう

  39. وای خدا خدا ??? عذاب خدا نصیب شون بشه ایشاله ….انگار قصابی باز کردند اشغال جانی …بخدا اونقدر مطمن هستم الان زندگی این مردان پر از بدبختی و عذاب هستش ….100در 100مطمن هستم??


  41. Oh God..I am so sad seeing these poor dogs being hunged, beaten and killed. I want these bastards arrested and beaten to death. Please Lord help these defenseless animals??

  42. Dear Sezar, this video I just watched was very disturbing. Please give me an update on how did you get the video? And did you catch the basterds who beat, hunged..these poor dogs? I saw a few in a ditch..what was that all about?

  43. To all the people who truly save them, God bless you and thank you for your kindness and love!!! The world needs more people like you in it, again God bless!!!

  44. Yes! Were is civil courage? Not many like you care or even if, act. Abusing bastards need to be severely punished.

  45. these old, ugly, cruel, sadistic men need to cut off their hands, chop them off, and still hit the head hard with an a

  46. حرف حساب میزنی هیچ مشکلی هم نیست رک و راست بگو ما به حیوانات هیچ رحمی نداریم دمت گرم و عمرت طولانی

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