– So earlier this week I dedicated an entire hour to my
Good Neighbor campaign. (upbeat music) ♪ Good, good, so good. ♪ ♪ Good neighbor. ♪ – There’s a reason this
campaign is important to me. It’s not just about talking
to strangers or being polite, it’s about showing up when your community needs you the most. That’s something my next
guests fully appreciate. A few weeks ago, they experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when their six year old son disappeared along with his best
friend, his dog Remington. But this story has a happy ending thanks to an army of good neighbors. Here to share it are
parents Dan and Sheri, along with good neighbor Steve, just one of the many volunteers that day. (applause) How did your son go missing? – It happened after school. He was getting off the bus and he’s the youngest
of our three children. He’s the most outgoing. And we live in rural Minnesota. Out in the… We have 20 acres and we’re
surrounded by woods and corn. So, it’s real easy to get lost. – Yeah. – So they came into the house
and Remington went outside and Ethan just followed him, and then he just kept walking. So when the boys found
out that he was missing, then they called me right away and then I called Dan and we raced home. – As soon as she called me, I got home and as soon as
I pulled in the driveway I could see our older two boys and they were just pale white, and so I knew that something was wrong. So I grabbed them. We went through the house, we through our out buildings
and things like that and as soon as I did that I knew, for sure, I had to call 911. Did that, started searching some more, the police showed up and started to get a command center set up and it was amazing to see
the support immediately and how many people started to show up. – So many strangers got involved, not just first responders. This is the thing I love about this story. Just tons of normal
people just finding out that your son is lost and
wanting to help, right? – It was incredible, the number of people. The sheriff’s office put it on Twitter and on Facebook and
thousands of people heard. They started coming and coming. They had a command center in our yard. People started parking on the highway, out in our driveway and on the highway. – I was in the woods searching and when I came out and started
walking down the driveway and the first thing I could see was hundreds of people at a staging area waiting to get on buses and the Becker School District, they allowed numerous buses, and people donated their
time driving people out over. – [Kelly] What an amazing community. – And there was cars
lined up on the street as far as you could see, both ways, and when I saw that I just kind of stopped and my cousin that was with me just kind of put his arm on my shoulder. – Yeah. – And I just kind of looked
at him and I just kind of go, “I don’t know what to do or say.” – Whoo. I can’t imagine. Ian, I mean you’re little
one, what would you do? – Well, my grandma lives in Georgia and she has nowhere near 20 acres, but she does have some
woods in her backyard and I love riding my bike and her dogs follow me a lot. If I was out there, I really don’t know. My dog, Coco, he recently
passed away unfortunately, but he, I trusted him with my life, so I would have clung by the dog. – [Kelly] Yeah. I love that about dogs. I love my dogs. So Steve, how did you find
out Ethan was missing? – About 7:30 that night, as mentioned, I saw it on Twitter that the sheriff had put out a call for help. There was a missing child, and
if anybody could come help. I have a drone business and part of what I do
is thermal inspection. So I have a thermal camera on a drone inspecting buildings, other structures. I just immediately packed up
all my gear and drove over. You know, I had never met them. I didn’t know them, but I
just, there’s a missing child, I have a tool that can help, I gotta go. – You’re a great dude! (applause) You’re such a great man! Steve, you captured the moment
he was found on infrared. Let’s take a look at that
and tell us what’s going on. – [Steve] So, the field is light and then the darker spots are the people. The long, skinny one is Remington. And you can see how excited he was, running around there on the left. And they’re kind of making a path. There’s an irrigation path, which is the easiest place to walk. You can start to see some
of the other rescuers that were in the area. And this is muddy, heavy corn, they’re pushing through the corn stalks. You know, it’s tough going anywhere, moving through this area. – And scary at nighttime. Like, even, I mean… – [Dan] Low 30s. – Right. – I should say low 40s, upper 30s. – [Kelly] I mean, for a kid… Heck, I’m 37, I don’t want that. I don’t want to be in a cornfield. I’ve seen scary movies. (laughter) I don’t want to be in
no cornfield at night, stuck out there by myself. No. So Dan, you must have
been so relieved though, ’cause word traveled fast,
right, that they’d found… – Yes, I was in a complete
different area searching and as I was going along, all of a sudden I heard just
a person scream something. And I stopped and it was the
longest seconds of my life because I wasn’t sure
if he was alive or dead. – Yeah. Oh man. – I knew the scream
came from that direction and so I just took off running. And all of a sudden I could start to hear other people cheering and it started here, and then it was over here, and then here, and behind you and you
could hear it for miles. – [Sheri] You could hear it for miles. – [Dan] And it was like being
at a stadium or something, you know, if somebody scores
a touchdown or something, just the crowd erupts and it’s… – [Kelly] I mean, pure joy
from people finding him. Yeah. – [Dan] I don’t know how to explain it. – [Kelly] It’s the sound of
the best side of humanity. – Yes. (applause) – It’s the sound of really good humans. So Steve, you got the rescue on camera but you took another
dramatic picture that night. Explain the picture. – So when I put the drone up initially, with a regular camera, it’s just pure dark except
for maybe a few little flashes of flashlights going
through the cornfield. You can’t see anything. But then when I switched over to thermal, this image appeared, which
I just found so moving. – [Kelly] That’s a beautiful picture. What an amazing way technology can help us find the ones we love,
find the animals we love. Your job is amazing, what you do. Thank you for doing it. (applause) – We just heard from Steve, one of the complete strangers
who helped find Ethan. Sheri and Dan, there were
countless others, though, who made a difference,
right, in this search? – Yes. When I came out of the
woods and started, you know, going out to the staging
points and things like that, there was numerous
teachers from the schools, superintendents, principals, all those different
types of people like that gave up their night to
search for this little boy. I had a cousin that, once he found out, he drove for over three hours just to try to get here to help. – Aw. – [Dan] And some friends
that came into the house that were there for Sherry. And Alan, who was a person that I’ve known pretty much my entire life that, he was going through
the thickest underbrush and mud and all this kind of stuff, and the worst thing is that he has cancer and he’s going through radiation and all other types of things, but he gave up his night to come and look. And it didn’t matter how sick he was. – Okay, well. – [Sheri] Yep. – Okay. – And then another woman was Betty, she just had knee surgery
and her doctors told her to be taking it easy and staying off of it and she said, “We just have to go out. It’s like searching for your grandson.” – Okay. Everything’s fine. These are the nicest people. I’m gonna move to your town. (laughter) You have the nicest neighbors. So, two strangers who got involved were the volunteers who
actually found Ethan. Jared and Jesse are here with
us in the audience, y’all. (applause) So how did you all get
involved in this search? How did you hear about it? – So I was actually
sitting at home on Facebook and I saw the story that Ethan was missing come across my news feed. I’m a father myself. I have a seven year old, Jordan, and for me, it hit home really hard. – [Kelly] Of course. – At that point, I just decided that, I need to do something. I need to help. So that’s right when I
called my buddy, Jesse, to see if he could come as well. – When I got the phone call from Jared, I hadn’t heard anything
about this at this point, so when he told me, I was floored. I also have a twelve year old son, Owen. Right then and there, we’re both hunters. We packed up our hunting equipment. We were ready to go until six a.m. or ’til they were going to
kick us out of the field, and we headed out there, out to the field, where, when we were walking
through the field… – That’s when, we got about
halfway through the field, the line stopped. At that moment, the wind had died down. It had been windy all night
and raining off and on. – You said “raining off and on”? – Yeah, it was drizzling that night, too. – Oh. – So, it was cold and wet. But when the wind died,
for that split second, I heard a dog whining. So we kind of knew a general direction of where that was coming from. I mean, as you can imagine, he’s a little bit quicker than I am. – At that point, I took
off through the cornfield and I was beeline-ing it
until I saw this little boy. And my heart just fell out of me. And he looked up at me with these big eyes and a smile on his face, and he just looked right at
me and said, “You saved me.” (audience reacts) – Okay. (applause) That’s got to be,
especially being a daddy, that’s got to be… – It’s something that words can’t express. I picked the little boy up and it’s the closest thing to
pure joy that I’ve ever had. – So when you finally got… I’m just trying to clean up, y’all. Woo. I’m like “Clean up on aisle six.” (laughter) So when you finally got to Ethan, like, was that just, did like
all the emotions come out? ‘Cause I would… That’s what would happen with me. – They were driving us there and I didn’t even wait for the car to stop. I jumped out of the vehicle, I left Sheri and the
other two boys in the car and I sprinted to the ambulance. And the door was open, I jump inside and he’s cuddled
up in a little blanket, he’s got this big grin on his face. So I look at him and I’m like, “Buddy, what happened?” And he goes, “Oh, dad, I
got lost in the woods.” (laughter) – You think? – I’m like, “Yeah, buddy.” And then he instantly smiled again, and there was two ladies in the ambulance and he looks at both of them
and he goes, “I’m good now.” – Oh my gosh! – While I’m busy hugging the firefighters and crying and we’re all hugging. – [Kelly] Yes! What a beautiful ending! That could have, you know what I’m saying, it could have gone any number of ways. (applause) Well, we’ve been talking
about them the whole time, I think it’s time to finally meet them! Ethan and Remington, come on out here. (applause and cheering) Come here. Hi! Hello! Do you give hugs? Hi! You’re so adorable. You wanna sit by your mama? Look how cute you look! I want this outfit for my son. Which, by the way, my youngest
son’s name is Remington. (laughter) Funny enough. Do you want to say anything, though, to Jared and Jesse, Ethan? (laughter) He’s like, “No, I’m
good, I’m shy, I’m shy.” Well, I’m sure you already
said it when they found you. Did you say thank you? – Thank you. – Are you gonna go hug them? I saw you. Oh my god. He is adorable Oh my god. – Can I get a hug, too? (grunting) – Oh my gosh, I love it. You are such a cool dude. I’m so happy you had
Remington there with you. That’s good. I believe in a buddy system, in life.

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