Hey guys welcome to another video from
Rum Barber, today we are going to look at Keratin smoothing treatments. The
particular brand we are using today is KeraStraight and we want to see if these
treatments really benefit frizzy curly and unmanageable hair. This is our
customer Ross, and he’s growing his hair this is his hair lightly dried with the
hairdryer and what it looks like before he slicks it back with styling products
to control the curl and frizz. This is not a tutorial but we are going to go
through the process of the treatment to show you what’s involved to see if you
think the outcome is worth it. We start by shampooing hair twice with
the KeraStraight pre-treatment cleanser, we leave the second shampoo on the hair to
work for five minutes before rinsing. After towel drying the hair we return to
the chair and get ready to apply the pre-treatment spray, we apply this in
sections and comb through paying particular attention to the most
porous areas. Due to the repetitive nature of this whole treatment we will
speed up the applications and drying footage as we don’t want to put you to
sleep. Here we have the KS ultimate treatment
we prepare by emptying a bottle of the treatment into a bowl ready for the
application. Taking one-inch sections we apply the KS ultimate treatment to the
hair, we apply it close to but not directly onto the root and follow this
method until the whole hair is treated. When we are finished we take a plastic
cap and cover the hair to make sure the hair is kept damp and leave to process
for 45 minutes. After the processing time is complete we rinse the hair for 20
seconds, then gently squeeze out the excess moisture and apply the moisture
lock we comb this through and leave on the hair for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes
we rinse the hair for 20 to 30 seconds towel dry and then return to the chair.
Now we dry hair completely first by power drying and then by using
brushes to make sure the hair is a 100% dry When completely dry it is time to iron the
hair, with the iron set to 220 degrees we take one-inch sections and iron the hair
from the root to the tip ten times. We repeat this method throughout the hair
until all the hair is ironed. Now normally most clients would prefer
to go home at this point as you have to leave at 30 minutes before the first
shampoo and that would be the treatment over, but because we want to see the
outcome of the treatment for this video we waited the 30 minutes and did the
first shampoo in the shop. Now the first shampoo is out the way we
want to dry the hair with no brushes or styling products to see if Ross can just
lightly dry his hair every day and leave it. So, let’s see what happens. That’s the hair completely dry and it
looks excellent a huge difference from before. It was so easy to style and
there’s absolutely no frizz this treatment would be ideal for anyone
growing their hair or that has longer hair and has to use a lot of styling
products to control it. Please let us know what you think about this treatment
in the comments below or if you have any questions about it. Thanks for watching
and we’ll see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Keratin Smoothing / Straightening Treatment On Men’s Hair | Review”

  1. Much better before the treatment – and, he could get straight hair by just blow drying it and adding some antiFrizz, lol

  2. my hair is straight and smooth therefore i cant add volume to my hair. it wont stay. fallin down i couldnt control my hair and i couldnt do my favourite hairstyle too. is this treatment can fix my hair ?

  3. Question, if i don't want to get this treatment done and I have almost the same type of hair as this guy, if I use a conditioner with keratin like pantene, will it make my hair smoother and more defined?

  4. Wonderful video', partitions of hair was perfect 👑👑 I want to what are the possible side effects does it makes hair white ? what is the best keratin treatment (formaldehyde free)?

  5. If I get smoothning for my hair that are wavy, will after some months my hair will become extremely dry? And does this harm our hair and eyes?

  6. 1st , how much this cost ,
    2nd , is this kiratin treatment found in all barber shops
    3rd, how much it last before it returns to its original state
    4th , what if you have more frizzy and curly hair

  7. Is it true that you need to wait for 72 hours for you to wash the hair and cannot use any hair wax or gel?

  8. Hey thanks a lot for the video. I've been considering this over some time as I have uncontrolled, dry wavy hair . Again thank you sir!

  9. Most awaited video…thank you! 🌷 Easy ways to get the healthiest hair of your life on my channel

  10. Hello. I have a question. Is it possible to fix dry hair, by natural products? I have straight but dry hair. It's hard to comb it 🙁 .

  11. Hello, does the treatment only affect already existing hair or will it also affect the new growing hair?

  12. I got a keratin treatment once, was told not to wet it for 3 days following. My first full shower (with shampoo purchased from salon) my hair reverted back to being frizzy. Is this a problem with the product or is ginger hair more difficult?

  13. Great video, love your channel! Maybe I missed it, but what's the brand of this keratin treatment? Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  14. I just got a keratin treatment again after a year! Now I usually don’t style my hair but since it’s generally long are there any good styling products for hairs treated with keratin treatment?

  15. I love keratin treatment. I had it in December 2018, and now in Oct 2019 my hair is still pretty much silky smooth and sleek. Impressive !!

  16. That was awesome transformation…
    I wanted to get it done for my hair which looks same as earlier in video… any suggested locations in michigan metro Detroit area?

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