– You want to see something funny? – Mhm. Oh my gosh! (laughing) (cheerful music) – Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. What’s your name? – Justin. – Hi, Justin, I’m Gabriel. – Nice to meet you.
– Pleasure to meet you. What’s your name? – Gigi. – Gigi, that’s a great name. Nice to meet you. – Hi.
– Pleasure to meet you. – You have big hands. – Wanna compare? Wow. What do you think? – The muscles. – The muscles. Right? – Do you do wrestling? – I do not. – Oh.
– No, no wrestling. (laughing) Do you guys know what a bodybuilder is? – Someone that builds with their body. – That’s right. I train my muscles so that they are symmetrical
and proportionate and they look balanced and beautiful. – Hm. – You guys know what a pec pop is? – No.
– You ever heard of a pec pop? Pec pop?
– Nope. – How about now? Look at my chest, watch this. – What? – What is that? (laughing) Does that look gross? It looks cool, right? – No, it looks gross. – How long did it take
you to get those muscles? – 20 years. – Oooh. – I started working out
and training with weights when I was 16-years-old. – Sometimes when my dad is
exercising up in his room I come and exercise with him. – High five. You’re already on your
way to building muscle. Let’s see it. Oh my gosh! – What’s your least favorite exercise? – Like this, when you do a sit up. You sit up? – Oh yeah, I can’t do those. – They’re hard, huh? – Do you want me to show you how I do them.
– I would love to see you show me a sit up. – My gosh. – Are you ready? Let’s see what you can do. Boom, perfect crunch! – See?
– Perfect. – How much do you work out? – The truth is I only
train for about an hour two times a day, sometimes. I spend all my time in the kitchen eating. – (giggles) I always get hungry. Once I eat food, I ask
for more and never stop. (laughing) – You’ll make a great bodybuilder. – How much do you eat? – I eat at least six meals a day. (gasps)
Yeah. – What is your favorite food? – Sushi. – Sushi! – Yeah, I like sushi.
– I also like… – You like sushi? – Yeah.
– Awesome. – Is sushi good for bulking? – Good for bulking? Sushi, yeah, yeah. – What’s the weirdest
thing you ever eaten? – Every day I drink two
cups of raw egg whites. – Ew. Why? – Why? Egg whites are pure protein
and that helps build muscle. – I also eat eggs, but not raw. – Not raw? – What’s your biggest
weight that you’ve lifted? – I picked 700 pounds up off the ground. – Whoa. – I weigh 700 pounds? – Yeah.
– Nevermind. – Nevermind.
(laughing) – How much do you weigh? – I weigh 320 pounds. – Oh.
– What do you weigh? – 40. – It would take eight of
you to make one of me. – That’s weird. What size clothes do you wear? – A triple extra extra extra large. – Does your mom make your clothes? – She, yeah. She has. She’s made a few, yeah. Uh huh. But I have to have everything custom made or it has to stretch really well. – Have you ever been too
big to get in something? – Mhm. – What? – Rollercoaster. I was so upset. – Oh. – I couldn’t ride it, I was too big. You like roller coasters, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I fit in it. – How do you prepare for a competition? – I have to eat less food and I have to lift the
same amount of weight. – You’re like, ‘I’m starving.’ – I know, exactly like a zombie. – Have you ever won a competition? – Yes, I have, yeah. – What do you win? – Trophies, swords. – Swords? – Yeah, swords. – Did you bring the swords? – Did I bring a sword? I did bring a sword. (squealing) – Wow. – Want to stand up next to it? How tall is it? Same height as you. – Do you use this to cut things? – I haven’t yet, but
now that you mention it we might have to cut a cake
with or something, huh? That’d be neat. Wanna cut a cake?
– A cake? (laughing) – What do you think of this? – Oh, big!
– Isn’t that pretty neat? First place. – Yeah! (laughing) – Be careful with it. – Is this a statue of you? – Oh, nope. I think they modeled this
after Arnold Schwarzenegger. – Who’s Arnold Snortz-enegger? – Oh, wow. – Have you ever lost? – Yes, yes. I have lost, yup. – So, there’s a person that was bigger than you? – Ah, he wasn’t bigger, but he was leaner. – What’s your favorite part
of being a bodybuilder? – My favorite part would be
the structure and discipline that it has taught me for life in general. – So, it’s actually
helping you with life too? – That’s right. – What were you like as a kid? – I grew up tall and skinny and I wanted to be bigger and stronger, so that’s why I started bodybuilding. – What do you wish people
knew about bodybuilding? – I think cartoons tend
to give a depiction of us as being very angry people and
we couldn’t be more opposite. We’re completely peaceful (laughs). You have stuffed animals? Guess what? I do, too. I do.
(laughing) I have Care Bears. – A tough guy like you
has stuffed animals. – Should I not have teddy bears or should I… – Oh, yes, keep ’em.
– Keep ’em. – Can anyone become a bodybuilder? – Absolutely. – Hm, ’cause I wanna be
strong when I grow up. – I think that’s a great idea. – Can girls be bodybuilders? – My wife is a bodybuilder. – Really? – Yeah, she’s right there.
– Oh. – Yeah, girls can
definitely be bodybuilders. – Can you show me a bodybuilding pose? – Sure. Would you like to try one with me? – No.
– You sure? Boom! Yeah! Good job. (growling) That’s awesome. High five. Alright.
(laughing) – Are you strong enough to lift us? – I’m pretty sure. – I always wanted to break a bone, so if you drop me, I don’t care. – And one, two, up. (screaming) – Oh, dang, oh, dang, oh, dang. (growling)
– Yeah! – Am I heavy? – No. (growling) (yodeling) – I want to try to lift up you. (laughing) – Will you be a bodybuilder forever? – I will always lift
weights like a bodybuilder. – When you’re 90? – Yup. – How about 101? – Yup. – 102? – ‘Til the end, baby. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too, buddy. You take care.
– Okay. – Bye. – Bye. – I want you to scare her again. – Scare her again? – Ew! (laughing) – Thanks for watching
Kids Meet a Bodybuilder. If you want to learn more about me, check in the description box. If you want to see more
Kids meet, click right here, and to subscribe, click right here. – [Child] Ew! (laughing)

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  1. Honestly bodybuilders are the nicest people I’ve ever met. First time I went to the gym, they helped me correct my form and basically saved me from an insane injury. But it wasn’t humiliating at all. Now I train with them 3-4 times a week!

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