– I think I can see your beard. I see…
– You can see my beard? Oh no! (classical music) – Hi. – Hi, how are you?
– Good. – What’s your name?
– Mico. – Mico, I’m Isabella. What’s your name?
– Kristen. – Kristen? Nice to meet you, I’m Isabella. How are you doing?
– Good. – Good. Are you nervous?
– Yes. – How come? Do I look scary? Do you know what I am? No? I’m a drag queen. Have you ever heard of
a drag queen before? No? – What is a drag queen? – A drag queen is someone
who expresses themselves creatively through performance. So, dress up in wild costumes,
big wigs, crazy makeup, and then get on stage and
perform and entertain people. (laughing) – And I know why you’re
speaking like that. – Like what? – Like you look like you would
speak in a different way, but now you’re speaking different. So, now I know you’re a boy. – I’m a boy, you’re right. I’m a boy.
– Oh. – I’m a boy. – Wait, what? Wait, what? – You didn’t think I was a boy? You thought I was a girl? I am a boy.
– I’ve been thinking you were a boy. – How do you feel about that? – A little bit weirded out, but like… Like a little interesting. – Interesting? It’s a lot to think about. – Do you always dress up as a girl? – Not always, only when I’m performing. I usually live most of my
life in jeans and a tshirt and a backwards ball cap. – That’s really cool. So, you’re gay? – I am! Good question. (laughing)
– Did you curl your eyelashes? – I did, I used an eyelash curler. But yeah, your previous
question, I am gay. I came out of the closet
when I was 21 years old. – What’s comin’ out of a closet means? – Coming out of the closet
means when you tell everybody that you’re gay. It’s something that gay people have to do. – Do you have to be gay to do drag? – No, anybody can do drag. Drag is for anybody and everybody who wants to put on a fun costume and get up on stage and entertain people. Everybody should try drag at least once. It’s really fun. – Even kids? – Yeah, there’s actually quite a few kids that are starting to do drag. – Do dogs do drag? – Do dogs do drag? I mean, they can. You can dress a dog up in a dress and take him on stage with you. – So, why did you wanna
get to be a drag queen? – Why did I wanna be a drag queen? – Or what’s your inspiration? – Great questions. I first went and saw a drag show and thought it was really fun, and so I started playing
with makeup and wigs and costumes and things
and then started performing and just fell in love with performing. I love being on stage. I’ve been a singer my entire life. You like to sing? – Yeah. – What do you like to sing? – I like to sing Moana. – Moana? What about you, do you like to dance? – A little.
– A little? Just a little bee-boppin’. – I like to do this
dance called the floss. – What’s that? – Like this. – Oh, the backpack kid dance! (laughing)
Yeah! It’s called the floss? – Yeah, ’cause it looks like
you’re flossing your teeth. – Oh, I get it! I’m into it. – Where did you get this shirt, the shirt? – This dress? I had a designer make it for me. – What? – Yeah! – Is that a costume?
– It is. Everything that I wear
I refer to as a costume. – Like Halloween? – It’s kinda like Halloween every day. That’s what I get to do for
my job is Halloween every day. – Except the candy part, there’s no candy. – Sometimes there’s candy. – Are your eyelashes real or fake? – Oh, they’re definitely fake. I glued ’em onto my eye. – (groaning) Glue? – Yeah. – What about the gems over there? – I glued those on too. – What about the lipstick? – The lipstick I just painted on. – Paint? – Yeah, and then I tapped glitter into it. – Glitter? – Yeah, glitter.
(laughing) I like everything to sparkle a little bit. I say if you’re not
sparkling, you’re not trying. Right? Do you ever wear sparkly things? – Not really.
– Not really? How come you don’t wear anything sparkly? – Because I think some people
at school make fun of me. – Well, those people, their
opinions aren’t important. – Do people ever make fun of you? – When I was younger people
did, but that’s because, you know, kids do that. Kids can be mean. There’s been a few times
that I’ve encountered people that weren’t quite as nice and
were a little bit judgmental. – I know what to do.
– What? – I know what to do. Just don’t speak ’cause then
they think you’re, like, a real woman. – Don’t you think I should just be myself? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Do you ever wish you were a girl? – I don’t. I like being a boy, but I
enjoy dressing up like a girl. It’s really fun. – What does your family
think about your job? – You know, at first they
were a little unsure of it. They didn’t quite
understand what I was doing. But as they learned more,
they’ve opened up more to it. What would your family say
if you were a drag queen? – Get out of this house. – Really? – Uh, that’s what my dad would say. – Well, I… You know, you can change people’s minds. – Yeah. – I’m pretty much not weirded out now. – You’re not?
– Yeah, I’m comfortable. – Anybody can do anything they want. If they want to wear a dress, that’s fine. If they wanna wear pants…
– You just need to believe. – Yeah, yeah, just believe in it. – [Both] Thank you, Isabella. – Thank you, guys. It was great to meet you. It was so good to meet you. – Handshake?
– Yeah! (laughing)
I’ll see you later. – See you later. – I’m Isabella Extynn and thank you for watching
Kids Meet a Drag Queen. If you wanna know more about me, check down below in the description box and follow me on Instagram,
Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Christian Mingle, all of ’em. And if you wanna see
more Kids Meet videos, click right here. (classical music)

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