– This is the surface of the uterus. Here, this is the vagina. And if someone’s having sex, a little sperm can meet the egg right here to form a pregnancy. (thoughtful music) Hi!
– Hello, what’s your name? – Ann Marie.
– Hello. – Hi.
– I’m Devina. – Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Ann Marie. – I like your outfit!
– Oh, thank you! Do you know what I am? – Doctor?
– Yeah. Do you know what kind of doctor I am? No.
– Gina-cologist? – Gina, gina-cologist! I think it’s onacologist. – So I’m a gynecologist.
– Dang it! – Do you know what a gynecologist is? – Looks at parts. – Can you be more specific? (laughs) – Looks at parts of women and girls? – Yeah. What do you think gynecologists do? – I’m thinking on like the heart. – Little lower.
– The waist? – Below the waist. – Legs? – Above the legs. – Your personal area.
– Yes, personal area. – Can I say this, a vagina! – Vagina.
– And ovaries. – And ovaries.
– Aha. – Anything else? – Do you work on penises too? – Not really.
– How about breasts, like that area?
– Yeah, breasts. – So generally female extremities. – Yeah, female reproductive structures. – Is that fun?
– It actually is, believe it or not. – I would never pick a job to just look at people’s vaginas all day. – It was not what I was thinking of doing when I went to medical school. However–
– Here you are now! – Yeah, but then I was doing
my medical school rotations and I got to deliver a baby and I was, thought it was
the most amazing thing I had ever been a part of. I can go into a lot more
detail about that if you want. – No thanks.
(all laugh) – Have you heard of a vagina? – No.
– Do you know what a vagina is? – Yeah.
– What is it? – Thing where they pee out of! – It’s close to where
pee comes out of a girl. Try to draw all the structures
of the reproductive tract that you can remember. – Egg, not… – You have three holes,
where your pee comes out, your vagina, and then where
the poo comes out, okay? This is the bladder and
then you have the poop hole. (little girl giggles)
(Ann Marie raspberries) (everyone laughs) – Mine kinda looks like a frog. (Ann Marie laughs)
And this is the woman. – [Ann Marie] And then this is the vagina and it connects up to a uterus. And you know what can grow in a uterus? A baby.
– Oh! – This is where a baby sits. – It kinda looks like a person having antennas coming out, kinda like an alien with a helmet on. – Tell me what you’re drawing here. I do see, yeah, ovaries.
– Egg, and this is like a little space there, I don’t know what it’s called, and that’s the outside folds of the vagina and then there’s the clitoris. – This is the surface of the uterus. Here this is the vagina. And if someone’s having sex with someone who can get them pregnant, a little sperm can meet the egg right here to form a pregnancy. – So which one was more accurate? – Both of ’em have a uterus. I’ve never seen eyes on either uterus. You both got that kinda wrong. – Can girls get girls pregnant? – That’s a really good question. So, to get pregnant, you
need a sperm and an egg. And that can happen with penis in the vagina. Also, you could have
somebody donate a sperm. So, two women, each
with a uterus and vagina and no sperm involved, they
cannot get each other pregnant. – Do you know what puberty is? – No.
– First your feet get a little bit bigger and longer. And you start to get breasts development where your breasts start to grow. Often starts around age 10 and– – I think it’s already starting to me. Actually mine’s starting!
(everyone laughs) – Who started puberty first? – I did.
– Oh, you did not. I started like in 5th grade. – Yeah, most girls start first. – Me, I got my first pimple in 4th grade. – Talbot, that’s because
you don’t wash your face. – Have you ever heard of a period? – It’s like when you use the bathroom, you have like, some trouble using it, where then instead of like more pee, it comes more out of blood, a bit. – You’re right, and it comes
out through the vagina. And it actually comes
from here, in the uterus. So it’s actually not a problem, it’s actually means your
body’s feeling healthy enough to do that.
– That’s actually pretty cool. – Do they donate the blood?
– No… Guess where I had my first period. – In class?
– No, on stage. (Devina laughs)
During a play. It was so awful.
– I feel so bad for you! – Like, Vanessa, I don’t
know if you’re with a period, have you?
– No. – Okay, I’ll ask you,
’cause you as a female, probably had them, is
a period like a month? Once every 12 months for a month? – Usually three to seven days. – Ooh.
– The average is like, every 28 days.
– Oh, wow. Is it painful?
– Mine are kinda crampy and they’re annoying. – I am not looking forward to this! If I hear one boy in my school say boys have it much harder than girls, I will drag him and slap him! – When you have a period,
when the blood comes out, do most people use napkins? – Yeah, they might use like a pad or a sanitary napkin that you
just put in your underwear. Okay, hold this for a sec, okay? – What, what?
(everyone laughs) Is this important? A diaper!
(everyone laughs) – So like, how much can that one soak up? – Let’s see how much it’ll take. You pour it on here. – Is that kinda like how it looks like? – Well, sometimes period
blood can be bright red. Sometimes it’s kind of maroony colored, and sometimes it’s dark brown. – I have a question.
– Don’t look! – How does a tampon go in a vagina? So, is that a tampon?
– So, this tampon, yeah, you kinda put it through at the entrance of the vagina so that this little area is sticking out but the rest of it’s in. And then, see what happens? That part comes out and
then you pull this out and this stays in the vagina. – Van, do it, Vanessa, do it, do it. (Ann Marie laughs)
– When I’m 14, and I finally have my period, will you go and buy me tampons? – Yes, Vanessa, I’ll go to the creepy guy behind the 7-Eleven counter and be like, my sister’s having her period, please give me some tampons! – You don’t have to ask them for it! – You don’t have to ask,
they’re usually like, there’s usually a whole
aisle at the supermarket. – Is it like, discreet, or are they like, here are the tampons?
– I dunno. – It’s in a box, usually,
and it’s not a big box. It’s not like you have
to walk down the aisle. (everyone laughs)
– Maybe at Costco! – Yeah, you’re right, actually. There are some pretty big boxes at Costco. – Industrial crates!
(Ann Marie laughs)

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