Hey guys, Liam from Killer Ink here and today I’m going to be running through
our own range of cartridges and needles. Killer Ink’s range of tattoo needles and cartridges
are of the highest quality and great for tattooing a range of styles. So let’s take a closer look… With over 100 different needle configurations the Killer Ink cartridge range will have
all of your requirements covered! Each needle cartridge from Killer Ink goes through rigorous quality control checks to ensure that they meet the highest standards every time. We offer two types of cartridges
at Killer Ink: Stellar and Precision. Killer Ink Stellar Needle Cartridges
are high-quality and contain precision soldered needles. The round liners and round shaders are fitted with a special stabiliser
to stop the needle wobbling making them perfect for
stable, accurate work. Stellar cartridges are fitted
with a secure membrane which ensures that no ink or blood
can leak through into the grip. Our Stellar Needles are enclosed
in a single capsule which is made from a super strong
polycarbonate material and allows the needle
to effortlessly glide without causing wear and tear. The cartridges are transparent offering complete visibility
of the needle while tattooing. They are also colour coded indicating one of four configurations: Round Liner, Round Shader,
Magnum, and Soft-Edge Magnum. Killer Ink Precision Needle Cartridges
are similar to the Stellar ones in terms of the secure membrane
and high build quality. The Precision Cartridges feature
a smooth contoured tip which is completely transparent again, offering artists great visibility
to help them concentrate clearly on tattooing. Our Precision Needle Cartridges
are now available in boxes of 20 at an even better price! Moving onto needles Killer Ink offers three types
of tattoo needles: Bugpin, Double Zero, and Precision. Each and every tattoo needle that we stock
is made from the finest quality 304 surgical stainless steel and contains lead-free solder
for precision grouping. Our Killer Ink Bugpin needles
are 8 gauge with each microneedle being
0.25mm in diameter. The Bugpin needles are more suited
to portraits and realism work because of their great ink flow
and smaller microneedle size which allows for more detailed work. We have five configurations of
Bugpin needles available: Round Liner, Round Shader, Curved Magnum,
Magnum Weaved, and Flat. Killer Ink Double Zero tattoo needles
are 10 gauge with each microneedle
0.30mm in diameter. Our Double Zero needles are available in the
same five configurations as our Bugpin range. Last but not least are our
Precision tattoo needles. These 12 gauge needles feature microneedles
that are 0.35mm in diameter with needle sizes ranging from
a single Liner to 49 Magnum! Seven different configurations of
Killer Ink Precision needles are available: Round Liner, Round Shader, Large Shader, Curved Magnum, Magnum Weaved, Magnum Stacked, and Flat. Whether you’re looking to try out
our cartridges or our needles we have them all in stock via
the link in the description below. So what do you think of Killer Ink’s
range of cartridges and needles? Do you use Killer Ink needles
in your work? Let us know in the comments below hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel!

6 thoughts on “Killer Ink Tattoo Cartridges & Needles | Review & Setup”

  1. Membrana demasiado dura,los he probado con varias máquinas y no todas son capaces de mover esos cartuchos…por el precio que tienen,hay mejores cartuchos en los que invertir 😉

  2. I had a few killerink stellar liners a while ago bit the liners were always a bit off, the needles had a stabilizer but the needle never sits straight in the tip. Is this problem not happening anymore?

  3. Pourquoi chercher ailleurs quand killer ink propose d'exelente aiguille de qualité est de précision 💉👌i love tattoo

  4. Hey hello, can you please tell me, which membran ist harder to push, or are the stallar and the Precision needles are the same? Becaus I like it much, when the membran is harder to push. Cheyennes are really nice, but not hard enough for me. Thanks a lot for your videos.

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