Are you ready to do this I Just want to just want to get it over with It’s just surreal that there’s a 16 foot Python in here and I’m gonna let it bite my arm. Oh The damage this snake can inflict is massive If this thing latches on it’s gonna get very serious very quickly Oh The heads that’s a big head the best outcome is big puncture wounds, you know arm that bleed a lot Worst case scenario we can die Wolf is ready to go. Yep. It’s looking at me look at me We get to see back in the bag man before we have an accident, ah I’ll get a Fang over Fang hanging out of me. I’ll go to Fang hang out of me, huh? There’s Fang hanging out of me. Oh Do to open me up. It opened me up good it opening up good look at them. That’s okay. Now that’s deep Look, I think that is do Dude, look at all. Look at that. We all came here. No, I don’t know Here have a seat have a seat Dude I’m bleeding a lot man that big gashes that Pete gashes Changeup a new series premieres Tuesday, November 12th on history You

100 thoughts on “Kings of Pain: Outrageous Python Bite Leaves Adam Bloody | Series Premieres Nov. 12 10/9c | HISTORY”

  1. Ummm, why are they acting shocked that he's bleeding!? That's what happens when you let a 15' python latch onto your arm! Idiots!

  2. This got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen why don't you put your neck in a row hung from a tree limb and jump and see how long it hurts try that for something good LOL.

  3. i like how pro camera people cant seem to hold the camera still when the bite is in frame, yet nice and steady on his face. no close shots of the damage.

  4. This is an animal torture. The animal appears to be dehydrated and hungry. I think she hasn't been eating and drinking for weeks. My heart is broken now… This is a very sad…

  5. The biggest pain in my life is watching this channel. I don't know how this dumb show raleted to history in any way.

  6. The only way you could die from a python bite is if it somehow got an artery, and the chance of that happening is slim to none. Sure youll bleed a lot but death no.

    That and unless this was a super aggressive snake to begin with you would have had to do something to the snake so it would bite like that.

  7. Watch as the History Channel re-enacts the best scenes from YouTube sensation Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness Team!

  8. These guys are the funniest ever: they let the snake bit him and then they are so surprised that there is blood. Wow.

  9. Lmao that thing won’t kill you if you have ppl with you it can’t kill with a bite 😂 it could possibly strangle you if your friends are stupid af

  10. It's people like this that make me sick! They perpetuate fear for fame and views. Steve Irwin wasn't perfect, he was a showman as well, but he didn't go out there trying to get bit. He wanted to show the world the awesomeness of reptiles. This idiot, Adam Thorn, is trying to instill fear and hatred under the guise of entertainment. “I’ve got a fang hanging out of me!” the idiot says. No he doesn't! He ripped the Python off his arm, hurting it by yanking it's teeth out. Retics don't have fangs, they have teeth. And those teeth can be ripped out. That's why you should NEVER try to pull a non-venomous snake off of you when it bites. You use running water, or other tricks like mouthwash, or even vodka, to pour around their mouth to get them to pull back on their own so that they won't get hurt and you won't get a tooth stuck in you or rip your skin to where you need stitches, like this moron.

    I don't understand how the History Channel allows this show on its network, when not only is it NOT showing facts, but is also, clearly, animal abuse. Shame on them for airing this show! Shame on them for perpetuating fear. Shame on them for not being true to their name, and instead show fiction and not historical fact. Shame on them for going after ratings at the expense and abuse of living things!

    Also, I have a friend that bred and kept the bigger pythons. The bite is not that bad. This guy is just a wuss! I have fibromyalgia and have been bit by a 5 foot Ball Python and yeah it stings a bit, but their teeth are like hypodermic needles. Yes the bigger retics hurt a little more, but seriously, this kind of whining and crying and look of shock is all for the shock factor in the show. It's BS! Don't buy into the hype! And boycott this moron's show, and the History Channel for showing something that clearly is not historical fact, and showcases animal abuse!

  11. This is a show where the idea is 100% plagiarized. I certainly hope Coyote Peterson got paid for you guys capitalizing on his idea.

  12. Hystory channel?So the python is not an ordanary snake?its an alien?
    He just visited Earth peacefully,just chilling,build some piramids,then this group attacked him and put him in to a bag?

  13. One season..or longest running show on the fence here…dumb yes…but its the train wreck thinkn…we will watch even me…they should step up to large animals next lol…hedonism…must be avoided..we are turning into romans….not good….

  14. Now i imagine a marine or a SEAL with the exact same wound during combat "Are You okay man?" "I dont know" "Have a seat" 😀 😀 😀 😀

  15. the History Channel ripped off Coyote Petersen with their "Kings of Pain" new show!! Coyote Petersen was doing this 3 or 4 years ago and they stole his idea. You will always be the GOAT to me Coyote

  16. I wish you end up dead really soon. I mean, nothing personal… Just thinking about your purpose VS the damage on this creatures. It would be kind of fair.

  17. 6 to 8 feet LOL That was a juvie. Let's see you get tagged by a 20 footer and then we MAY respect you. The fact he said this could kill him is face palm worthy. What a shmuck. I've taken hits from children's pythons worse than this. If you want to be tough handle a rock python or a full grown retic. Stop making snakes look worse or more dangerous to an already fearful audience. Just bad for the reptile community in general.

  18. Ladies and gentleman I present to you the definition of stupid. I keep and breed these animals. These animals are NOT aggressive by nature and for one to just bite like that it had to have been provoked. Thanks for putting a false impression out there about these awesome animals. Those teeth are used to help it eat. You idiots could have very well done some serious damage to this animal's mouth as well.
    Please, for all the viewers at home, make your next "stunt" jumping out of a plane without a parachute. That should get you all of the attention you will ever need! 🙂

  19. These guys are stupid I wasn't worried about him I was more concerned about the snake.
    If you feel threatened as a person you will probably punch them to defend yourself. This snake was feeling threatened and was defending it self. People like you guys give these animals a bad reputation. I'm speaking from years of experience working with them and who ever owned that reticulated python should definitely not have snakes

  20. Come on don't be so harsh on this guy. He is showing actual footage of what it looks and feels like to get bitten. All you people talking big here won't even have the guts to do it. It's not about stupidity. It is the nature of the show, showing the way animals bite or sting and how it would look and feel. That's all.
    This guy is VERY ballsy.

  21. This is just sad😂 poor retic, just leave to nature or breeders. Snake bites bleed alot but dont hurt too badly. Poor snakey must've felt bad loosing a tooth. Aii

  22. 16 foot long python bites his arm, "dude are you alright?" Well of course not he just got bit by a bloody 16 foot long python! LMFAO… what do these dingleberries think is going to happen when they let these animals bite them…

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