Knee Pain Causes, Treatments – Home Remedies – Tamil Health Tips Bones give a shape and strength to our body. A born body has 300 bones and while ageing it reduces to 206 bones. Many people suffer due to knee pain when nearing or crossing the age 40 and sometime it leads to knee transplantation too. We can prevent this knee pain only when we take knee strengthening foods, exercise. In this video let us see what are the foods that strengthen your knees. First let us know what problems are caused in knees. Meniscus tear is a common problem faced by many problem and there will be swelling and more pain when the problem is severe. Pain will be more while stretching legs and the medication will differ according to the severity of the problem. Next problem is arthritis and there are two types and knee pain will be more and Cartilage start to depreciate. It may reduce the distance in knee bone and stops the movement of legs. Many researches tell that we should add milk in our daily diet to reduce the impacts of arthritis. Milk contains many nutrients and women should take atleast a glass of milk to get rid of knee related problems. Cheese is rich in probiotic bacteria and this kind of bacteria can reduce swelling and pain in knees. Cheese also contains more calcium and avoid cheese if you are allergic to it. Sesame seeds are rich in copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Iron etc but we don’t add it in our diet now a days. When we add sesame in our diet it creates antioxidants and prevents paralysis. We should add Greens in our diet as it is rich in calcium, minerals, vitamin C and it strengthens our bones. Beans is rich in proteins. When we add beans in our diet it gives strength to our bones. If you are Non vegetarians then add fish in your diet especially Sardine fish which is rich in Vitamin D. It can absorb calcium and other minerals. Add nuts in your diet especially Almonds. Nuts are rich in calcium, potassium, protein and so if you want healthy bones take nuts everyday. If you take vitamin C rich fruits after taking calcium foods calcium absorption will increase. Calcium and vitamin D present in dry fruits increases the bone density.

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