How to Knit on DPNs: Switch to Double Pointed
Knitting Needles in 5 Easy Steps Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Hat
Month here at Studio Knit! There comes a point in every hat’s creation
while knitting in the round that we need to SWITCH TO DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES. I get lots of comments from subscribers who
dread using Double Pointed Needles. And yes, it can get a little wonky, so let’s break
it down in 5 easy steps to begin loving your DPNs! 1 – Switch to DPNs when YOU decide!
Start the decreases of your knitting pattern while still on your circular needle. Once
it feels too tight for you to stretch your stitches all the way around, that’s the
time to make the switch. 2 – Decide how many DPNs you will need.
Your pattern may or may not tell you how many double pointed needles to use. I will demonstrate
how to knit off 3 DPNs, using a fourth as my knitting needle. 3 – Divide Your Stitches Evenly.
Most patterns will tell you to “Divide your stitches evenly on DPNs.” I currently have
36 stitches will use 3 dpns to hold my stitches. Since, 36 stitches divided by 3 needles is
12. I will divide my needles by placing 12 stitches on each double pointed needle. 4 – Making the Switch
I will also be switching my yarn color back to this raspberry color to best show the switch.
Simply release the right hand needle of your circular needles, and begin by knitting on
the appropriate number of stitches per needle on your first DPN. Do the same for each needle
and continue knitting this round until there you have no more stitches left on your circular
needle. 5 – Decrease and Conquer!
Continue decreasing your rows as your pattern suggests, until your hat crown gets smaller
and smaller. I like to weave my yarn tail in at the very top, and you are done! Super cute! And I am donating this little
demonstration hat to Wool-Aid, a great charity that gives our knitted wool clothing to children
in cold climates that a Studio Knit subscriber recently told me about. I hope you are inspired to give SWITCHING
TO DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES a try when you see a pattern you would like to knit up. And thank
you so much for watching Studio Knit. Please subscribe and my playlist for everything HAT
OF THE MONTH, like how to knit on circular needles, in the description below. Bye!

33 thoughts on “Knit on DPNs: Switch to Double Pointed Knitting Needles | KNITTING TOOLS”

  1. Such a cute hat! Will you do a tutorial for it. I am a beginner knitter and would love to use up leftover yarn for small projects such as that. Thanks for your help!!

  2. Thanks Kristen! DPNs in use always looked like some kind of torture device to me, lol, but you make it look less scary. The new yarn colors look cute in the hat too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You made a super great hat! I think whoever receives it will be very happy. This video was very helpful, as usual, so now the only thing I need is a few pairs of double-pointed needles. ๐Ÿ™‚ <4

  4. Could you do a video on how to bind off with a different colour yarn? Like the one you did for your knitted flower video, I really need it cause I'm making a bunch of flowers to give to my friend! Thx!

  5. Could you please make a video on cabled stitches ? I've watched other videos but to me the way they explain, is not as clear as how you explain how to knit .

  6. Please make a tutorial on lace knitting. I'm really struggling with the yarn overs and can't knit lace till I figure out how to do them. Anytime I try, I get a big mess of overlapping stitches on the next row.

  7. Great video and nice hat but I noticed it was very obvious where you changed colors rendering uneven looking stripes. When I change colors when working in the round, I use the "jogless join" and get perfect seemless strips. Crafty has the best description.

  8. very groovy.ย  I crochet a lot, but got intimidated by advanced knitting.ย  I inherited a TON of circular needles; I think I need to step up my game.

  9. @Studio Knit I am making a hat with alternating stripes, and I'm not following a specific pattern I have 2 colors in the hat and plan on alternating 5 times

    Each row of color is 12 rows and each row has 83 stitches. So at what point can I start decreasing to fit in all of the colors/rows?

  10. I usually crochet so I'm used to working with one hook. When I saw someone knitting with not two but three needles I thought "what kind of witchcraft is this??"

  11. Kristen do you have a video showing how to use DPNs from the beginning I am trying to a pattern were you start with 1 stitch on each needle…I can't figure it out

  12. Thank you, I was very helpful and I love the tip about a charity institution in the end Iโ€™m looking for one right now. God Bless

  13. I have a question. How can I decrease my knitting with a 1ร—1 rib pattern? I know it's probably stupid question but I'm so stuck

  14. Itโ€™s not that easy, Iโ€™m very frustrated. I wish you were my neighbor! Trying to use dpns ( first time) to put sleeves in baby sweater. It told me to add 6 stitches with marker in the middle,as start of round? Then it says join to work in the round? Duh? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  15. Thanks for such a great video. I made my first 2 hats ever last winter, & I'm now knitting another one. But I forgot exactly how to switch from my circulars to the DPNs & just needed a refresher. I'm glad I found your video first. It was quick easy to understand & to the point. ๐Ÿ™‚

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