>>And if you’re drinking wine.>>And if you’re drinking wine! Which we are today! No, we’re not.>>Tea or wine?>>Or are we?>>It is 10 am! (music) Hey everybody! Today we are actually on location. We are in North Carolina and I am joined by
Maureen and Adria, cofounders of AR Workshop. Thank you guys for coming today. Or, actually, I should say thank you for having
me today.>>Thanks for coming down!>>I don’t know that our Tea with Shira viewers
out there know about AR Workshop. Like, who is AR Workshop? I think that’s how we want to break it down.>>Yeah, I mean, AR Workshop is a DIY boutique
studio where guests can come create home decor from raw materials. And it’s all instructor lead. And we target kids, adults, women, men. Anybody. And we love to empower them.>>That’s awesome.>>It’s a time to bond with your girlfriends,
come in with your family. Any kind of situation, come in and craft and
just, you know, let your creativity run wild.>>And there’s like, kind of like a little
cute story of how Lion Brand and AR Workshop came to be because you guys are like into
the super bulky, chunky blankets that are everywhere.>>Absolutely.>>We love them.>>It has become a huge trend all over the
country. And people are loving making them down at
our studios.>>And I don’t mean, it’s not even in the country. It’s like the world. Because we’ve got some viewers I think from
around the world. I think, I don’t know. I might sometimes refer to myself as a yarn-elebrity. And I feel like, you know, those big chunky
blankets, first off, they’re super cute. They’re a great accessory for your home. And also they’re fun to make. And you don’t have to use knitting needles
or crochet hooks.>>That’s the best part!>>It is.>>Bum bum bummmm! What?>>Cannot mess it up.>>Tell me about that because that’s really
cool.>>So we have 145 locations around the country
and we told them we’re rolling out a knitting project and they were all freaking out. Until we told them, “There’s no needles.” And we showed them and it’s such a simple
process. And just from start to finish you can have
somebody who’s never knit anything in their lives leave with a blanket, same day, in 3
hours.>>What!>>And people, you’re right, people just love
them. Our dogs love them. I’m like, “Get off my blanket!”>>Every dog in my house has a blanket. For real.>>That’s real nice!>>Tell us about like the whole process because
this is your palette that you created of yarn with Lion Brand.>>Yeah we were thrilled. I’ve been using Lion Brand yarns since I was a kid just to do
crafts and I’m not like an avid knitter or anything. But people just see the yarn and they want
to touch it and feel it. And when we partnered with Lion to come up
with this cobranded label, we were like, “Oh gosh!” We can pick 12 or 13 colors. It’s so hard. But we had so much knowledge from what our
customers love in our home decor from the other projects we offer that it was pretty
easy to say, “Absolutely we need some neutrals, we need some really pretty sage greens, we
need red, maybe.” Things that really appeal to everybody. It’s fun to see the color combinations people
put together in class.>>Well, so, how does the class work? How does that all come to be? You sign up for a class and how long is the
class and what are you guaranteed in that class?>>So when you come to class, you’re going to
sign up online and then you sit with all your friends and you guys learn to make
the actual blanket. We do a smaller version in class versus like
a full bed sized blanket but that way you can finish it from start to finish and you
do, I don’t know, 3 hours maybe? Sometimes they go a little longer, sometimes
they go a little less just depends on how quick you are with your hands and how fast
you can assemble the blanket.>>So a lot of our viewers out there are knitters
and crocheters. And they’re used to the, you know, knitting
with needles and crocheting with hooks. Tell us what you’ve seen from your customers
and from your stores what the experience has been about this hand knitting?>>Yeah that’s a great question. We get every level. I’m surprised that people come in and they’re like,
“Oh I’ve been knitting, crocheting for years but I’ve never hand knit. I always use the needles.” So all this is different levels from people
that have never touched yarn in their lives to people who’ve been doing it for years. And we have different textures and just different
methods and techniques.>>Well I just want to say too, I feel that it
makes it less intimidating. When you see someone using those needles and
I’ve actually tried to do it with the needles, I was terrible at it. But when you use your hands, it reminds me
of when we were kids you used to make the little friendship bracelets. But now we’re making friendship blankets as
adults, right? That’s our friendship blanket concept now. If you’re a crafter, you love using your hands. It’s nice to to have the extra tools.>>And one thing that I want to say there,
because there was arm knitting. Arm knitting was a tremendous fad. This is different than arm knitting.>>Yes.>>This is hand knitting.>>Yes.>>You’re using your actual hands.>>Correct.>>Ok. That’s just important. I’m just trying to break it down for you guys! And not confuse you. Because also when you do like this looks like
you’ve done knitting just with like jumbo needles but you’re just using your hands.>>Yeah.>>Awesome. That’s really cool. I think that that’s- and it’s great for all
ages too.>>All ages.>>So my teenagers are never immpressed with
anything.>>Ok. That sounds like every teenager.>>Right? It’s just the world of teenagers. When my daughters, both of them, one was in
middle school and one was in high school, when we came out with those last year, both
of them were so obsessed. “Mom, you’ve gotta make this for me. I want to learn how to make this.” My one daughter, I was like, “Alright, I’ll
have to buy it retail and guess what, it’s gonna cost $100.” She forked up the money. Here’s the money, I want the blanket.>>What! OK, alright!>>It’s like a gateway, too. I feel like people that have never knit before,
they come in and do this with their hands. And they’re like, “Oh!” And I hear them talking. “I would really love to learn other crafts
with yarn!” So it just opens up all doors.>>That’s awesome. That’s really cool! Well, more power to you guys. And you have to know that this yarn in these
colors with AR Workshop, they are only with you guys, you cannot get them anywhere else.>>That’s right!>>Exclusive.>>They are exclusive. So basically you need to come into an AR Workshop and you need to take a class.>>If you want our amazing colors, come
our way!>>Yeah, exactly. Just go! Just go! What are you still doing here! Well listen, everybody, thanks for joining
us for some, uh, I don’t know! It’s just water, guys! But thanks for joining us. Remember you can follow AR workshop all here. Ladies, we’ve got to point down. We’ve got to show them where to go. All the information for AR Workshop will be
there. Remember to give this video a tremendous thumbs
up and subscribe if you haven’t already. And, I want to ask you ladies, you guys might
have a question for our viewers out there. Since there are two of you, I’ll allow two
questions. So, who’s going to go first?>>I’ll go first! What other projects would you guys like to
see us make with some of this chunky knit yarn? We’re looking for ideas, we love hearing what
everyone wants and we’d love to appease the customer! So!>>I’m into it. I’m into it.>>Let us know!>>Let us know, comment below!>>And, and->>And my question, I mean, she
stole my question but I came up with another one really quick. So mine is: What part of your home do you
most want to redo? Or where can we help you with tips or decorating
ideas?>>Personally, I have this massive wall in
my apartment that I have a very ugly piece of art on right now. I just don’t know what to do with it.>>Send us a picture, girl.>>Send us a picture, we’ll help you.>>We need to work it out. We’ll talk later. Anyways! Remember to answer their questions below because
they want to hear from you, they want to learn from you guys. And thank you again for joining us today and
cheers, ladies!>>Cheers! Thank you!>>Thanks, Shira!>>Bye, guys!>>Bye!>>You need to be able to use your hands to
put down your wine and go back to knitting.>>Always with the wine!>>And then go back to your wine!>>It always comes back to the wine. Wine with Shira. That’s what we’re re-labelling the show. And we’re done!

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  1. I live in the same town as an AR Workshop and have wanted to go for a while. Those blankets are expensive to buy. I want to make one, but I can't afford to go to the studio. Those pumpkins are adorable!

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