In this video, I am going to show you a new
needle product from Knitter’s Pride, it’s their new Zing Needles. And if you saw the video a couple of weeks
ago, I introduced a bunch of new wood accessories that Knitter’s Pride has put out, and you
can click the little eye in the upper right-hand corner to see that video. And I’ve been working with Knitter’s Pride
since the early days of VeryPink for several years now, and their products are really good. Their products, actually, are the ones I use
in my own business and for my own knitting, and I feel really good about promoting them
because the quality is so high and the value is so good. And there’s no exception here with these needles. These are the Zing Needles, and I had a bunch
of people asking me about my thoughts on the Zing Needles before I even knew they existed,
so I knew we had to get at least one video out. This is the full interchangeable set here. These are superior-grade, metal needles, very,
very lightweight, and you can see that each size is a different color, so you always know
you have the same size needle in your hand when you’re putting the set together. Vibrant colors, really pretty, I’m gonna give
you a close-up look. And with Knitter’s Pride, we always get an
awesome case with the needle sets. So, you have the card with the needles here,
in the back there’s a zipper pouch where you have the different cord lengths, and the stoppers,
and the keys, and everything else that you need. And this is the full set with the cord lengths
from 24, 32, 40-inches long, and there are also some connectors in here I believe, so
you can make a longer cord if you need to. I’m pretty sure, let me check. Yep, the connector’s in here, so you can connect
two chords together if you want to make a really, really long cord. Okay, so I wanna show you the other sets that
we have before we go in for a close-up here. This set, this cute little thing…well, let
me tell you first, the sizes on this set are from US…the sizes are actually etched into
it, US 4 all the way up to US 11, so we have a pretty broad range of sizes in this set
here. And this 16-inch circular set has shorter
needles that are appropriate for 16-inch circulars, good for knitting hats or sleeves. I’m a big fan of 16-inch circulars, and just
like with the big set, you have the card of needles and the zipper pouch in the back. And these go from 4 to 10. And here we have the double-pointed needles
in their awesome case, and these go all the way down to a very, very small size for sock
knitting, US 0, which is, how many millimeters? Two millimeters up to US 3, which is 3.25
millimeters. And the last set I have here is the straight
set. These are so pretty, aren’t they nice? And these go from US 2.5, which is 3 millimeters,
up to US 11, which is 8 millimeters. All in the zippered cases, making it really
nice to keep track of your needles, you always know where they are. So I wanna give you a close-up of these needles,
you can see exactly what they look like and how the interchangeable set works. Okay, here are the needles in the case. I’m gonna go ahead and pull out these size
8s because I like the pink. These are, again, superior-grade, lightweight
metal, and you can see there’s a color change here, but there’s nothing to feel, it’s completely
smooth. They’re warm to the touch, very, very lightweight. They’re hollow needles, very lightweight,
and the…I’ve got it upside down, the size is laser printed on the needle, so you can
see what they are without using a needle gauge. And I just need to get a little key. You have end stoppers here and a key. I don’t end up using the end stoppers very
much, but they’re handy if you wanna take the needles off and preserve your stitches. So, I am going to pretend here that I need
a 24-inch cord for the project I’m working on, and size 8 needles. I’m just going to screw the needle onto the
cord, and then you take the key and put it through the hole at the base of the cord,
so you have something to hang onto, and then hand tighten it. And that’s all you need to do. After that, you have a beautiful, smooth join
on very lightweight needle, and these have a pretty long taper and sharp point. They’re not as sharp as the Platinas. They’re fast needles though, I found…I’ve
been using these since I got them a few weeks ago. They’re not as fast as a Platinas that are
chrome-plated, these are still very fast needles, great all-purpose needles, and not such a
sharp tip that I hear from people that…they’re good all-purpose in the way that the tip is
not super sharp, but it is good for working decreases. When you’re finished with the project, you
put the key back in so you can unscrew the needle, and go back to your case. And put everything away very neatly so that
you can find it again next time, and you don’t have, you know, like, a Ziploc bag full of
needles. You have something that looks great and is
very organized, and that is it. That these are all of the sets of the Knitter’s
Pride Zing Needles. If you click the little eye and go to my website,
I will have information about where you can find these needles. They’re available through Knitter’s Pride
in the US and in Canada, and KnitPro outside of the US and Canada, and there’ll be more
information on my website.

100 thoughts on “Knitter’s Pride Zing Needles”

  1. These are wonderful needles. I can't afford a complete set, I just pick-up the ones I need one at a time from my local yarn shop. Would love a complete set Maybe Santa will be good to me this year

  2. I bought a set of circulars last week
    on a Black Friday sale. Love them . And so pretty. This is my bling instead of jewelry! 😊

  3. Finally! Aluminum! For those of us with Nickel allergies. I used metal needles only once because my hands were so red and itchy afterwords that I gave them away. Crochet hooks have been aluminum or steel for ages, I don't know why knitting needles have taken so long to catch up.

  4. I have worked my way through several interchangeable sets and these are BY FAR, my favourite go-to set. My only quibble is that the sizes don’t go low enough (I don’t use double points for socks).

  5. That case is so practical you can just throw the whole set in your bag. Easier and less mess than pulling out the ones you need.

  6. Any thoughts about the differences/similarities between the Zings and the Platinas? Any preference for one over the other? Thanks!

  7. I went to shop for a Knitters Pride interchangeable circular set but then I got cold feet from all of the mediocre to bad reviews on them; which I was shocked to discover. Could some of you please put my mind at ease and give truthful reviews if y'all own any sets? I know Stacy says she uses them and I trust her, but I'm just scared to bite the bullet and purchase them. TIA 🙂

  8. I love them! Had them for about a year. Bought them in England. Loved them so much I ordered more from a UK Etsy shop. So very comfortable in my hands. I wanna get the 16 inch set.

  9. I just bought an interchangeable set of Zings and they are amazing. I had the Knitters Pride Dreamz set which I used throughout my first year knitting, but I celebrated my one year of knitting anniversary and bought myself the Zings set. I found it much more economical to buy sets rather than needles for specific projects. Thanks so much for always reviewing such great (and affordable!) products!!

  10. Oh my goodness I have heard so many good things about these needles. I knit a lot of socks so the double pointed would be wonderful. Do they have the smaller size needles for interchangeable cords. I usually knit socks with the magic loop method.

  11. Beautiful needles! I have three hats projects at the moment but one set of size 6 needles. Wish Santa knew I existed!

  12. You are such a great knitter and have taught me so many things. When I can knitters pride will be the brand I buy. But thank you for your wisdom.

  13. I’m off to buy these! They look like really great needles, and I’m really crazy about the colors. Thanks for the review!

  14. Knitters Pride just keeps getting better and better. A knitter can never have to many needles if only money grew in trees.

  15. These are Knit Pro needles in Britain. So… They're Knitters Pride in America?
    They're still called the Zing range. I like my set of these.

  16. Wow love these…I bought another brand, i could not screw them all the way…so disappointed..these would be great for Christmas.. Merry Christmas .

  17. I have a set that look like this, same sizes and material but the colors are different. They’re called melody and came in a box set. Do you happen to know what’s the difference between zing and the melody? Im so confused lol! But they’re knitters pride i bought them on amamzon.

  18. I am using circular #7 Zing 16" needles right now to knit my first hat. I have several 16" circulars but these are hands down the best I own. The pattern is your "My first hat" and is going well….thank you!

  19. The Zings are so pretty, I just ordered a 16 inch..suze 8…because I love the bright pink… from Amazon, to see how I like the needle.. Have heard nothing but good things about them.

  20. I am looking to buy a set of interchangeable needles I need the set with the extra cables. I also need the other cables so I can go down to 16 inch. I don't want them all to be 26 inch. Can I purchase the first set you showed and the other cables. Need to buy asap, where can I purchase this

  21. I don't have the interchangeable ones, but have a few with a solid chord. I'm not very fond of them. At least, not for knitting socks. The cables are pretty stiff, the joint from needle to cable is not smooth at all and the tips are quite blunt, which makes picking up stitches very difficult sometimes. I just received a Chiaogoo needletip with cable and those are much nicer to work with. The chord is a lot less stiffer and the joint is a lot smoother. No Zings for me anymore.

  22. I know Staci isn't big on aluminum, but these are by far my favorite needles. The feel of aluminum needles brushing against each other is really nice. I find myself using either Platinas or Zing every time I start a project.

  23. On your recommendation, I ordered fixed Zing circulars in size 1 – both 16 inch and 24 inch to use with my ChiaoGoo needes to knit with 2 circulars. The connection between the needle and the cord was not smooth and it snagged the yarn as I brought the yarn up on the needle – on both sizes. Have you had this occur?

  24. PS,,, I have lost all of those tiny keys.. Not a problem.. Safety pins work just as well… 😊

  25. I wish the container would be in different colors, I'm not fond of the red & blue combo. I have accumulated various sizes & types of needles and so am looking for a good case. Do you have any recommendations for just a case with no needles in it?

  26. The first interchangables I used were Boye and the join flared horribly when I screwed the cable in (fortunately I only bought two sets of needles and two cords rather than a full kit) and I was hesitant to use interchangables for years. However, I saw that you used the KP Zing interchangables and took the plunge, I got the set for Christmas. I LOVE IT. I feel like I never need to buy circulars or straight needles ever again! The thing I love most is how quiet they are, noisy clicking drives my roommate and family crazy.
    I'll for sure be asking for the double pointed set for Christmas next year. Thanks for the recommendation!

  27. Oh my… I have the interchangeable set now, and I LOVE them… The 24 inch needle I ordered convinced me to go ahead and get the set… I love that the needles are color coded…as well as the cords.

    My next order will be the 16 inch set…

  28. I LOVE my dreamz set. I have the full set plus the chunky set. I recently broke my size 6…I got another…but got me started pondering getting a metal set. Do you know if the cables from the dreamz set will work with the other knitters pride needles?

  29. Hello, thank you for the video! I was considering buying the 16'' circular set for making hats, but was wondering if the other longer cables sold seperately on the knitter's pride website could be used with these interchangeable needles?

  30. I have the wonderful interchangeable set, and severalm16 inch circus…for hats. I want the small set, for hats), AND the straights…20 inch.

    I love my Zings, and use them whenever I can…I also love my ChaiGoos…

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