this is an introduction video about knitting I will explain about the types of needles used in knitting this is called a straight needle there are three types of needles used in knitting this needle is mostly used by beginners the length of the needle depends on the length of the project you are making This needle is called the double pointed needle it has pointy ends on both the tips in the straight needle you have a stopper at one end double pointed needles are used for making small circular pattern or cylindrical patterns it is used for making cylindrical seamless patterns like sock etc.. this is called the circular needle this is used for making big cylindrical fabric, shawls with greater breadth, etc. small cabled circular needle is used for making hats knitting needles comes in aluminum, steel, plastic, and wood needles made out of aluminum and steel enables yarn to slide over it easily wooden needle are apt for beginners as the yarn would stay in place and has more grip over the yarn the needles have different sizes this needle has four and half mm in the next video I will explain about the initial steps in knitting

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  1. Hi madam I am begginger it is very useful to me I want learn full sweater knitting so plz teach me I love u r teaching that to Tamil

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