kotegaeshi pressure points – details USING PRESSURE POINTS
– KYUSHO JITSU Studying pressure points and their effects can
help you to increase your understanding and
awareness of your own body-energy system as well as that of your partner. In the western world a system
is often used where each acupuncture point
is identified by the meridian on which
it is located and its number in the point
sequence on that channel. Using this block you contact the pressure point lung 5. you have here several options In Aikido it is more important
to unbalance the attacker (kuzushi) than to use individual pressure points. I recommend using natural anatomical conditions to contact and control uke’s body. With increasing level of skill
you can start to add pressure points
as a contact and control option to
increase effectivness of your actions Triple Heater SJ-3 … this point alone is already very effective. LU-10 (lung 10) is useful for opening the fist Integrate pressure point contact into
your natural movement and use the points to sharpen your adjustment to the partner. It is often better to not grab too firmly and
to not get stuck at any particular pressure point. If I want to move his hand is this direction then I can use SanJio 3. Use the points to give direction to your partner. Now, let’s direct him downwards. Just experiment a bit! Watch how the partner reacts and if he reacts at all. Use the points as an addition to the balance breaking. You can use massage to restore the energy flow
in your partner’s points. If your partner has pain, then you can massage him just like that. You can practise locating the points in self-massage during stretching and warm-up exercise. For example during kotegaeshi style stretching. Just try it on yourself, place the ring finger in the fold of the wrist, … … the pinkie below the ring finger,…. … the middle finger in the middle of the ball of your thumb (Lung 10 point),… the base of your forefinger on the point Large Intestine 4 … … and with your thumb press the SanJiao 3 point. To locate SanJiao 3 imagine a small triangle with base … …. line between the joints of the pinkie and ring finger. For best effect, look for the point in the direction towards the bone. And now, if your going to stretch the wrist, just contact the points … …. and feel them, you don’t have press full power each time. I should feel good. You see how move into the points during the movement. It has a healthy, stimulating impact on the whole body. Contacting the points by hitting, holding, pressing, rubbing etc. – is atemi in a very general sense. Do not rely solely on pressure points, your overall movement and technique needs to be correct as well! Curl in uke’s index finger.

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  1. Guten tag Herr Rekk. Ich heiße Victor, ich bin brasiliener und studiere ich aikido, kyusho und Deutsch. Ich habe diese technik so genossen. Sehr gut! Danke schon OSS!

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