26 thoughts on “Kpop Body Challenge 💚 Round 2 ✌ Get a Kpop Idol / Ulzzang Body in a Month”

  1. I dont know what to be when I grow up yet, but being a kpop idol was always my dream and I'm planning on auditioning maybe next year? Well hopefully Haha, I'm definatly gonna do this for a month to get that kpop idol body I always wanted 💜😁

  2. Thank you for being considerate towards us students. With so many challenges out on YouTube, sometimes it can be intimidating to start the challenges. But your challenge seems time manageable and is motivating.

  3. I’ve got one more week to go in the Back to school 5 week challenge, so once I finish it, I’m definitely going to try this one next!!

  4. My shoulders are very broad, and my calves are too big. 🙁 I want to be slim and tiny like you are, is that possible? I need to narrow my shoulders and calves down but I also want to lean up.

  5. I gain muscle really easily in places I don't want it, but exercises are perfect for me. There's just one problem I need a little advice in losing thigh fat in the top part of my thighs nearest to my pelvic area. My legs just look strange at the moment and I don't want to go to school with weird chicken thighs. I already a thigh gap at the bottom part of my thighs and I'm on a vegan diet so I just need a workout that can help target those part of my thighs.❤

  6. Hey I really love you’re videos I would love to slim down my legs and I saw you’re video about that you did the kito diet could you maybe tell me witch workouts I should do and what I could eat?

  7. I would like to do this workout but I’ve never done one of your programs before so I’m a little confused on what workouts I should be doing each week I was wondering if there was a specific workouts you’ve chosen for each day or do we just pick a workout on our own

  8. I've been very busy with my studies and stuff but I wanna thank you Lena for these amazing workouts you're such an inspiration btw love your hair color 😍 lots of love and support Borahae 💜💜💜

  9. measured myself this morning to see that i am 125 pounds! i went down 4 pounds in a week of doing your workouts and doing alot of cardio (dancing), stretching and massaging. i am starting to feel that i weighed myself incorrectly at the beggining of the week, but i do know for sure that when i went to the doctor on august 15 i was 131.2 pounds. can't wait for tommorow to countinue this weight loss journey and trying to reach my goal of anything inbetween 90-110 😁 thank you💗

  10. hey lena, so unfortunately we have really bad weather here ( often ) so I can’t really seem to find a way to go outside walking (for cardio),,, do u have any cardio exercises/suggestions u can do inside ?? luv ya !

  11. Hi Lena! I'm new to your channel and I'm loving it! May I ask if you have any diet plans? Also does the diet really have to be modified in order to see results? I'm actually almost underweight on pure numbers however I have a lot of fat that I want to work off. My dad usually cooks very healthy dinners it's just when I go out to school (we eat food in restaurants so it's a lot of unhealthy food) that I get triggered to eat unhealthy, do I really have to change my diet? I'm also drinking a green smoothie everyday for my skin but it can also be used for weight loss. Thank you. <3

  12. Hello Lena!^^ i has a question and that is, does it count if you dance for one hour? and if not do you have any vidoes that can help:333

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