There can be many problems with the shoulder but we’re going to tape for just general shoulder
pain. I’m going to tear off one peice and this piece we’re going to split so again
perforate down the middle tear down the middle and it will automatically stop leaving you enough anchor I’m going to tear off the paper, just on the anchor
point we’re going to place that anchor point right at the insertion of the deltoid right there I’m going to rub that on so that it stays in place now tear the paper backing off for the peice that goes towards the front of the shoulder have the arm rotate outward, so thumb outward, reaching back and without tension on the tape, I’m just laying
the piece down, rounding the front shoulder rub that on as you bring the shoulder forward you should
see the front wrinkle for the back it should be the opposite. Reach
across putting the tissues back here on stretch now lay this piece down again with no tension rubbing it on and if we move the shoulder back that should wrinkle
slightly we’re moving on to the next piece we’re going to take-off one strip for this we’re going to tear the piece in the middle of paper we’re stretching the tape at full tension, seventy five percent to one hundred percent being careful to stretch evenly, not to
place uneven pressure, say just in the middle so again i’m gonna hold the tape evenly like this we’re going to landmark the acromion process on the top of
the shoulder, the bony prominence, dropping just off that point we’re going to be placing the tape right over the area of soft tissue with full tension pulling down on the tape and then laying down the tails with no tension then we’re going to smooth the tape down creating friction to heat the adhesive this will get to adhere better and she’s good to go

25 thoughts on “KT Tape: General Shoulder Pain”

  1. My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to build muscle with "Atomic Max Muscle", but then they saw the results. Google Atomic Max Muscle to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  2. I have a coracoacromial arch impingement. I was wondering if this type of taping will help support it and keep it from hurting while I play goalie for soccer.

  3. It does help. Go to our website and put your zip code into our store locator and you'll see stores near you that carry it.

  4. If you check out our latest version you'll see that we don't use the second piece. It does use two pieces but you'll see that they are replacing the first strip in this version.

  5. I know this would help me, but ITS JUST me. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do that by myself.
    Question: Will it stay on after a shower?

  6. Any other thoughts on pain brought about by an ac seperation? Got some k tape and looking relieve pain and strengthen a bit.

  7. Mahalo! EXACTLY THE CONCISE REFRESHER i Need to help my husband 13 years after using this skill last! Mahalo Plenty!!! ?????????

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