This technique is for pain, usually just above the shoulder blade,
and extending up into the neck This muscles is called a levator scapulae, it’s
underneath the upper trapezius What I’m going to do is tear one piece I’m going to split that piece tearing down the perforations to the anchor points. The tape will stop you in the proper
spot. We’re actually going to tear off the anchor points I’m going to anchor this down along the shoulder blade Have the person flex their neck, and also tip their ear
to the side placing this muscle in a little bit of a stretch from there, I’m just going to peel the paper off and with no tension on the tape, I’m just going
to lay that down along the muscle. Still in this position I’m taking a second piece of tape this time leaving it without a split I’m going to tear the anchor point taking that peice off From here, I’m going to anchor just on top of the upper trapezius being careful not to put too much tension
pulling on the skin by the neck. That skin is rather sensitive, so I’m placing in this
piece down with no tension I’m going to rub that on then from here I’m going to have the shoulder blades squeeze
back just slightly, peeling the paper off and putting tension going along the medial border, or the inside border
of the scapulae and laying that tape down. The anchor at the opposite end has no tension on it. I’m going to rub those pieces on making, sure a little bit of friction gets
the adhesive to stick and she is good to go

26 thoughts on “KT Tape: Neck Shoulder Pain”

  1. This is bogus. Neck and shoulder pain is usually caused by trigger points in the skeletal muscles. A piece of tape it not going to get rid of them.

  2. Why did you ask her to adduct her blade. Is the muscle not supposed to be on fully stretch if possible in which it wouldve been better to ask her to abduct the blades instead and then put the tape on?? Jus curious, thnaks

  3. @KoriMasho: I have been using this tape for a couple of years now…. Lets just say it does everything it says it can do. I am able to play sports that I cannot play without the tape. It is well worth the expense.

  4. @KoriMasho I literally tried everything for my neck pain, including trigger points – only KT tape has been able to stop it.

  5. that's true, but why do we have Trps? Usually because our muscles are working so hard because they are not in proper alignment. The purpose of the tape is to assist in proper alignment. Trps will keep coming back if you don't treat the cause.

  6. We're working on getting some good solid evidence published but for now the best thing to do is try it yourself and see and feel the results.

  7. have just started using tape after running a few 1/2 marathons and an avid weekend warrior, after three years of foot pain on top of foot, one application helped the problem and the instructional videos are nicely thought out(can only do some of the back areas alone), it would be nice to see some evidence, yet I don't have to read a book to tell me why I have to blow my nose when I get a cold…

  8. KoriMasho — I'm a physical therapist with my doctorate, and I can tell you you're wrong. There are several causes of neck & shoulder pain, and KT tape or kinesiotape in general works using proprioceptive feedback and inhibiting pain pathways to allow the muscles to work in proper alignment.

  9. bursitis in left arm is all but stopped with KT tape. The nay sayers that won't even try…..KEEP ON HURTING!! I know what it does for me that nothing else could do

  10. I've ruind 3 tapes until figuring out that those are not made for being torn but cut by scissors.
    Please sell the same super-tape you use here, and not the tape I bought for good money.

  11. This is our most recently updated Neck and Shoulder pain video!!!
    Please check it out!!!

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