Hey guys, Liam from Killer Ink here and today we’re going to be taking a look at the range of cartridges and needles from KWADRON. KWADRON has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the best tattoo needles around so it comes as no surprise that its cartridges
are just as well received. So let’s take a look at what they have to offer… All cartridges from KWADRON feature
razor-sharp, flexible needles all grouped together with
the highest possible precision. KWADRON cartridges also feature
a needle stabilising system which ensures optimal performance
of your needles. The tips of the needles are made from
a medical-grade plastic ensuring minimal friction and
keeping your needles sharper for longer. To demonstrate how the cartridges run we’ve got the Equaliser Proton
rotary machine here which is also made by KWADRON. You could also use the Equaliser Mikron
and the Mikron Turbo to run these cartridges or any other cartridge machine
that you prefer. We’re running the Proton through
the Nemesis Power Supply with the Nemesis Hexagon Foot Switch both of which are made by KWADRON. We offer KWADRON cartridges
in five configurations: Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum,
Soft-Edge Magnum, and Flat. Switching over to needles now and KWADRON is renowned for producing
world-class tattoo needles that are some of the best on the market. After first launching KWADRON quickly established itself as a manufacturer of premium tattoo needles setting the benchmark for the engineering and craftmanship of quality needles. As with its cartridges each configuration is a combination of
precise soldering and razor-sharp needles. It comes as no surprise that many of the
world’s finest artists are using KWADRON needles and cartridges
for their work. Killer Ink stocks the entire range
of KWADRON needles including various types of Liners, Shaders,
Magnums, and Flats. Needles are available in four diameters: 0.25, 0.30, 0.35 and 0.40mm with textured needles also in stock. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to use
cartridges or needles make sure to try out KWADRON’s range
and see how it takes your work up another level! As always, you can find all of these
cartridges and needles from KWADRON via the link in the description below. So, will you be trying out KWADRON’s
cartridges or needles soon? Let us know in the comments below hit that like button and don’t forget to
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4 thoughts on “KWADRON Tattoo Cartridges & Needles | Review & Setup”

  1. Hello how are you? I'm from Argentina, and English I do not speak, I only wrote by Google tradition, it would be good to upload the contradiction or subtitle videos, it is seen that they explain very well !!

  2. So gutted they don’t have membranes, not only will it eventually break your pen it’s a serious contamination issue with bloodied ink getting into the pen motor and drive mechanism.

  3. Hey ! I bought many cartrifge needles from your website. I do not know what mean by LONG TAPER, MEDIUM TAPER and SHORT TAPER. What they mean, how long the needle is or how thick it is? the same with sizes # 08 # 10 # 12 I understand nothing. I know, you have told a little about these but I can't speak English.):

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