I’m N.Prasad rao Coming from Gattikolanu, Vizag (A.P) Back pain… – L4 L5, Stenosis yes… suffering from 6-7 years Before i was unable to stand for even 10 minutes – did you get leg pain? ya.. it pains a lot then…. now i feel good. even when i travelled to Vizag standing throughout journey, i feel no pain – it’s stenosis & L4 L5? and you’ve been suffering from? 6 years Have you consulted Doctors anywhere? Did MRI scan, used english Medicine and finally doctors said i should have surgery…. – Surgery? yes.. they said i should undergo Surgery but i hate surgery, my friend referred me about Nadipathy – Then you came to Nadipathy? how many treatments have you taken? 15 treatments with how many treatments you’ve seen your pain get minimised? with 4-5 treatments…. What is the difference between Before & After? it’s really great have you given any medicine? No.. Not at all only therapies? only therapies how is it overall? Great sir completely healed? so much satisfied and happy……

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