A pain coping technique that is extremely
effective, and that everyone can do, is deep breathing. This is also called abdominal breathing,
or yoga breathing, so if you do yoga, you already know what I’m talking about. If you
don’t do yoga, it’s really easy to learn, and everyone can do it. When we breathe, we
tend to breathe pretty shallow, and we’re breathing with our lungs and our chest. What
I want you to do, is to breathe with your abdomen. That’s with your diaphragm. I want
you to think about filling in, and making your stomach as big as you possibly can. I
don’t want you to look nine months pregnant. I want you to look twelve months pregnant,
so you’re going to breathe in, and you’re going to make your stomach as big as you can.
You’re feeling all your air right here. Then you’re going to very slowly breathe out, and
when you breathe out, you’re exhaling that air nice and slow. When you breathe this way,
it does a lot of things. It immediately relaxes you. It also slows your heart rate down in
a good way, and it also just makes you let go of tension. You might not even realize
that you’re holding tension in your body, so I want you to practice this for sure with
the ice cube. Get your ice cube. Hold it for a minute. Time yourself. Do deep breathing
in. Fill that stomach up, and then blow out, and it goes back in. This can be a great exercise
all the time. This is not just about giving birth. This is about an everyday life. You
can practice this one all throughout the day. If you’re driving somewhere, and you’re stuck
in traffic, and you’re feeling stressed, do deep breathing. If you’re in the grocery store
and somebody cuts you off in line, and you have to wait behind them, and they’ve got
all their coupons, and they’re going to write a check, do some deep breathing. No one even
has to know you’re doing it. Just do deep breathing. The more you do it, the more your
body is going to get used to it. Your brain is going to get used to it, and subconsciously,
you’re going to start doing this. I want you to definitely practice this with the ice cube,
and know that this can also be mirrored wonderfully. You could talk to your partner about this.
If you’re having a rough spot in labor, and you need some extra support, sometimes if
you make eye contact with someone, and you breathe together, you can mirror each other,
and it gets you in a really nice rhythm, so one excellent pain technique of dealing with
pain, is deep breathing, or yoga breathing, or abdominal breathing. So you’re going to
get your ice cube. Get it in a nice fist, and then you’re going to deep breathe, so
you’re going to breathe in.

31 thoughts on “Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Deep Breathing”

  1. because holding an ice cube in your hand for a long time can be painful (much like labor) so you can practice being in pain

  2. This video was priceless during my second son's delivery last tuesday Feb 24th, 2009. I used your deep breathing technique and held ice chips to distract myself from the contractions pain. I had him naturally without any medication after 4.5 hrs of labor. THANK YOU for posting this!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I thought of you and the video when my midwife had to go away for a while, when I was in the bath tub laboring, and started focusing on the deep breathing. It did help relieve the pain till my baby came out peacefully.

  4. "I want you to look 12 months pregnant" …lol. I think I would rethink being pregnant if it really was going to last 12 months 🙂

    I'm 3 weeks away from my first birth and nervous as hell.

  5. Deep breathing is soooooooo much more natural and better than what I was taught in my childbirth class. We were supposed to breathe like you see women in labor on tv do and I told my hubby "forget that". It made me hyperventilate. When I had my baby last year I did deep breathing and just moaned through my contractions. I had a natural delivery and hopefully will have one this time around too. I'm 35wks…

  6. Do you have a personal website? I really enjoy watching and doing your breathing techniques. Do you have a personal e-mail? I find you to be a very intelligent woman. GIna

  7. Why not just get the epidural u ask? Because it defeats the purpose of having a NATURAL child birth. Also known as giving birth without drugs.

  8. I swear by this! I used this technique and was in natural labor with my daughter for 3 DAYS! it worked for me. if you focus on submitting to the contraction, relaxing your body, and your deep breathing you will ease the pain of your contractions a TON!

  9. Well you're not alone. My wife is starting to go into labor right now, and here I am researching deep breathing. Perhaps there should be a whole series of quick-tip videos for us "pregnancy procrastinators". 🙂

  10. i used that breathing with my daughter.didnt get epidural until i was almost 9 centimeters and 30 mins later she was out.the breather helped a heck of alot.didnt try the ice cubes though.

    im 16 weeks today with #2 and will go without epidural.so doing this breathig again and ice cubes this time is the plan

  11. The ice is just a distraction, ur body/mind will be focused on how cold the ice is instead of the pain!!!

  12. Thanks,
    people who do not believe that this works should know that there is a nerve
    (The Vagus Nerve) which is involved during this type of breathing exercise meditation etc which contributes to the relaxation process,

    Good luck to all mothers & to the new life which is coming into this world,
    wishing you all health luck and happiness for the future.

  13. I used this technique when I was having severe contraction and in active labour and it helped SO MUCH. The midwives and nurses were so impressed and were saying "You're breathing perfectly" (especially the fact that it was my first baby). I watched this a couple of days before I went into labour and boy was it the BEST advice I've gotten. Thank you so much. Will be using this again for my future babies lol

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