I mean I wish it was more of a constant thing
where. Well turn it on massage then or use the other… OHHH! ahahahaha oohhhh! Ok. Whats up! Welcome back to Dude Dad. So, as we know, Heidi is about to give birth
in like 2 maybe 3 weeks maybe less. Hopefully not. As my gift to you to show you how much I support
you, I’m going to go through labor today. Such a gift. Lets see what you birth today. Ohh. ohh. I mean honestly labor is kinda relaxing. Ohh OK. Ohhh Ok. Yeah, I feel that. We’re at number 3 right now. AHHH. Alright here’s the thing though Heidi. We gotta do this real because when you go
into labor you’re not just going to be laying on a couch waiting for it to happen. You’re a multi-tasker, you work full time. I’m going to make breakfast while we do this. Lets do this. I know your making breakfast but I need a
snack so. Oh, we’re almost out of mix. Crap. Ahh. Feels like she’s kicking. HAHAHA. OHH. AHA! Haha, OK! Gotta make breakfast, power through. You might have to hold me up. Alright we got the bacon going we’re getting
the scrambled eggs going. OHHH. There she is again! Hey baby girl. ooo. Look at Theo’s face. He’s so confused. He’s trying to lift his own shirt up. Look it. HAHAHA! So confused! OOOH. MmmR. MMMR. I’m not going to short change you Heidi, We
do not have enough pancake mix. We’re going to go to the store and get pancake
mix right now. HAHAHA. Labor pains or not. Did you pack the bag? I packed all of the bags already. Walk me through it Heidi What do you do to
not think about the pain when you’re doing this. Umm. Give me some tips. Honestly I don’t think about anything except
for trying to breathe. OOH. It feels lower now. oooh. Oh, its lower? Yeah. I can feel it on my… ding dong. hahahahaha. Oh thats so much worse. I got the cart to lean on, thats nice to have. Yeah thats very nice. Yeah leaning over actually really helps. Is that the best price? Is that the best price? Well we got $1.98 we got $2.50, We got $2.68. Yeah see. Ahh, there like tiny little knives. Hold on, I need a minute. I need a minute. Labor’s intense. Ohh ahh. Oh God. It feels really nice in the freezer though. Oh sorry we’re going through labor pains right
now. OOh GAH. NO, this one. My wife’s going to have a baby soon so i’m
experiencing the labor pains for her. Oh Girl friend. haahaha. Taylor’s did. I’m here with Peggi Blu and she’s telling
me why this is total BS. Right. That machine. That’s a fricken joke. HAHAHA. The last baby I had I literally died on the
table trying to bring that baby forth. Well I hope that doesn’t happen. No. What I’m saying to you is the gift that she
is giving you is something that is immeasurable. Oh absolutely. Completely agree. I know you agree with that. Make the simulation if you would like too. Ok you’re just going to press that button
right there and its going to make it happen. Say when. You just go for it, you gotta catch me off
guard. LIKE AAAAOK! OOOH!! OOooo. AAAAHHHH. It goes like in rhythms. Is that enough. No, it’s suppose to go for a minute right? You have labor pains for a minute. I don’t know. MMMHHH. I need something to bite on. You want some puffs? HAHAHA. I Love you! Your wife is offering you puffs. Yeah, i’d take a puff. And even that, what he’s feeling, you already
know It’s nothing. It’s doing things to my under carriage that
i don’t think are suppose to happen. It was the under carriage that got you in
the position you’re in! HAHAHA. That’s true. Alright cut it off. Alright good job. You’re all done. I need some ice chips. You need some ice chips? You need prayer! So how you doing? Honestly Im completely exhausted like my whole
body is so tired right now. We’ve been doing this for like 2 hours. So how bout we make this the last one. Get the baby out on this one? Yep. Ok we’re all the way up. It’s at a 10. I know. OOHHH.GAAHH!! Ah. Almost done. Push it out. Push it out. There she is! Oh look it! There she is. Oh look you get to enjoy this now. She’s so gorgeous. Yeah she’s going to be so yummy. ooooooo. I’m going to hold you in my mouth. HAHAHAHA. It was so worth it. That’s the conclusion here is that as bad
as it is It’s always worth it so just stick through it ladies. I’m proud of you.

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