And there he is Waiting Waiting for his torturer he’s all set up this ain’t right. I don’t even do nothing What I love To do with it What is up everybody hey? It’s Britney with this unity crew today. I’m dressed in all black I’m ready to get my revenge on Chris today is the day I’m getting him with the worst thing that a man can feel Chris is getting labour pain too guys so sit back and enjoy the torture let’s Stay tuned okay Chris so I’m going to ask you some questions You wouldn’t ask you about five questions let’s see if we did these right if you get it wrong and What I hate this What with don’t just get the pressing buttons? This is not one Like the weight is feeding that’s the thing I don’t like the way this for you That’s what it feels like to have a baby inside, but it’s moving your muscles around Wait cut it down brick hit me ask me no questions yet, it’s gone one Do you turn it off on zero it’s my turn now zero zero Okay, I did nothing wrong Doesn’t matter I still want to do this, okay, so I’m going to ask you What is my favorite color other than Other than black and red Are you serious, I don’t know I thought your only favorite color was red Great no yes very boom Okay, can you feel that it’s blue? It’s perfectly no it’s already turned out Alright the next question the next question if we did a dating anniversary If we have an anniversary from when we started dating what month with our anniversary being What If we had a dating anniversary What month would our anniversary being May no Joe? Bert no October no Yes Brittany I’m serious, man Somehow defense I feel like you destroying my DNA Okay next question I Think I have two more questions The next question, I will just turn it down actually we’re sort of off Okay Though No Oh Last question oh All right last question do I want a church shot should I move do I want to turn to wedding? or do I want a destination wedding a destination wedding Tour is over yeah Well I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did The pranks will continue I will come harder with the pranks promise you that and I also want to give a special birthday shout-out to the reels of tone Up go check out his channel as well. Do not have this information down in a little description Until next time you guys bye, bye


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  2. I've done this before with female patients partners and there are supposed to be leads attached under the scrotum between that and the butt. It is worse that way, trust me and it is closer to actual labor and giving birth.

  3. Men are such babies! Give them a headache and you think that they are giving birth. I wish that for one day and every man's life that they have to have a period and have a baby. That would be 5 days and then labor and delivery so it's not one day in every man's life. Then they should have a week of menopause! Hahaha. When we do this the men actually scream when it gets up there in numbers. Chris you're a weenie! LOL 😉 when she was having your baby she couldn't say turn it down! During labor and delivery the woman has to be able to answer questions. Love you guys XOXO

  4. Y'all to just killing me that boys like sticking out straight from cramps from that Tam's unit girl I'm just falling out laughing keep up the good work

  5. Im crying, and peeing laughing, the way he laid back, and laid out, put his hand over his head, than kicked leg up, with a pointed toe, is hilarious, "My ab locked up".
    What is that thing, for real, and where do you get them from.
    Wow, out of the mouth of babes
    He said, felt like you were changing his dna. Yall are adorable, ying,yang , zin.

  6. This made me laugh so hard just now! I love you guys so much! God bless you and your family guys. Keep the videos coming ?????

  7. That was funny and I'm just wondering what in the world made Chris want to do that, lol?? He's brave, I must say. Britt was lovin every minute of it, lol!

  8. The dude got me dead. Gimme another question wuick and make it easy for me ro answer. He got everything erong ??? his reaction got me dead

  9. Turn it down……but it’s only on 1. Laughing so hard my ribs hurt ?????????. You just made my evening ????????

  10. it was 0nly on 1..and he was already complaining?? really?? i had continues( labour) contractions for 30 hours. no drugs….and i am still alive!!

  11. I love how women always use childbirth like this.
    Yeah…squeezing a melon out of a egg size hole is hell'ah painful.
    But try pissing a seed, that come's in many sizes, through a coffee straw.
    Kidney Stone's… can't recreate that experience.
    So as a man…..'I don't wanna hear it'!
    -Just saying

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