this video’s aim is to help if you are suffering with a lateral ankle sprain lateral ankle sprain a lateral ligament sprain of the ankle can occur when you invert which is to roll over or go over on your ankle pain is usually felt on the outside of your ankle around the boney lump of your ankle joint swelling can occur immediately and you may not feel like you can put your weight through your foot what are the symptoms pain on the outside of your ankle swelling on the outside or all around your ankle inability to put weight through your foot restricted range of movement of the ankle heat around the ankle bruising a lateral ligament sprain can be diagnosed by your GP or physiotherapist from the presentation of your symptoms occasionally an x-ray is needed to rule out a fracture which is a break of the bone sprains are graded in relation to their severity grade 1 is a mild stretching of the ligament without causing joint instability grade 2 it’s a partial rupture which is a partial tear of the ligament but without causing joint instability grade 3 is a complete rupture which is a complete tear of the ligament cause joint instability only grade 1 sprains will heal by themselves in a few weeks if you follow the price guide lines below most grade 2 sprains will settle completely with intervention from a physiotherapist grade 3 sprains will need medical attention so you must go to A&E so how can you help yourself immediately follow the price guidelines protect the ankle rest the ankle IE do not continue to play sport on it consider the use of crutches ice the ankle I ice for no longer than 15 minutes at a time and always wrap the ice in a towel to avoid skin damage compression of the area will help to limit swelling they should not stop blood flow elevate the foot to help limit swelling for the first 72 hours you should also avoid heat alcohol running massage to the area if the pain in your ankle is too severe to walk on or if you have severe pain over a bone or you suspect a fracture you must go to A&E if the pain does not ease after a few days consult your GP what is the treatment if the pain persists physiotherapists are trained to treat lateral ankle ligament sprains in the early stages we will use treatments to help to reduce the inflammation pain and aid healing following on from this we will also tailor a rehabilitation program to strengthen the muscles and ensure stability of the ankle joint this will help to prevent reoccurrence of the injury early on your calf and Achilles can shorten so you need to stretch them you should start these after 72 hours and gradually push them harder as the injury tolerates and heals calf stretch gastrocnemius to stretch the right leg take a long stride forward with your left leg keep both of your feet pointing forwards now while keeping your back knee straight and your back heel in contact with the floor start to bend your front knee and lean your body forward until you feel a stretch in your back legs calf hold for 30 seconds and then repeat for the other leg if needed calf stretch Soleus take a long stride forward with your left leg keep both of your feet pointing forwards now while keeping your back heel in contact with the floor start to bend both knees on lean your body forwards until you feel a stretch in your back legs calf hold for 30 seconds and then repeat for the other leg if needed the ankle itself also needs stretching dorsiflexion sitting in a chair prop your foot up on the opposite knee now take hold of your foot with both hands and pull the foot and toes up towards your shin and hold for 10 seconds repeat twice and swap legs if required Plantarflexion sitting in a chair pop your foot up on your opposite knee now take hold of your foot with both hands and pull the foot and toes down so that they are pointed and hold for 10 seconds repeat twice and swap legs if required inversion sitting in a chair prop your foot up on your opposite knee now take hold of your foot with both hands and pull your foot around so that the sole is turning up towards the ceiling and hold for 10 seconds repeat twice and swap legs if required eversion sitting in a chair prop your foot up on your opposite knee now take hold of your foot with both hands and pull the foot around so that the sole is turning down towards the floor and hold for 10 seconds repeat twice and swap legs if required next you need to stretch the lateral ligaments sitting in a chair prop your foot up on your opposite knee now take hold of your foot with both hands and pull the foot around so that the sole turning up towards the ceiling at the same time pull the foot into a pointed position and hold for 10 seconds repeat twice and swap legs if required if you get worsening symptoms or are unsure then initially reduce the push into the discomfort and if this isn’t enough then stop altogether and consult your physiotherapist after several days you should hopefully notice increase flexibility and possibly reduced pain generally when things are improving after a couple of weeks you can start to train the peroneal muscles manual resisted eversion sitting in a chair prop your foot up on your opposite knee and take hold of your foot with both your hands so that you can apply pressure on the outside of your foot start with your foot in the position with the sole facing towards the ceiling now turn your foot so that the sole of your foot is facing down towards the floor keep the pressure on the outside of your foot in the opposite direction of the movement now reverse the direction of the foot but maintaining some pressure on the outside of the foot repeat 10 times and swap legs if required after three weeks you can start to train your proprioception single-leg balance stand on one leg with your knee unlocked try to hold this position for one minute and count how many times you need to put your leg back down if you can do it for a whole minute then try to make it harder by doing it while throwing and catching the ball and harder again when required by closing your eyes repeat for each leg if required when your symptoms are settling on a day-to-day basis and you have improved with these exercises then you need to progress into pain free resistance training for example squats lunges and calf raises start with body weight and gradually advance the resistance level the next phase on is light plyometrics and then into a little running as long as there is no pain during and after then you are training it at the correct level if you feel any pain then drop back to the previous progression after 12 weeks you should hopefully be getting back into normal sporting activities remember injuries take time to recover and do so gradually so be patient there are no miracle cures physiotherapists are trained to treat lateral ankle sprain they use evidence based techniques such as deep tissue friction massage ultrasound acupuncture and an exercise program which can help to sell symptoms and aid the healing process

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  1. the nurse keeps telling me to walk on it but i feel like screaming whenever i do i feel like i need crutches

  2. This video is getting older now so I am doing a new series on ankle sprains. Here is the playlist to find all the new stuff:

  3. I twisted my ankle over one year and still feel pain and it's very sensitive. Is it will get better one day?

  4. Rolled my ankle last night playing football. It didnt hurt yesterday i walked back home limping but i could walk. To i woke up and the pain was sooo bad i felt pukish. Ommg it hurts. Feels like a fracture.

  5. Yeah I thought it was a good idea to jump off a 2 story park roof onto woodchips. Felt my ankle buckle in as soon as I touched ground. -.-

  6. I got to Sprained ankle On the same foot 1I had a new doll and I was skipping and it went to Other the other side
    2 same thing happened when I was jumping in the truck

  7. Oh gosh.. I sprained my ancle a few hours ago and drank wine and also had a warm bath °_° is this very bad? I think I sprained it quite bad cause right when it happened it was extremely painful and I immediately thought its broken..

  8. Hello, I sprained my ankle last week Monday playing basketball and it was a lateral sprain as my foot inverted..the pain was on the lateral side but swelling was all over. Now after a week there is still swelling all over, the pain has decreased on the lateral side but there is excruciating pain on touch on the medial ankle. X-rays were negative so I'm wondering why from a lateral sprain there is bruising, swelling and pain on the medial ankle. Hope you can help, thank you !

  9. I know a special Chinese manual therapy called tui na which helps people get back on their feet within days, hours if not too severe. Also try prevention of ankle sprain with conditioning exercises such as the ones I just posted in my video: strengthening and balancing exercises to prevent tendinosis from ankle sprain

  10. I can literally walk on the sides of my ankles with my feet pointing inwards. There's no pain but I'm going over on my ankles (and sometimes falling) more and more often and I don't know what to do.

  11. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover causes of ankle pain and swelling try Jaffacter Sprained Ankle Coach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.

  12. I rolled my ankle during basketball the same in the video, I couldn’t walk on it at all for two days, like 10 minutes after I sprained it it look like a gold ball was in my foot. On the third day after the injury it was like I never hurt it

  13. I twisted my ankle and my foot Cracked But now my foot is al, swollen and bruised my fam thinks I'm faking and my brother makes me run a mile everyday with my twisted ankle

  14. I just sprained my ankle real bad… felt a sort of snap as i landed on it and I literally cant put any sort of weight on it without pain. Went to the doctor and he told me to return to my sport in 5 days.. fuck i feel like thats way too soon what do i do

  15. I rolled my ankle, same one, twice in a 3 week period. The first time was REALLY bad, but the second time wasn't as bad but just undid all the healing that happened. During the healing process of the first incident I did use the techniques outlined in this video and it does make a difference. Thank you

  16. its been 3 months after i sprained my ankle while playing basketball .. still there is swelling and i cant still run or walk fast without pain . is it normal?? please i need some feedback

  17. I was just playing football, I didn't even stumble or anything, i just moved quickly chasing a player and then something in the ankle area popped, in like i literally heard the sound i thought it wasn't a big deal, untill after 15 mins during the match, there was no pain untill i twisted my foot inwards, and the foot went all the way, i couldn't stop it, like something that was holding it togather was gone. Now after almost 2 months, i still cant twist it, it hurts like hell when i do so, I'm not sure what's wrong..

  18. I sprained my right ankele by going on a spinning play struture and Falling off and rolling which i rolled my foot and spraind it

  19. Hi, I sprained my ankle last july, I thought that it was just a normal sprain but 7 mons past and I can still feel the pain, I decided to get an MRI and the result was a "chronic anterior talofibular high tear" my question is, Can I still apply these treatments even though my injury was 7 mons ago? Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

  20. Just got back to playing basketball after a 3 year hiatus(lost passion to play the game) it gave me a chance to recover from a patellar tendinitis injury i suffered, as well as giving my right ankle a chance to some what heal since I sprained it about 200 times in my lifetime from playing basketball but also just from walking as well… I walk and it just twists. Whether I'm playing sports or walking to the kitchen for a cup of water, my ankle just twists, it's just that weak now. With the add on weight I put on from 3 years of being inactive with no physical activity, it really isn't helping the ankle either when I'm in the court jumping for rebounds or just driving to the hoop. With all that said, I'm just glad to be back and healthy, but once that ankle twists, the pain can be not painful, but irritating, which forces me to skip a day of basketball

  21. I just fucking sprained my ankle like earlier today around 2:00 n i have a track meet tomorrow lets not forget that i had to stay after school n do my time trials it bent right then it bent left n now its completely fucked up

  22. I sprained mine last night during a basketball game. It was so painful. This is the second time it happens to the same ankle and I’m worried that my ligaments are too damaged now

  23. I love it….I don’t roll my ankle walking at the job site carrying tools and ladders all day but I roll my ankle walking down the street. So fucking stupid

  24. I sprained my ankle at cross country in school

    I didn't feel any pain
    Until that moments color powder went all over my face :/

  25. Yesterday when I was running I fell and bent my ankle and I heard a crack the whole time I was limping then went to the school nurse she wrapped it gave me ice and pain medicine then I had to get picked up early to go to the hospital I got x rays and it turns I sprain it so they gave me a shoe cast and more medicine and other stuff

  26. Sprained mine Monday. I fell in a pothole. For a few brief moments I understood why the guy in saw cut off his own foot lol.

  27. I’m happy to watch this video. I have tried a number of other online programs to support a recovery and for pain relief of a recent ankle injury. This is the video that gives me the best feeling after a practice. Thank you.

  28. Hi,I sprained my ankle last October,i thought it would heal on its own,but after 2,3 months the instability was stills there,is there any hope for my ankle to heal at least to a point where I can run?

  29. I was here a year ago n I'm here again man I injured my left ankle back then n now right
    Holy shit I think I should stop playing football (soccer)

    Man aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this pain 😦😦😦😦😦😷😷😷

  30. I am starting late (3 months). I have been walking but not stretching. Will it be effective if I start these stretches? Also, standing on my tip toes is kinda hard.

  31. I rolled mine really bad while running. I could feel the ankle separate and the skin stretched out. I had to run home on it. It was really swollen and it still is. I didn't feel any real pain until I woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. The pain was excruciating. It felt like my whole ankle was on fire, like it was burning. I took some ibuprofen and it made a huge difference. The pain was gone within 20 minutes. I figure I just pulled all the muscles in the side of my ankle really badly and it'll probably take about a week to heal. It's hard to walk on it still. It feels like all the weight of each step goes into the back of my ankle since the muscles that usually take the force of a step are damaged.

  32. Hello, it’s been 5 weeks I met with a sprain while working out in gym my ankle twisted inward and I had bruise and little swelling. Last week I visited orthopedic surgeon, since it’s been a month and my ligaments hurt when I try to fold my leg and sit. The doctor said it’s a mild sprain just try balancing and writing alphabets to get over the stiffness and she also said that it will take complete 6 months for the swelling to go and complete flexibility.
    I was performing the stretches in this video last night and I felt good but today morning when I woke up it’s sore especially my muscles/ligaments of feet. I applied a bruise cream for pain and I feel a little heat in there is this normal to be sore after stretching exercise. Please reply it’s highly appreciated.

  33. I played volleyball from age 13 and all through high school. I also used to dance and I am worried about my ankles. I’m 19 and I still play volleyball, but a couple of times recently I came down on the side of my ankles. It would hurt for seconds and then go away and I was still able to go along playing without any pain. But I have noticed that when I rotate my ankles in a circular motion, they make cracking and popping noises. It doesn’t hurt but as I keep rotating, I feel some aching. I was just wondering if this is a problem and what should I do?

  34. I had a serious ankle fracture about 2 years ago and my ankle that was fractured still have not gone down to its original size I feel not pain it’s just kinda stiff still do u know what I should do

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  36. Hello sir. I twisted my ankle while running around 4 days ago. I did the X-ray and it's not a fracture. 80% swelling is also gone. But still it hurts while walking. So should I walk? And how much time will it take to heal

  37. Nothing got torn but I love the soreness I feel when I stretch my ligaments. Pain becomes pleasure, am I only on this one?

  38. I've sprained my ankle 4 months ago and I've been following your exercises and they've helped me so much! Thank you for all your help 🙂 Just a question, my dorsiflexion still hasn't improved and it hurts to get into a lower squat position. Will this improve on it's own?

  39. HELLO…. I REALLY NEED HELP…. This video has helped me stretch my ankle. I sprained it March 7 2018 and I'm still in pain. I have been to therapists, orthopedic surgeons and they have said that the MRI results show that I have a plantar fasciitis tear, and torn ligaments on the outside of mu right ankle. Therapy is not working, just makes it worse.  Am I being pushed aside because my insurance is not that great>>??? Or is there something that I can ask them to help me with to get me back on my feet and stop walking with this dam cane>>>>?????!!!

  40. I was running down the basketball court to get back on defense when my right foot rolled over to the right and I felt it pop or something and it hurt😰

  41. I twisted my ankle yesterday like in 0:17 of the video while I was practicing dance and now the hurt is like I can walk limping but it feels like the muscles are strained and there's pain but if I give less pressure it's not bothering much. I'm doing the compressing with tight ankle caps and treating with ointments and warm water. Before going to bed it was alright but after waking up I can notice the slight pain now. I can feel a strained pain if I move my foot up and down or in a rotatory motion but not if I keep it still.
    I don't know cause it's only been like half a day since I've twisted my ankle.
    I'm actually worried cause I've sprained that ankle before also. Everyone around me is saying that it isn't anything worrisome cause they've had it too but I've been looking for an expert advice.

  42. Or just go to the hodpital because from the picture, the ankle.wont stay in place. Therefore you will need a cast. ( talk about uneducated on yt) xD

  43. I'm trying to recover from a sprain 2 weeks ago. Whenever I try to do inversion stretches, I could feel the ligament moves, causing pain. Is this something severe?

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