Hello, hello! Ever seen one of these before?
I’m pretty sure you have. It’s a snuggie. And if you have had a television or seen advertising
at all you are probably familiar with their ads which kind of look like this: [OFF SCREEN]
Oh no! It’s cold and if I want to change the channel on this TV I’m gonna have to take
my arm out of the blanket! God! This is so inconvenient! Ugh! I guess I will have to
take my arm out if I want to change the channel on my television. Well kiss those days good-bye
with your snuggie! Now you can stay bundled up AND you can pick up the remote and change
the channel! How convenient! The response to ads like that and similar ones, which I’ll
talk about later is, “What the even heck? That is SO LAZY!!” Ha! Real talk, the snuggie
was originally invented for wheelchair users so that they can easily take their coats on
and off while sitting in their wheelchairs, and they can tug it in under their legs and
it won’t get caught in their wheels! Isn’t that interesting?! As you can see with my
Harry Potter snuggie, that idea took off because able bodied people thought that it seemed
like a cozy, cool idea. Which is fine honestly, because the thing is, in order for items like
this to stay on the market, they HAVE to market it towards able bodied people in order to
make that ka-ching ka-ching! Tu sabes? That way it’s accessible to the people who need
them and to people who just find it more convenient. Like this! And it’s fun, right? Harry Potter’s
on it, they put other super heroes on it, there’s one that looks like a tuxedo. Super
fun! What I find troublesome is how often people are ready to call items like this “lazy”
and “useless”. MANY items like the Snuggie were invented with the disabled in mind! Items
like the EZ Cracker, which is designed for those who only have full use of one hand,
or Easy On Easy Off, designed for those with difficulty bending down, function of their
hands, or pain in their hands, pain in their feet, etc. Same goes for Spinning Spaghetti
Fork, Roomba, and many others! I’ve seen products that hold sandwiches, the spill free rotating
bowl, the juice pourer, an arm rest for dining purposes! All responded to with “How much
lazier can we get?” “Ugh, I’ve lost my faith in humanity!” Please consider who these items
can benefit. Please remember when you want to put someone down or a product down and
dismiss them as lazy, the community of people you are potentially ignoring and harming.
See you guys eventually! [OUTRO MUSIC[

26 thoughts on “Laziest Items on the Market [CC]”

  1. I have that exact snuggie! This video also brings up one of my biggest pet peeves, which is accessibility items being seen as lazy. This even extends to elevators, which OF COURSE WERE INVENTED FOR ACCESSIBILITY REASONS! But the looks I get when I use the elevator, just because my disability is not as visible. Smh forever.

  2. Able bodied people are appropriating our culture…lol….there is some truth to that though. Also, especially lately on youtube and on tv, I've seen able bodied people saying such and such is lazy, and like you, I immediately start thinking that this could have helped me, or this could have helped that disabled friend. I am glad I am not the only person who has been noticing these comments from people lately.

  3. I use so many aids aimed at "lazy" able bodied they are great lol I.e. i have electric choppers etc although they may have been aimed at disabled anyway not sure!

  4. I had never thought of the snuggie from an accessibility perspective before–shows how able-bodied folks like me can be a bit oblivious!
    I wonder if this kind of garment design has been used for outerwear at all (for withstanding cold outdoors or something)

  5. I am as frustrated as you are with able bodied people responding to so many of these products labeling them "lazy" and making fun, b/c my mind is wired to wonder if it has a better purpose being used for people with disabilities growing up with a disabled sister and being disabled now myself. So I just hate more of the world can't think this way.
    One that particularly bothers me lately is hair straightening solutions that are less likely to burn you and can be used with one hand, like heated brushes. Sure plenty of disabled people with all kinds of issues can use straight irons easily, and the majority of people who use straight irons tout them as the easier cheaper solution, but excuse me that with my shakey hands, and lack of experience I can't not cause myself injury with those things.

    And I love your videos by the way. You are one of m favorite disabled vloggers on YouTube. The level of quality and types of videos you make is something I only hope to achieve someday. Keep at it!=)

  6. Do you happen to have a link to the fork arm one???? That is AMAZING and would seriously help me! I'm having a harder time eating lately and this looks promising!

  7. One of the items I see this going on with a lot is the comfort wipe. It's like a stick that holds your toilet paper so it makes it easier to wipe yourself in the bathroom. People were calling this "lazy", but they're actually really useful to people with trouble reaching back and those who just had surgery. Thank you for uploading this video!

  8. i actually thought the egg one was kinda funny and thought that it was made as a better way to crack eggs just looking at the comercials for it. but then my best friend brought it up to me that these products could be for people who might actually be for people who need them. but why cant the commericials be made for disabled people? who do they have to appeal to the able bodied for them to sell???

    these day i try to do better at looking at a product and seeing it from a perspective of someone who may need it.

  9. LOL at the parody of the Snuggie commercial, that's exactly how they sound (not the overall point of the video)

  10. My wrists are so bad some days, that I honestly consider getting the spaghetti fork. I mean??? A pain free way for me to eats my spaghetti?!
    Sign me uP.

  11. Hub bought me a snuggie years ago, since I have 20 fleece blankies, 5 robes etc… but- I don't like the fabric of the snuggie.

  12. I have a very hard time holding my phone for long periods of time and as it is that I need my phone with me and I like to have my phone with me and check out what's going on on YouTube and Facebook , I bought a Aduro Lounger Neck Phone Holder Mount, I just hope it doesn't cause neck pain πŸ˜‹. Also a cup holder to be mounted onto my Walker that way I'm not having to constantly open and shut the seating part to get my drink out. and I'll have my drink next to me when I need it if I'm having to sit down. very excited about that one… very excited about these products and how they give me more Independence.

  13. My zebra daughter totally digs pre-peeled & separated orange slices at the grocery store, due to her fussy hands & fingers, makes sense!

  14. I know this is an old video but wow, so many things I never considered before. Thank you so much! Not only did you open my eyes to these things but you helped me feel better about my own use of these products which has begun since becoming ill with fibro. You're an inspiration Annie and the other commenters are awesome too!

  15. Catching up on older vids of you I had missed.

    Anyone else watch this and get ideas for products to buy which you hadn't heard of before this video? πŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šβ€πŸ–€

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