What is CAM or complementary and
alternative medicine? Tell us about that and kind of how it’s helping patients
today? Sure, so the term CAM as you mentioned this complementary in an
alternative medicine so complementary is anything that’s going to complement
traditional medicine so anything from food therapy to exercise complements
whatever your physician who is using traditional medicine and traditional in
the sense that it’s been rigorously tested through research and
been kind of tested overall that’s sort of the complementary side so
alternative just means it’s kind of the same thing only you’re just using
alternative as opposed to the combination of alternative and
traditional medicine. And again, kind of what you’ve seen as far as success in
using these types of complementary and alternative treatments so we saw the
pictures there for you know Tai Chi and acupuncture so again some success
stories that you’ve also seen with that. Absolutely, so the nice thing about
what we call it complementary and alternative medicine and they’re kind of
fancy terms and really all it’s really referring to is things like you just
mentioned different types of exercises different types of diets everything from
aromatherapy reflexology so something important to kind of remember is you
want to weigh whether these things can cause harm or not which is an important
key no there’s not a lot of research behind them but we have a lot of
anecdotal evidence that shows that it helps from everything from reducing
anxiety overall feeling a little bit better about yourself and motivating you
maybe to go do other things as well

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