oh hey everybody it’s doctor Jo and Bee Remy,
and today I’m going to show you nine seated exercises for the leg. so let’s
get started. so the first exercise seated is just gonna be a heel toe raise. so
this is really easy to do especially if you’re working on a desk all day. most of
these are easy to do and you can just kind of do them without thinking very
much, but it’s just like it sounds you’re gonna do heel raises and then toe raises.
so the toes usually don’t come up quite as much, but you’re just going to
alternate back and forth. and I like this one because it kind of helps your calves
work like a natural pump just to help the blood flow and the circulation in
your legs as well. so this is a really nice one to do. then the next one is just
going to be a hip flexion exercise. and so really all you’re doing is you’re
bringing your knee up towards the ceiling. if you have a backrest that’s
great, get your back nice and upright against the backrest. but if you don’t
have anything, try not to lean when you bring your leg up. try and really just
get that movement at your hip. I like to alternate back and forth with these just
because you want to work both sides and it’s just a little bit easier for me
just to alternate back and forth. so again with these you can do 10 to 15
you know maybe two sets at a time several times throughout the day. and
then the next one is going to be a long arc quad. and so really all that it is is
like a knee extension, and so you’re really just working your quad muscles so
you know we’re going all the way up and down the leg. so with this one you’re
just gonna kick your leg up and I like when you come all the way up to pull
your toes towards you really just to squeeze that quad muscle at the end and
then nice and slow back down. so you can alternate if you want to or with these
if it’s easier, just to do you know 10 to 15 on one side. you can do that and then
switch to the other side so same thing a couple sets of those a couple times
throughout the day. so then the next one is going to be maybe what we would call
something like a hip abduction tap out. so now you’re kind of working these
abductors the outsides of your leg, and all you’re just going to do is kind of
bring your leg and tap it out to the side. so you again you
can alternate back and forth, or you can just do them all at one time. so I’m
moving the whole leg for this one. there’s some other exercises we’re gonna
do rotation movements in a second so really this one’s moving the whole leg.
you are doing that abduction hip abduction movement. so that one you’re
moving the whole leg some of the others we won’t be, but again you know 10 to 15
on each side just kind of getting everything moving. so this one is going
into rotation which would be an external hip rotation and it’s almost like if
you’re just going up to cross your leg like into a figure 4. so you’re coming up
this way but as you can see I’m rotating my leg up. so I’m not just picking it up
and putting it like that, I’m actually bringing the foot up almost like if I
was just going to cross my leg, but I’m not gonna do all of that.
I’m trying to rotate my hip and that’s an external hip rotation. even though my
foots coming inwards, it’s externally rotating my hip. so again you know 10 to
15 make sure you’re doing both sides for that. so then the next one we’re going to
start using a resistive band. so if you haven’t done resistive band exercise
before, make sure you’re using the lightest one because sometimes they feel
easy while you’re doing them but then you get really sore afterwards. so this
one we’re going to go back into the hip flexion exercise, but this time we’re
using the band. now the band is not only giving you resistance going up, but it’s
also gonna try and pull your leg in while you’re going. so you really want to
keep this leg, you can see how I tried to pull my foot in. so you don’t want to do
this. you don’t want it coming in. you really want to keep it out that same
distance down at the bottom where your feet are, and then when you’re bringing
it up. so you’re not only getting resistance this way, but you’re getting
that resistance on the outside as well. so you might want to do a little less of
these. you might want to just do five or ten to start off with, and then just kind
of see how it feels. so then you’re gonna bring the band up to your thighs. and
while I’m bringing it up I’d like to give a shout-out to my wall of thanks
folks. so frd, Kathleen
M, Dan, and Eric P, thank you so much for being on my wall thanks. and if you’d
like to find out how to be on that wall thanks make sure you click on the link
in the description below. so with this one now the band or the loop band it’s
going to be above my knees, just kind of on my thighs, but right above the knees.
not on the knees and then this is almost just like what we would call maybe like
a hip abduction roll out. so you’re getting some of the rotation of the
rolling but you’re still going out to the side with the bands. so I would do
more just kind of rolling out like this now. and if you’ve seen some of my other
exercises, this would be like a hooklying when I’m lying down, doing like hip
abduction in hooklying, but you’re doing it seated in a chair. so again you’re
still working all these leg muscles but now you’re using the band to get
yourself a little bit more resistance into it. and again if you haven’t done
this before, you probably want to start off with just 5 or 10 with the lightest
band, then if you get to 20-25 and it’s easy, then you can go up to a higher
resistive band. so now I’m going to bring it back down to the feet, and now we’re
going to do a hip internal rotation with a resistive band. and this one is a
little bit tougher for people. the hip internal rotation is a little more
uncomfortable, so just make sure you’re ready to do this. but again now this is a
rotation so I’m not doing that abduction where I’m taking my whole hip out, but
I’m actually turning at my knee where my foot’s going out, but the top part of my
leg is really just staying in one spot. so you can see here where I’m just kind
of rolling it out and coming back in ,you can roll it out from tap and come back
in which is a little easier. or you can do like I’m doing and leave your foot in
the air. and you’re really gonna feel that in your hips and your legs so again
I would just start off with a little bit, see how it feels, and then kind of bump
up from there. and so then the last one then we’re going to go back into that
external rotation of the hip, but with the band. so we’re gonna go back into
that kind of figure-four motion but now I have the band. so as I come up, I’m
getting that resistance. so you don’t have to come up as high as me, but again
you’re trying to get that rotation that external rotation of the
hip. and this was the internal rotation just so you kind of know even though
your foot’s going in the opposite direction, your hip’s going that way into
that external rotation. so again these are working smaller muscles around the
hip. so when you’re using those bands, you really want to start off light because
you’re gonna feel it, and you just want to make sure that you’re not overdoing
it the first couple times you do it. so there you have it those are nine seated
exercises for the legs. if you’d like to help support my channel, make sure and
click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe where? down there. and
remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Looking for some loop bands like the ones I use in this video? Here they are on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VGHwpX (affiliate link)

  2. I don't have the bands, but will do the others. My knees will thank you. Trying to not have knee replacements

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