(Intro) (Intro) Lads Heyyy!!! Hey, What’s up lads. EVERY BODY drop all your shit and EVERY BODY drop all your shit And grab some Enderpearls And grab some Enderpearls I wouldn’t get more than the stack of sixteen Cause you’re just going to lose em Wait- Wait why Jeff? o_O okay TRUST me okay TRUST ME so this is called thread the needle Gavin and I just made this so this is called thread the needle Gavin and I just made this This was intended to be things to do-be things to do This was intended to be things to do- be things to do And very rapidly kinda like hop till you drop We kind of got carried away there Geoff Gavin: And it’s totally gonna be a fully blown let’s play. it’s going to be a fully bLoWnN LET PLAY Michael: Ohohohoh! Geoff: I realized that it’s gonna be a let’s play. So, the things to do will be building it and the Let’s Play will be, uh… Ray: *random noises in the corner* Geoff: playing it and of course the Let’s Build will be building it. Ryan: oh Geoff: If that makes sense. Ok SOoo. Ray: What are we doing? Geoff: Uh… this is uh video game. *random laughter* Ray: Alright, haha. Geoff: So here’s what we’re going to do. The point is, this is for the Tower Pimps? Michael: Oh shit! Ryan: OOH! Ray: But it’s a things to do! Michael: He just said that it’s for a Let’s Play, Ray. Ray: Alright, well, I’ll have to change your mind in 10 minutes then. Michael: You were jerking off in the corner… Ray: No, I was… *more noises* Who won the Ender- Oww! Sorry Jack – what was that? Oh so oh you- you have the tower of pimps you have the tower of pimps I have the tower of pimps! Geoff: Alright, so here’s what you gotta do guys. You have to traverse these rooms using Enderpearls to get to the Tower of Pimps. Others: Rooms! Geoff: First person, as you get to the rooms I can help you and explain what- what you gotta do – Ray (extremely squeaky):Thanks Geoff! Geoff (also squeaky): No problem Ray! Jack: So we have to land in that circle there? That’s a square Jack! *laughter* * more laughter because Jack doesn’t know the difference between shapes* *laughter* *Now unintelligible words* I uh- and there you go Geoff: See, there goes one stack of pearls. Michael: You asshole. Gavin: I like that, uh, his enderpearls didn’t burn. Michael: Interesting! Geoff: I, uh Jack: I brought them with me, so. Geoff: I would like, on behalf of – Ray: Mine now. *Gavin laughter* Geoff: – Gavin and myself would like to apologize in advance. Michael: No way Geoff! Geoff: This is going to be frustrating. Michael: This will be easy shit. Geoff: Who wants to go first? Ray: MEEE! Too high! Geoff: Ray. Ray: Ah shit. Geoff: Alright Ray. *others laugh* Ray (piercing screech with pitch increase): AAHH! Ryan: Woah O_o Jack: What the fuck happened? Michael: How… the fuck Geoff: Alright, well he tried to enderpearl his way out of there. Jack: Aahhh! Ryan: Ah, ow! Jack: Ah hot hot Ryan: No. Geoff: Alright, Michael’s in. Gavin: Oh, Michael hit the wall! (after Michael burns) Hey, what’s up Michael? Michael: Oh, shit! There’s a platform in there. Ray: AAHH! Geoff: Yeah, there’s a platform waiting for you in there. Gavin: Aw, Ray did the exact same thing. Jack: Ah hot! Gavin: Jack did the exact same thing! Jack: Ah Ryan: I missed. Ray: There’s a platform in there? Michael: Yeah. Jack: Yeah Gavin’s standing on it being a douche. Hey someone through a map in there! Ryan: Yeah, I did. Sorry. Geoff: Alright, so Gavin. Jack: There’s a map and a chest. I can see Gavin’s name. Michael: Dammit! It’s so small. Jack: I’m gonna aim at Gavin’s name. Geoff: I’m gonna hang out back here. So, Michael (almost inaudible): GAVIN! Geoff: Alright, so now that you’re bro- (cut himself off). Alright so Ryan turn around, stop. Ryan: Alright. Geoff: Ok, you have to get through this wall. Jack: AH HOT! *Gavin laughing* Jack: Ah god dammit, you guys got in my way! *Ryan laughing at Jack* Geoff: You have to get through this wall of fire Ryan. On the other side somewhere is a platform. So you just gotta throw your pearl through it. Michael: Aw, I bounced off! Ryan (confused): Alright. Ray: On the other side somewhere. We’re gonna need more enderpearls. Michael: Yeah, we’re gonna run out so fast. Ryan: Uh… alright. Geoff: Once you guys figure it out it’ll got – Ryan: OW, ow ow ow ow. No. Gavin: Ah ha! Ryan just hit the ceiling. Ray (while Geoff and Ryan laugh): Aw, I just missed it! Geoff: Ray, get on the platform! Nah, don’t. Ray: Well, I found it. Geoff: So I’m gonna hang out here and watch you guys – (notices Michael) Michael, alright. Turn around. Michael: Yeah? Geoff: Somewhere through that lava, is a uh- Ray: Ah fuck! Geoff: is a platform. Ray: I deserve that. Michael (surprised): Behind me?!? Geoff: In front of you. the wall behind that although you
probably you michael has a head yeah i’m still in out
out okay now don’t know where you want
people to be able to get up together so we’re pretty much filling up the space
but yeah you’re gonna owe somebody that you’re right Michael no I found alright so somewhere on the
other side of the gap there is a completely throw it through the lava *Grunting* ok but i find it what the hell right
made it Ryan made it I’m not everybody’s help right now can see where Ryan’s name
tag is and that’ll let you know about I don’t hold this lamb it they’re doing
room yet waiting room how did he get back up your fly right
I’m fine i guess i would you like to show them what I ya know that lockout no
heat Gavin there’s a slight off in this lava that you can see through this tiny
one by one wing only when I fair gosh haha Ryan you wanna go all right huh right did you not learn anything
from that move oh all right way to get wait well I landed on something he landed on
the only way i can you hold okay okay I’m gonna get for all right
look we got what we wanted to write shit whatever that part’s once you guys get
into the next world along with boys watch for a person to flick all right yeah flavor all right so you throw
through there and hit the thing Oh honest with you get the hang of it
really back that’s a jet flying around over here we
got a lot of this isn’t doing either way it off some of it for the next room if you fall into the water I’m gonna let
you know now you’re supposed to land on the platform if you miss it and you end
up in the water you can if you think fast enough you can get out don’t want to work for me at all right ,
threading the needle Michael you’ve got a threat than I slow where the hell’s goin oh what the haha
well today takes ball Jack go through the boiling platform oh you made it so
you could swim this is right you can swim up and get to
collapse on you just missed where is that I was right above your head so I’d
come over and sort of that used to be made clear when she started it is gonna
head ok haha Jack did it so Jack now you got to
go through the next room first here let me get ahead of you okay before
you know it whoa what I’m in the wall yeah that’s happened a few times our
rides up there then I don’t wear the hell guys anymore it just that you will
figure it out after you missing a few times all right you ready for this don’t come
down here ok oh all right all right right yeah but you let them the safety
platform so where am I going now Oh hot so hot
you know you check mr. the goal is to hit that wall and then fall down and
there is one is not against post and land on them
that’s all it’s gonna be tough all right come on don’t be a diving
board all right I guess I right now we’re going to Gavin’s gonna help the
confused oh yeah and also closed you died next to it so in that room I just went in my spot
to have landed on the fence supplies to do ya back oh my god do I came in I went
in and came back out and I was like what the hell yeah Ryan and Jack definitely
have to hang of it no now they have the hang of it uh it’s
gonna be a while i think one of you laying out what the hell am i right go
Michael Michael yeah there you go to treat me like a letter to the ocean how did I end up here no I was the bed
mat floor fucking I did you throw one before ok i’m in the water and I was like yes
ground yourself oh no I’m reading right next to watch me no not you Michael
don’t you like Michael you may have are you going to get up on here with me
so swim over there and probably throughout the walls of it ok how the
right you got it ray I ok I’m gonna jump there anything I
don’t know you’re on the wrong side all right Michael advise you get off
work through this there’s a wall to hit and then it’s gonna drop you off there
is 80 so close so close Michael out that was awesome for others are i have locked
you look Bob there’s there’s while ray I don’t get the hang of it this is great
are we all right it’s all right Ryan so I just next attempt at Heathrow
randomly through there and hope I plan will pay attention where you throw and
then you get better next time it’s precise i mean if you hit the right
spot you’ll always land in the right place all right damn it dad and I had well hey Gavin
Gavin an idiot fuck it i’ll close close call I might I want my home raising the right
platform great jump down to that level what do ya know now you want to throw
through the door and land on of one by one fence post easy out not so always rush little to
the left all right rock man fucking see it i’ll
match the wall and not a couple pictures off so early to get ahead that’s fun okay though it’s michael i
don’t expect that right cause I’m not overthrow their by Michael lady right on
the show tonight yeah me too let me go get a whole very
close my very close might I recommend to the right okay that you’re in the way you’re going to
jump to the platform for you got what what what’s going on what I alright still closed what do i do
that i was like save it again it’s a almost saved it what are often
i’d like to see the window right here pearls are becoming kind of shears here we go well luckily we can restart
because 100 objects on it I don’t want God all right jack that’s
amazing so this is the picture wall oh Jesus somewhere behind that wall is
adore you come on yeah I don’t want me to find that the floor are you I’m sorry the only way to do it is to
fling your body I killed my hope that you knock a picture off at the shack and
skill baby we got a lot of a whole lot of damage hey guys will call them will fall off
said you know what will take one for the team right here we go make it through oh shit oh I will that well raise that I
just a taste of his body doing flying at my head was amazing all right here we go
ready to hijack my girls nice now oh did not find it but uh did I oh that
did happen all right let’s get a couple more from a
lot of you guys get the hang of it now right yeah yeah really use a little he
writes all the optical got this happen alcohol on the play Michael don’t worry the whole lot the
worst is yet to come Pearl’s there Oh whole box here you
sound like a great chick oh wow i have it i don’t want the government out of it
jack Oh get on the platform haha all those crowds as well yeah I was
shocking hmm not so you don’t fall onto jackson i
should never let Michael hello I don’t really funny i’m not
watching over all the way and a bunch of the name is just going out like no Jesus
great Oh Michael made it was good at that yes
dr. it well there’s a lot of honor oh wow he’s
in the door 00 now in the wall what’s going on now out
alright well Michael can always use another one gets on top of that fence
post or do you want to just throw yourself on the wall or you can save
yourself the wall if you wanna do that all right center somewhere somewhere
behind those pictures as a door oh shit well we’re all in here I don’t care i
like how you doing all I can say right thanks man Michaels in the way it oh haha alright
Michael I could chip away at the wall though did a good job Michael hey I’m fucking crotch a lot move sir
all right here we go Jack oh it’s on fire too far if you’re fast
enough you can always try to throw in there pal while you’re in the right i know we we
are me is fast enough to know that I would get ladies would all right no all right post huh you can do that or just try to go around
it if you do i’m feeling I’m feeling confident growing lucky I jack look look look look oh wait knocked out
a large portion of the of them help you guys out really want to be able to wear do you like punch the shit out of you i
just threw myself at the wall missed I don’t get sure if I reveal the door
now you didn’t forget about you getting a street in there happy clouds have been there in a while
like to get bigger ok with a fuckup the first Jeffrey yeah
I probably shouldn’t be talking about how far we got this is where you’re
trying to get through room 3 I think the storerooms to use devices
michael is a champion at room through a room – that’s about it oh it’s not a jack off that was awesome okay all right like why do i keep
getting stuck in the llama don’t do that up oh so close thought of all the first
fucking forgot no I did not think quickly they went for
a swift that Jack started with him fucking hell was that fence oh how Jack
was not revealed that mr. Jack review of the door you’re welcome all right Ryan been there
a that they doing in there no not that girl right here what the all
right like I start off strong and then get worse yeah but my legs what my if it’s really
fun too long someone’s cooking something is it me it’s bloody let him haha are you fucking
all you gotta do shit i landed back on that was weird meet Ricky block me oh boo we just had a seizure not much sleep do not like it all right
Michael save it it all right Michael oh good at room two men bloody lava flow
anymore oh ok that’s right you’re on fire i
don’t i know i don’t get it so bad for you sir i’m watching you die oh you want it fast to get out too bad oh I still even exactly know what this
pearl that’s not the school had a bed you fuck a tit in bed yes there’s still got some of this
stress is anyone missing the first throw any more time is all type get this
jacket on the blackboard how do you think these are now I thought you guys
be better this way oh I’m all right just brush right now that we call and we
can I can’t get a second yeah I can’t get the second throw any more yeah i did
nightstorm throwing it I just keep hitting people all right we’re just gonna love it she
didn’t good well this revealed nothing died you have
it all right there we go are you up here yeah i’m just gonna go
back I don’t you ride that also close jack so close and I saw where the door
was there are traffic and i know i didn’t make it into the room and makes
the peg oh you made it to the far wall and you
were about it all the way you would really knows that was a throat Michael
not trying to do that so I can you know where the door is the
thing I put my clothes on the door to the next move is actually seen it yet me
to celebrate a free party activity the more all fucking was fucking walk right
the lava why all right all right Michael was on
fire again fucking went past the wall is empty with
most anybody like you’re getting good at this yet no I’m getting my job I feel like I all
right sorry cool involved in this at all well yeah
all right I want to get across there anymore once
you know exactly where to throw the Interpol for each room then you can kind
of runs through it all those clothes Michael you were a close like oh I don’t
think michael hit the ground you can’t make it from the one room
through the doorway can I don’t think you can fucking offense but I don’t
think you can I think you have to hit the fence post captain uh oh man did I get teleported somewhere I’m not you hey it’s rose let’s play got
infinitely better don’t I hate me brown don’t wait around why we love the
picture of fall off all right i’ll take this it was alright haha what would be so close to give me
once again Ryan he left and right of it i would go to the right there copyright of that of that block wall oh
shit oh my god bless you all right when I was
really little I’ll be competing in the Special Olympics you guys want to watch me I don’t know
yeah you did now go find out the bundled up stupid whoa ok Jack fall and yeah there’s a big
12 the middle of it all right how something well I got a point that i
love you were just one gallon I’m gonna treat know what to get a tree
I really tried why that’s something I don’t bother the room an idea now it’s
just a pic we saw a pull out the window so i might
have I think that’s what happened at the house what I think what happened is you
through one died respawn and then the hit the other hand
also happen to me earlier Jesus like so many of us I just got
fucking full-blown AIDS all right what we propose Oh bad break
out all right now like what’s going into jack what just
under pearls me all right jack is on the wall at
shoprite landed by Jack give you a lot of the peg missed plan on the peg and
you’re in good shape though they are always in a good position for the door all right can I making and why don’t you
yeah you can now you can can you know honey I don’t
think so I don’t know can you see the door you can see it i’ll call just one hit I
hit the like I thought you said to hit that drop
straight down you did it and i missed it well i sucks your fault oh you went
through the through the doorway Willie Willie right uh I write up a stray
cattle prod each year I’m not doing it you’re doing it my turn
Oh Michaels all Michael that rocked are you through the door no I’m dead oh
I got one of them up in flames is Jack going through the pictur o shit
Jack went through well where the fuck am I I like what just happened huh John the
next room Jackson I’m sure of it are you alive no
one is more than us so we can figure out their own but how did you make that
throw right through to relates to the room was also pretty good at developing
a secret technique yeah there’s only you get the bounce thing and drop down nine
minutes fuck no in the other room there’s
another one just that first job it’s impossible to miss out on the leg
I’m right there with you huh if you guys would just land on the pay
an easy shot and you haven’t already shit there’s a spot you can throw at them
like that every day it’s okay all right where’s the spot i’m
back in the other room Jack into a platform and I’ll come in
and show you what to do oh are you alive no can you throw it from the water book
oh no Hank but alright so tried all right Bob well the doors on your review
all right I’m alive I’m alive all right let me get through there a
gavel antiquated crap as well doesn’t it what’s the question what you do you have
to throw from this platformer can you throw from the water pump to that ledge
you do everyone that you ever yep I’m terrified all right jack so I don’t
know you gonna there’s three options for you to throw through cool you can’t see I don’t know can you
see the other door ok I see a far door yeah you gotta make
it in there haha what ya mean how they are three options
only one well then there’s one that you can see me i would go with that one Jesus Oh jack well this is exciting there’s no way
that’s gonna happen generally dude ready yeah LOL he said what do you do he whoa shit – oh fuck hey he’s on top all right like worked up
ok that’s fine but i gotta work now look at all right so I’m gonna come over and
show you so you see this uh this little there’s a
lot i see a torch yeah you see that so you gotta hit the
front of this block and you’ll fall down and land on the tower pin so I’m weird if you live you have to live did you go
to – oh come on what I love Michael I’m waiting right
you’re right all right well let’s see here it’s all
about the trajectory it is all about your ex all about man is where am I now
that I’m in a room with fire I’m gonna aim high ok what you ready to
spin a little re Jeff here we go well let’s do it you’ll come on hit ya oh yeah first drive yes it is the only Irish oh
my god to our pumps jack is one close my god yeah that would
take forever and i can’t believe i first tried it was so hard oh my god it took gavin I probably 30
minutes I didn’t get one oh my gosh I didn’t do that
congratulations yeah way to go Jack a family with the decent left foot that
one is clean as dicks wow I couldn’t see anything with the
torch and the bloggers chuckling Wow all right you guys want to compete for
the tower a second place no I can’t fucking believe the night is also going
not only 20 minutes we were loads of things to do guys yeah shit out of it yeah it’s a quick let’s what can you
make it a two parter know maybe for part four out of five minutes please so Jack ah Jack successfully threaded
the needle congratulations jack shame about your house no Michael little
why don’t you jack when it twice haha Jack with ya yeah right alright so today you’re gonna
hear one go to the order ask of three why you take it that way
back up standing up to three why is my house on fire that’s not on fire

100 thoughts on “Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 45 – Thread the Needle | Rooster Teeth”

  1. Thing I wanna say about ended pearls. If you throw one and you die and respawn before it hits something, it will still teleport you after you respawned.

  2. As I recall, I didn't care too much for this episode the first time I watched it (soon after it came out), and now I can't imagine why. To hazard a guess, I suppose that I found it somewhat monotonous back then, at least in comparison with the prior installments of this series.

    While I still wouldn't classify it as one of my favorite episodes, I've since developed a greater appreciation for the focused efforts that the guys put forth during a Let's Play.

  3. If you tried to count the number of comments in existence that go along the lines of "back when ray didn't want to kill himself" you'll die before you finish counting.

  4. Ray is doing an amazing job joking here.
    Also, I so love that Michael and Ryan hit each other mid-throw for like 3 times.

  5. YouTube is great because I forgot what this was called an I typed "achievement hunter minecraft ender pearl course" and this is the 2nd one to pop up.

  6. I love how everyone calls Gavin an idiot, but seem to forget how he co-creates most of these recreation maps with Geoff.

  7. God I love ray in this lets play, especially at the beginning he just brings so much energy to the video.

  8. Whoa! This video is 20:18 long. I'm watching in 2018, there is no point to this comment and that is just coincidental. But still cool.

  9. I would be so happy if they did a Thread the Needle X. Their world would be awesome for something like this. Plus there are a plethora of new things they could implement.

  10. had ANYONE ELSE have teleported outside during the second to last throw Jack wouldve complained and said that the final throw shouldnt have counted…

  11. A few things about this video that just wouldnt happen today.
    1 – Putting out a 20 minute Minecraft Lets play, this would've either been a things-to-do with 1 or 2 of the main cast, or an excruciating hour-long Lets play if it came out today. 20 crazy minutes with the full team was perfect!
    2 – A build by Gavin and Geoff… one that's difficult whilst being really fun at the same time. IMO these guys getting Matt to build all the stuff for them kinda marked the end of an era, Matt seems to be good at making very technically difficult maps but with none of the fun or character of these old ones, case and point the fact that in this video you can mostly see where to throw your pearl, a Matt Bragg map would have you throwing blind for all 4 rooms, which wouldnt be as fun.
    3 – Ryan appearing in a video like this but being relatively quiet, which is weird cos he's one of my favourites but you realise watching these early ones that these days Ryan tends to dominate or talk over the lad-centric conversation that goes on in these earlier videos.
    4 – Ray. I don't normally do Ray-nostalgia (mainly cos i remember how uninterested he was for that last year), but at his peak in these videos he absolutely brought something different to the team and made them a lot of fun to watch!

  12. Cant believe it's been almost 6 years since I got into ah and rt in general. What an absolute random episode to watch first

  13. this particular one always frustrates me the most bc it’s like genuinely hard to do even without multiplayer

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