(Son in-law) I would like to add that when I was 20 years old, even though I was qualified as level 3 national athlete in China, I could only keep this position for 3 minutes, but he was capable to stay like this for 40 minutes at the age of 60 years old. The question was to know if the Qigong Therapy Device presented by professor Lin could have been used in anesthesia? Can this device be used to induce anesthesia and was the result the same? (Sorry I was clarifying to translate properly) In the scientific world, to have a scientific confirmation, one must have at least 30 successful cases. In China, I successfully used the device for anesthesia on 2 cases. Since then, I moved from China to the United States and didn’t continue, so I cannot use only 2 cases to answer yes or no for anesthesia. I see this device is very intriguing. Instead of talking, let me demonstrate. Is there someone with pain in the back, the leg, the shoulder? I would like to add that to become a professional acupuncturist, we have to study at a Traditional Chinese Medicine school. And after the studies, to practice, we need a license. To treat, otherwise it is illegal. No, it doesn’t work. But using this device to self-treat, we do not take medication, it doesn’t enter the skin, so it is authorized by the state. Very simple. Where does it hurt? Ah, it is a good example, is it a fracture? Yes, two. It is simple to treat this fracture, we apply the device above and below to activate the blood flow. Begin at level 3, and if no feeling, increase to level 4 or 5. Do you feel anything? No, good we can increase. Ok you got it, you can hold the instrument yourself. 3 minutes. It is that simple. This helps move the Qi. Her Qi flows. The Qi flows in her body. If I treat her myself, I would do the same thing, either place the device on the arm, and I place the other hand on any other part of the body to establish the circuit. Let’s try. No? No? Ok you got it. Ok, ……, ok, ……., if it is weak, we can increase. We can raise or lower the intensity. Yes, someone else? Ok, it is really very simple, but very efficient. Where does it hurt? I don’t know if it is a small fracture or a sprain. In this case, it is better to determine what it is. It is best to have an X-ray to see if it is broken. But we can try. We should not cover the body with fabric. Do you feel something? You can hold it. Try yourself. You feel a little like an acupuncture needle. Ok, if it is not high you can increase the intensity. It is so simple. For those who already have some knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I can summarize in one minute what you learned in 4 years. For headaches, … Hegu acupuncture point. For the forehead, YinTang. For migranes, Taiyang. For pain in the back o the head, Fengchi. This is for the head. For the thorax… Neiguan…. It is here, Neiguan For the abdomen,… the acupuncture Zusanli. Stomach aches, Zusanli. Tummy aches, Sanyinjiao. Here, the head, thorax and abdomen. For the other parts, apply it where it hurts. Today, we treated 4 main subjects, now I will perform Qi projection so you can feel it. They gave me 2 hours, I am almost done. It’s ok? Did you want to continue the questions? We will do the energy projection now.

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